160/6 (20)
164/4 (13.4)
AUS-L won by 6 wickets
That's it from this cracking match as the group stage comes to an end, we will be back with the first semi final tomorrow. Stay tuned at Sportskeeda to follow more cricketing action from around the globe. This is the commentary duo of Divyansh and Sooryanarayanan, signing off! Goodbye and Take care.
Nathan Reardon is the Player of the Match for his all-round performance. Here's what he has to say: I certainly didn't come over here planning to bowl. Glad I was able to contribute with the ball but didn't expect to bowl three overs. Will wake up pretty sore in the morning (grins). It's great to be back in the change room, have a beer and mingle (with the likes of Brett Lee). Not just the Australian players but some great players from the other teams as well. Absolutely we're looking to (beat India and upset the crowd). They're playing really well and are tough to beat. But we'll see how it goes.
Shane Watson (Australia Legends Captain): The rust has come off for a lot of us know which is great especially towards the back end of the tournament. We never thought we'd have this opportunity to play again after retirement so just enjoying it. Gosh he's been good (Nathan Reardon), especially his yorkers have been brilliant. He adds value as an all-rounder to our team and takes pressure of me as a bowler. It's a good problem to have with everyone performing well at the moment. It's like riding a bike for most of us.
Ian Bell (England Legends Captain): I don't think luck came in today that's for sure. We've had a great time (this tournament). It's been great to catch up with a lot of people again. Hopefully we come back stronger next time. (Enjoyed being back in India?) Absolutely! It's the best place in the world to come to whether it's playing or coaching. Hopefully we get another opportunity next year.
Let's hear from Brad Hodge: Saving the best for the last I suppose leading into the finals. To be honest we haven't had much of a bat this season. Great to be enjoying ourselves. I can't speak for anyone else but there was plenty of rust for me. All in all, we're playing some good cricket. We're all out there to have a bit of fun.
Match Summary

Australia Legends beat England Legends by 6 wickets

Australia Legends: 164/4 (13.4)
Shane Watson 47 (26) | Ben Dunk 42 (13)
Stephen Parry 3/30 (4.0)| Jade Dernbach 1/20 (1.0)

Australia chase this down quite comfortably that too in the 14th over. Hodge (33 off 16) and Reardon (17 off 16), come in and continued what the other batters did before them. The runs never stopped flowing with the wickets. 

Watson and Doolan started off well with a partnership of 57, Doolan gave away his wicket in the 6th over and then came in Ben Dunk, who just started hitting the ball all around the park from the first ball itself. His brilliant cameo of 42 off just 13 deliveries helped Australia chase this down comfortably. 

Australia were just too good for this English bowling line up, only Parry and Tremlett are good enough to mention, Parry got 3 wickets and Tremlett bowled economically with just 11 off his 3 overs. Dernbach also got a wicket, but the Dunk hit him for 20 off the next 5 balls of his over. 
13.4 Chris Schofield to Brad Hodge, FOUR! GAME, SET AND MATCH! Hodge seals it in grand fashion as he shuffles across before clearing his front foot to get underneath this flighted full one on off stump. Slices it up and over extra cover to power it on its way to the fence and the Aussies have absolutely hammered their rivals today. Australia Legends beat England Legends by 6 wickets with a whopping 38 deliveries to spare!
13.3 Chris Schofield to Brad Hodge, SIX! BANG! Flighted full on off stump and Hodge reaches forward to swipe it with a slog over mid-wicket. A massive strike that is headed towards the crowd and the scores are levelled with that!
13.3 Chris Schofield to Nathan Reardon, GOODNESS ME! Loopy, wretched delivery that bounces twice and spins ridiculously wide down the leg-side. Reardon has a swipe at it for no apparent reason and toe-ends it uppishly to short fine leg for a single. The double bounce leads the TV umpire to adjudge a no ball!
13.3 Chris Schofield to Nathan Reardon, WIDE! Loses his line and tosses a full one down the leg-side past Reardon's sweep. The keeper fumbles but it doesn't prove to be any costlier.
13.2 Chris Schofield to Brad Hodge, BURSTS THROUGH THE FINGERTIPS! Shortened length outside off stump and Hodge absolutely crunches it flat to the bowler's left. Schofield sticks his palms out but it grasses the tip of his fingers before rolling through as the batters switch ends.
13.1 Chris Schofield to Brad Hodge, SIX! GETTING OVER QUICKLY NOW! Loopy delivery in the slot outside off stump and Hodge sits on his back knee to open up the extra cover region. Launches a towering missile over the fence and brings up the 150 for Australia Legends!
Chris Schofiled (2.0-0-29-0) comes back into the attack.

Another huge over for Australia as they look to finish this early. Poor from Meaker, as he gives away another big over. Just 17 runs needed now.
144 /4 score
cricket bat icon Nathan Reardon *
16 (15)
cricket bat icon Brad Hodge
16 (12)
cricket ball icon Stuart Meaker
0 /31
12.6 Stuart Meaker to Nathan Reardon, slower good length delivery angling across off stump. Reardon has a horizontal swipe across the line but cannot put bat on ball.
12.5 Stuart Meaker to Brad Hodge, full and at the stumps, Hodge chunks it into the leg-side towards mid-on before crossing over to the other end of the pitch.
12.5 Stuart Meaker to Brad Hodge, WIDE AGAIN! Full and spilled down the leg-side past Hodge's pick-up. Meaker has to reload again!
12.5 Stuart Meaker to Brad Hodge, WIDE! Spills a full one way down the leg-side and that's well-stopped by the keeper as Hodge fails to reach out on his attempted swipe.
12.4 Stuart Meaker to Brad Hodge, TOP EDGED! Dug into the track as he takes pace off and Hodge goes through with the pull without moving his feet much. Off the top-edge it balloons into the long leg region as short 45 manages to catch up with a chase on time. Two runs taken!