Hira CC Sabadell 122/4 (10 ov)
Ripoll Warriors 127/3 (9.3 ov)
Ripoll Warriors beat Hira Sabadell by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Prince Dhiman
Ripoll Warriors will be back in action in 10 minutes, facing Pak I Care, in the clash of the table topper. Do join us for that in a bit, to find out whether Ripoll edge towards the top spot, or whether Pak I Care extend their lead further. For now that's all, as I have been Ankit Sharma along with Sooryanarayanan Sesha taking your leave. 
Not a lot wrong done by Hira Sabadell with the ball either, they did very well to restrict the extras, to even take a chance once the first wicket fell, but there's hardly anything anyone can do when a player with the calibre of Prince Dhiman gets going. Heera Laal once again to no surprises, was the pick of the bowlers, who got rid of Mohsin Ali, which was a game turning point but he had exhausted his overs and could not come to bowl at the end. With this win Ripoll Warriors go clear of City Lions who were just a point behind them. But for Hira Sabadell, it's all about playing for pride, but they've failed in this game, they put up an exciting contest, it was neck and neck till the very last over, but Prince Dhiman was playing in a different dimenson altogether. 
A carnage from Prince Dhiman to see his team through over the line. He was not sent to open the attack for this very reason, the Warriors needed him to at the back end of the game, to smash the bowlers all over the park and make that required rate of 16 seem like a joke. A brilliant chase from the Warrior, who were on track from ball one. The openers started off well to get up a 50 run partnership, but Hira Sabadell came back with a couple quick wickets, but the bowlers then ran into a hurdle named Prince who caused havoc for them, and ended up dismantling them to all corners of the stadium. An excellent innings of 61 runs, over the strike rate of 200 to chase the target down and make it seem like a cake walk. 
Prince Dhiman does it and boy does he do it in style, he needed to get 14 runs from 6 balls but instead, he gets 18 off 3. Consecutive sixes for Prince to wrap this game up and take the win for his team. Ripoll Warriors win by 7 wickets. 
9.3 Shanwar Shahzad to Prince Dhiman, SIX! PRINCE DHIMAN! REMEMBER THE NAME! Cometh the hour, cometh the champion! It was full and on middle again from Shahzad, and Prince who has hardly mistimed anything today, does not miss out! Treats this with disdain and picks out his favourite mid-wicket fence to seal the game for the Ripoll Warriors! WHAT A JAILBREAK FROM THE WARRIORS! 
9.2 Shanwar Shahzad to Prince Dhiman, SIX MORE! Almost an action replay of the last one! In the slot again, Prince opens up the mid-wicket boundary yet again with a neat swing over the fence! Brings up a breathtaking fifty!
9.1 Shanwar Shahzad to Prince Dhiman, SIX! MASSIVE! A KING-SIZED SIX FROM PRINCE! In the slot from Shahzad and Prince swings hard and long into the mid-wicket fence for a massive six!
Shanawar Shahzad, back into the attack. 
Fantastic stuff from Prince, bags in three boundaries, is gifted an extra, and every run counts here. Prince Dhiman is going strong playing at 43 off just 13 ball. 14 runs needed off the last over. This is going down to the wire. Momentum with Ripoll Warriors and it'll be Hira Sabadell under pressure with Prince on strike. 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Anwar UI Haq
8.6 Anwar Ul Haq to Prince Dhiman, swings hard towards mid-wicket where the sweeper picks up! This was full and at the stumps but importantly, Prince remains on strike for the final over!
8.5 Anwar Ul Haq to Prince Dhiman, outside off, Prince drives down the ground towards long off, they run a quick brace
8.5 Anwar Ul Haq to Prince Dhiman, wide! Pressure on the bowler! Fired down leg where short fine leg picks it up
8.4 Anwar Ul Haq to Prince Dhiman, SIX! That is poor from Anwar! In the slot, on middle and leg, Prince swings handsomely with a strong bottom hand over long on
8.3 Anwar Ul Haq to Prince Dhiman, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Prince! Full on middle and leg, Prince swings again and gets an under edge towards the fine leg boundary! 
8.2 Anwar Ul Haq to Prince Dhiman, FOUR! Low full toss, Prince helps himself to a glance behind square. The fielder fails to stop that.
8.1 Anwar Ul Haq to Imran Hussain, full and loopy on middle, hoicked away towards mid wicket! Prince back on strike
Crucial runs these extras, which have been nothing compared to the first innings. Prince has the responsibility here to take his team over the line. It's within distance for Ripoll Warriors, especially with the touch Prince Dhiman is in.  33 runs needed in 12 balls. 
90 /3 score
cricket ball icon Adnan Abbas
7.6 Anwar Abbas to Imran Hussain, full toss on middle and leg, heaved away towards mid-wicket. They ask the umpire for a no ball but the height was alright
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