110/4 (10)
67/10 (8.5)
MAL won by 43 runs.
Player of the match: Muhammad Asim Sarwar
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Malo beat Farmers by 43 runs
That will be it! Malo beat Farmers quite comprehensively by 43 runs. The start was not ideal for Farmers who won the toss and elected to bowl first and had a mountain to climb after they had 111 runs to chase in their 10 overs. Charles Perchard started with a bang but perished in the 4th ball of the innings as he holed one out to long-on. Wickets kept tumbling regularly leaving no real chance for farmers at the target and in the end, it was too much to digest for the Farmers batters. 
It was the Perchard's who were among the double-digit scores and the rest of them failed to go past the 10-run mark. Batsmen were hurrying far too much and ended up miscuing the balls to hand out simple catches to fielders. 

Asim Sarwar was the star with the ball as he picked up 3 crucial wickets including the final wicket to win the match for his team. Najam Shahzad and Adnan Gondal grabbed a couple each to strangle the Farmers batsmen collectively
8.5 Asim Sarwar to Jack de Gruchy, OUT! IT'S ALL OVER! On a good length, outside off, Jack de Gruchy clears his front leg and tries to ease the ball past the deep extra cover region but ends up handing a simple catch to the fielder.

Jack de Gruchy c Najam Shahzad b Muhammad Asim Sarwar 1(3b)
8.4 Asim Sarwar to James Perchard, full and outside off, Perchard reverse sweeps it over the 'keeper's head for a single. 
8.3 Asim Sarwar to Jack de Gruchy, cut towards the point region for a single. 
8.2 Asim Sarwar to James Perchard, one byes!
8.2 Asim Sarwar to James Perchard, WIDE! Looped way past the off stump line as Perchard tries to sweep it. 
James Perchard, LHB, comes to the crease at no.11
8.1 Asim Sarwar to William Perchard, OUT! Full and on the off and middle, William sits on one knee trying to slog sweep it but finds the long on fielder instead. 
63 /8 score
cricket bat icon Will Perchard
11 (6)
cricket bat icon Jack De Gruchy *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Najam Shahzad
2 /16
7.6 Najam Shahzad to Jack de Gruchy, another swing and a miss. 
Jack De Gruchy, RHB, comes to the crease at no.10
7.5 Najam Shahzad to George Richardson, OUT! George tries to be funky by trying to paddle it but Najam bowls it full and the ball ends up colliding with the middle of the middle stump.

George Richardson b Najam Shahzad 5 (7b 1x4 0x6)
7.4 Najam Shahzad to George Richardson, on a good length, over the off and middle, Richardson can't judge the bounce of the ball. Swing and a miss. 
7.3 Najam Shahzad to William Perchard, played towards his right with soft hands and runs off immediately. 
7.2 Najam Shahzad to George Richardson, one byes! Full and past the legs as Richardson fails to get his inside out correctly. The 'keeper misses the stumping opportunity and the batters capitalize on the overthrow. 
7.1 Najam Shahzad to George Richardson, FOUR! Cut past the point region ferociously to keep the fighting spirit alive. 
Najam Shahzad (1-0-15-0) comes back into the attack

7 overs are done and the match looks done and dusted. Just about time and the Malo will take this home. This encounter has been rather one-sided so far