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SV Kampong Cricket 85/5 (10 ov)
Excelsior 20 76/6 (10 ov)
SV Kampong Cricket won by 9 runs.
What an entertaining game this was! SV Kampong have defended their total. A win by NINE runs! Usman Malik the star of them all. !2 deliveries just conceded FIVE runs and picked a wicket from it.  Constant pressure from the bowling side with tight lengths and lines and two strikes in the penultimate over got them the upper hand in the encounter. 
That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the game. This is Azhar and alongside me, Bala signing off till then take care and stay safe!! The IPL is less than 48 hours away, do join us for one of the best ball to ball coverages of the league. 
9.6 Bilal Saleem to Niels Etman, OUT! Full on the off stump, misses the heave once again and gets his off stump uprooted. And that's the game! SV Kampong Cricket win by 9 runs!
9.5 Bilal Saleem to Niels Etman, length ball outside the off stump, he throws the kitchen sink at it, but the ball beats his outside edge.
9.4 Bilal Saleem to Rens Heinsbroek, full on the pads, he gets an inside edge onto the pads and they get a single.
Bilal Saleem has been fantastic with the first three balls
9.3 Bilal Saleem to Rens Heinsbroek, short and wide outside the off stump. That was there to be hit, but he can't get a connection.
9.2 Bilal Saleem to Niels Etman, nails the yorker this time. Keeper doesn't collect it cleanly and they scamper through for a single.
9.1 Bilal Saleem to Rens Heinsbroek, back of a length, slogged towards mid-wicket for a single.
13 runs from the last 6. The match has come down to the final over. Who will win?! Stay tuned. 
The bowling side picked up two wickets to put pressure on the batting side. They are 5 down. 
8.6 Shashank Kumar to Niels Etman, full just outside the off stump, Heinsbroek nails it down the ground.
8.5 Shashank Kumar to Niels Etman, full and wide angling across him. He plays it wide of sweeper cover for a brace.
8.4 Shashank Kumar to Rens van Troost, OUT! Length ball on the stumps, he tries to work it away on the leg side, but gets a leading edge. It balloons to the fielder at covers who pouches a dolly.
8.3 Shashank Kumar to Rens van Troost, length ball angled across the right-hander. He has a prod at it and misses.
8.2 Shashank Kumar to Niels Etman, hits the blockhole, Etman digs it out to short fine leg.
8.1 Shashank Kumar to Umar Baker, OUT! Full toss hit straight to the fielder at covers. It was a suicidal run. The fielder nails the throw right over the stumps and it's an easy job for the bowler.
Excelsior are 66/3 after the eight over. Brilliant over, the matches edges closer. 
7.6 Assad Saleemi to Niels Etman, SIX! He finally gets one off the middle of the bat. Slogs the length ball over the cow corner for a six!
7.5 Assad Saleemi to Niels Etman, full toss, he gets a top edge. The short fine leg fielder back peddles, reaches it, but makes a meal of it.
7.4 Assad Saleemi to Niels Etman, length ball, hit away to the deep mid-wicket area. They scamper through for a brace.
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