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Haryana 148/7 (20 ov)
Baroda 150/2 (20 ov)
Baroda won by 8 wickets
That would be all from the commentary team of Pradeep and Prakhar! It was a great joy for us to cover this match for you. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the cricket action around the globe. Goodbye! 
Baroda 150/2 after 20 overs, win the match by 8 wickets. 

A nail bitter of a contest that went all the way down to the last delivery. Thanks to Vishnu Solanki's unbeaten 71 from 46 Baroda sail to the semis. But it was not easy for Baroda. They lost the plot of the chase in the middle overs. At 101/2, when Kedar Devdhar fell after making a well complied 43, it looked that Baroda would sail past in the chase. But Haryana pulled things back a bit with a few good overs. But Solanki stood tall in the chase and helped his team win the match.  Yuzvendra Chahal bowled a decent spell of 1/15 for Haryana, but he could get no considerable support from the other end. 

Earlier asked to bat first Harayana were too slow at the start. They had managed just 27 runs at the loss of two wickets in the first five overs losing both the openers. Chaitanya Bishnoi did some hitting early on as he scored 21 from just 15 balls. But the loss of Bishnoi and Guntashveer Singh brought together Himanshu Rana and Shivam Chauhan in the middle. The two batsmen stitched an 80-run partnership. Between the 10th and the 15th over, Harayan scored 54 runs. But then Chauhan and Rana departed from the middle in quick succession. Chahuhan was out in the 15th over after making 35 and Rana fell just one short of his fifty in the 16th over. Harayana slowed down after the loss of the two set batsmen. A few blows towards the end of the inning helped Haryana to finish with a competitive total of 148/7.  The pitch helped the bowlers a lot in the first inning. Lukman Meriwala bowled his four overs for just 21 runs. Karthik Kakade bowled just two overs but picked two wickets for only seven runs. There was a wicket for Atit Sheth and Babashafi Pathan. Haryana were splendid in the field as they not only saved plenty of runs but also affected three run-outs.
We have been treated to a thriller in every sense of the word. 
oh my oh my! Sonalki brings out the trademark Dhoni helicopter to launch the ball in the stands for a maximum and win the match for his side. Baroda players rush to the field and they swallow Solani in hugs. 
19.6 Sumit Kumar to Vishnu Solanki, SIX! KABOOM! SOLANKI YOU BEAUTY! Taken Baroda to the semi-finals single handedly and Baroda win this match! WHAT A SHOT FROM SOLANKI! Full delivery, in the slot for Solanki who nails the helicopter shot to MUSCLE that one way over the long-on boundary for a huge maximum! MS Dhoni would've been proud of the shot of the last ball!

Baroda players storm out of the dug out to hug their hero who took his team to the semi-finals here!
Whatever be the outcome of the last ball we have been treated to a thriller. 
Super Over anyone??????????????
19.5 Sumit Kumar to Vishnu Solanki, FOUR MORE! Solanki you beauty, turning it on for Baroda. Sumit is out of clues here. Overpitched on the outside off as Solanki goes for the hoick and takes the outside edge as it flew over the short third-man fielder for another boundary. Baroda need 5 runs from the last delivery!
This match has continued to surprise everyone! No way this match is over. Baroda need 9 off 2 
19.4 Sumit Kumar to Vishnu Solanki, SIX! BOOM! WHAT A SHOT! Out of nowhere Solanki PUMMELS this one way over the long-on boundary for a maximum. 20 rows back at least. Half-volley on the off stump, in the slot for Solanki who goes deep inside the crease and CLUBBED that one all the way for a maximum! Baroda need 9 runs from 2 balls now!
19.3 Sumit Kumar to Abhimanyusingh Rajput, excellent, brilliant from Sumit. Bowling yorkers at the death is not easy and Sumit is pulling this off nicely here. Yorker on the outside off as Rajput only managing to dig it out to the long-off region for just a single
Sumit gets treated for his pain. He takes a sip of water and is good to continue. 
Sumit is in some pain. The physio is out with the magic spray. 
19.2 Sumit Kumar to Vishnu Solanki, OH DEAR! Full toss on the wide of off stump as Solanki slams that one back to the bowler who on the follow through unable to pouch it as the ball lobs over the other side on the mid-off as they run a quick single
Solanki is back on strike! 
19.1 Sumit Kumar to Abhimanyusingh Rajput, overpitched on the outside off as Rajput went for the hoick and hits the inside part of the ball as the ball races to the square leg region for just a single
Sumit to bowl the most important over of the match! Mohit Sharma having a long chat with the bowler. Baroda need 18 off 6. The first two deliveries will be crucial. 
Haryana bowls an excellent over just when his team needed the most. He gives away just five runs off it. Baroda need 18 runs from the last 6 balls. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 0 1 2 0 1 Bowler: Mohit Sharma Score: 131/2
18.6 Mohit Sharma to Abhimanyusingh Rajput, full toss on the outside off as Rajput unable to put that one away and hits it straight down to long-off fielder for just a single. Could well be the match winning over from Mohit!
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