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Sharjah Bukhatir XI 101/3 (10 ov)
Sharjah beat Fujairah by 9 runs
Player of the match: Umair Ali
Sharjah Bukhatir XI win by 9 runs!

This brings us to the end of our coverage of this Emirates D10 League 2021 fixture between Sharjah Bukhatir XI and Fujairah Pacific Ventures. Please stay tuned to Sportskeeda as we cover all the fixtures of this League & bring you the latest scores and updates. For now, this is Abhinav Kumar & my colleague, Navjeevan Rajput, signing off! Thank you and stay safe! 
The margin of win might be deceiving, but Sharjah Bukhatir XI have completely dominated this game and they beat Fujairah Pacific Venture by 9 runs.

The only batsman who offered some semblance of a fight for the Fujairah Pacific Venture was Alishan Sharafu, who top-scored with 32 from 26 balls, with the captain Ahmed Raza smashing a few sixes towards the end, scoring 20* off just 6 balls, but apart from Usman Khan, who scored 11 off 12 deliveries, no other Fujairah batsman got past single digits as the Sharjah Bukhatir XI bowlers kept picking wickets at regular intervals and didn't let any Fujairah batman settle in for long.

The Sharjah bowling effort was a superb one, with Umair Ali Khan being the pick of bowlers, picking 2/31 from 2 overs but got hit in his final over, while Hafeez Rahman bowled very well upfront and had figures of 1/13 in 2 overs, while Kashif Daud and Rohan Mustafa also bowled quite well and had identical figures of 1/15 from their 2 overs each and Junaid Siddique also bowled pretty well and had 1/17 from 2 overs.

This was a very comprehensive win for the Sharjah Bukhatir XI, who despite the low margin of win, totally had the wood over Fujairah Pacific Venture, who will have to revisit the drawing board.

The Player of the Match is Umair Ali Khan of the Sharjah Bukhatir XI.
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 W 6 6 0 6 Bowler: Umair Ali Score: 93/5
9.6 Umair Ali Khan to Ahmed Raza, SIX MOREE!! Full and in the slot again, Ahmed WHACKS this one straight down the ground once again, and the sails into the stands!! Runs coming a bit too late for FPV 
9.5 Umair Ali Khan to Ahmed Raza, full and outside off, the batsman pushes that ball towards covers, no run taken
9.4 Umair Ali Khan to Ahmed Raza, SIX MORE!! In the slot, Ahmed this time swings hard and down the ground and the ball goes straight back over the bowler's rope for a MAXIMUM!!
9.3 Umair Ali Khan to Ahmed Raza, SIX RUNSS!! Short ball, the Ahmed pulls that one over cow-corner, and the ball SAILS OUT OF THE GROUND!! New balls please
It's six and out for Alishan Sharafu, whose slog falls straight into the hands of Rohan Mustafa in the deep midwicket fence and Fujairah almost down and out of the game with their score now 74/6 and they need another 28 runs in 4 balls.

Hamdan Tahir is the new batsman at the crease.
9.2 Umair Ali Khan to Alishan Sharafu, CAUGHT OUT!! In the slot once again, Alishan plays it high in the air, trying to go for the big hit, does not get it long enough and was caught at long-on!
9.1 Umair Ali Khan to Alishan Sharafu, MAXIMUM!! In the slot, the batsman SLOGGS This one down the ground and collects a maximum!
A very good over from Rohan Mustafa, with only 4 runs from it and after 9 overs, Fujairah are 67/5 and need an improbable 35 runs in the last over.

The last over of the game would be bowled by Umair Ali Khan.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 1 1 0 1 Bowler: Rohan Mustafa Score: 69/5
8.6 Rohan Mustafa to Alishan Sharafu, in the blockhole, the batsman had to dig it out and collects a single to end the over
8.5 Rohan Mustafa to Alishan Sharafu, full and straight, the batsman hits that one back to the stumps at the non-strikers end
8.4 Rohan Mustafa to Ahmed Raza, full toss, the batsman looking slog that one gets the toe end of the bat and hits it straight down the ground for a single
8.3 Rohan Mustafa to Alishan Sharafu, full and on the leg stump line, the batsman works that ball towards on-side and takes just a single
8.2 Rohan Mustafa to Ahmed Raza, full and on the stumps, the batsman hits that one down the ground and takes a single
8.1 Rohan Mustafa to Alishan Sharafu, full and outside off, the batsman pushes the ball towards covers and takes a single
A big over for Fujairah, who get 12 runs from it and after 8 overs, they are 63/5 and need another 39 runs in 12 balls.

Rohan Mustafa will continue with his second over.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 1 W W 4 Bowler: Junaid Siddique Score: 58/6
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