156/5 (20)
162/2 (17.2)
WI-L won by 8 wickets
That brings us to the end of our coverage for today. Hope you had a great time. Till the next time, this is Arya Sekhar Chakraborty signing off on the behalf of my fellow commentator Karthik Raj. Ta-ta
Dwayne Smith, Player of the Match- Feeling great. We have been practicing a lot. It was fun to bat on this wicket. I thought it was going down, to be honest but you have to accept the umpire's decision (on the umpire's decision). We can win the title. The guys look very upbeat and I hope we can go from strength to strength from here. 
Brian Lara, West Indies Legends skipper- Great to be back. I have not played cricket for quite some time. It was a professional approach and a professional win. We lost to India in the semi-final last year. We have a good group of players. India in this part of the world is very tough to beat so is Sri Lanka. I haven’t been to Indore for a long time. India is not playing but nice to see a good crowd.
Ian Bell, England Legends skipper- It was a fantastic wicket. Rikky was amazing. Smithy was strijking the ball s9o well. Yesterday was a tough day. It’s been great fun though. West Indies deserved to win as they were better in all three facets. Selections become a lot more easier in the next games. The flight wasn’t a good ride especially for the older ones.
The opening duo of Dwayne Smith and William Perkins never really allowed the England Legends bowlers to settle into a rhythm as they came out all guns blazing from the word go. 

30 runs came off the first two overs and there was no way back for the England Legends from that onslaught. Smith in particular looked like someone who has been batting in this format quite regularly.

Rolling back the years, Smith made light work of the target as none of the English bowlers were able to contain him. He kept going for the big shots and kept on connecting one after the other. William Perkins wasn’t far off either and played some incredible en route to a well-deserved half-century. 

The match was done and dusted in the powerplay itself and from there on, West Indies just needed to bat sensibly to get over the line. Smith was eventually dismissed after making a 42 balls 73 which included 9 fours and 3 sixes.

Brian Lara came out to the crease, amidst huge cheers from the crowd ad it was a fitting end to the match as Lara launched one down the ground and the ball sailed over the lng-on fence. England did get a few wickets towards the back end but it was all for a lost cause. 
Lara finishes it off in style. Great bat flow as the ball goes sailing well over the long-on fence. Makes it look so easy but it was Dwayne Smith and William Perkins who did all the damage early on and the England Legends could never really recover from that. In the end, West Indies chased it down with 16 deliveries to spare. 
17.2 Chris Schofield to Brian Lara, WHAT A WAY TO FINISH THE GAME! Full, flighted and turning in, Lara dances down the track and lofts it well over long-on for a maximum. SIX!! West Indies Legends seal the game with eight wickets and 16 balls to spare!
17.1 Chris Schofield to Brian Lara, full and turning in, Lara comes down and looks to go big but he mis-times it along the ground to mid-on. No run
Scores are level. Can Brian Lara finish it off with one of his trademark shots? By the look of things, he seems to be rusty and quite understandably. Mind you he is 53 yeards old. 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Stephen Parry
16.6 Stephen Parry to Brian Lara, length delivery on the stumps, Lara clips it to deep backward square-leg for a single
16.5 Stephen Parry to Brian Lara, flighted plenty and delivered wide of off, Lara tries to go inside-out but he misses it
16.4 Stephen Parry to Narsingh Deonarine, slow length delivery, Parry turns it to mid-wicket for a single
16.3 Stephen Parry to Brian Lara, full and turning in, Lara flicks it to short fine-leg. Single taken
16.2 Stephen Parry to Brian Lara, full on off, Lara opens the bat face and directs it to short third. No run
16.1 Stephen Parry to Narsingh Deonarine, length delivery, Deonarine punches it to long-off for a single
Stephen Parry (3-0-31-0) is back into the attack. 
16.1 Stephen Parry to Narsingh Deonarine, full and quick down the leg-side, Deonarine tries to play a paddle sweep but he misses. WIDE called
151 /2 score
cricket bat icon William Perkins
57 (35)
cricket bat icon Brian Lara *
14 (15)
cricket bat icon Narsingh Deonarine
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Rikki Clarke
2 /16
15.6 Rikki Clarke to Brian Lara, full and wide of off, Lara reaches out and gloriously lofts it over extra-cover for a boundary. FOUR!! Just six runs to win now!