93/9 (10)
94/6 (9.1)
Hungary won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Asanka Weligamage
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Hungary 94/6 from 9.1 overs beat Romania by 4 wickets.

Thanks to Asanka Weligamage's cameo of 33 from 13 balls lower down the order, Hungary manage to cross the line. It was not easy for Hungary and they had to dig deep to win the match. Hungary's chase was off to a horrible start as they were reduced to 3/3. Satyadeep Ashwathnarayan scored 20 from 8 deliveries to keep Hungary believing in the chase. Khaibar Deldar's 15 and Harsh Mandhyan's unbeaten 20 were equally important. Romania bowlers did make life tough for Hungary in the chase. Dharmendra Manani bowled an impressive spell of 3/7. But he got little support from other bowlers. 

Earlier in the match, Romania finished with 93/9 from 10 overs. They could have finished with a much better score had the batters in the middle order been smarter in their approach. Opener Taranjeet Singh gave Romania a flying start as he blasted 21 runs from 6 balls. But he went for one shot too many and lost his wicket. Abdul Shakoor and Gohar Manan stitched a good partnership. Shakoor scored 18 from 13 balls and Manan notched 20 from 14 deliveries. Three batters were dismissed on duck. Hungary bowlers were excellent. Sandeep Mohandas, Abhishek Kheterpal, Salman Khan and Zeeshan Khan picked 2 wickets each.
9.1 Aftab Kayani to Harsh Mandhyan , full pitched delivery, just outside the fourth stump line, played with a straight bat, and driven down to long off for a single. That's all Hungary needed, and they've taken the game deep, but they've won it. 
12 runs from the over. Weligamage has played a crucial knock for Hungary. Just one more run needed to win. 
93 /7 score
cricket bat icon Harsh Mandhyan *
19 (15)
cricket bat icon Asanka Weligamage
33 (13)
cricket ball icon Taranjeet Singh
0 /27
8.6 Taranjeet Singh to Harsh Mandhyan , full and just wide outside off stump, tucked away to long off for an easy run. 
8.5 Taranjeet Singh to Asanka Weligamage, slower one, pitching on off and turning quite a bit into the right hander. Asanka gets a bottom edge that slides down past the keeper for one. 
8.4 Taranjeet Singh to Asanka Weligamage, SIX! HUGE! Asanka is on fire! Overpitched delivery, on the fourth stump line, dismantled over the man at deep cover and Asanka picks a maximum. 
8.3 Taranjeet Singh to Asanka Weligamage, FOUR! Singh is too generous, as gifts another full toss to the batter. Asanka welcomes it and thumps it straight behind the bowler, beating both, long on and long off for a boundary. 
Two dots in a row!
8.2 Taranjeet Singh to Asanka Weligamage, low full toss on offer for the batter, but Asanka misses it. He reacts a little too late and misses the gift on offer. 
8.1 Taranjeet Singh to Asanka Weligamage, slower delivery, just wide enough to trouble the batter. Asanka steers it to point but picks nothing. 
Taranjeet Singh to bowl. 
Fourteen runs from the over. Weligamage with three successive fours has brought Hungary's chase back on track. Hungary need 13 runs from 12 balls. Romania need a tight over. 
81 /7 score
cricket bat icon Harsh Mandhyan
18 (14)
cricket bat icon Asanka Weligamage *
22 (8)
cricket ball icon Ijaz Hussain
1 /21
7.6 Ijaz Hussain to Asanka Weligamage, fullish length now, ball dipping into the stumps. Asanka works it down to long on for a run. 
7.5 Ijaz Hussain to Asanka Weligamage, FOUR AGAIN! Not intentional this time, but he'll take it. Full and wide outside off again. Asanka was looking to hammer this down the ground, but ends up getting a thick bottom edge, that flies past the keeper and rushes to the fence, beating third man. 
Back-to-back fours for Hungary! The chase is back on track. 
7.4 Ijaz Hussain to Asanka Weligamage, FOUR MORE! Copy and paste! Short again, outside off. Asanka waits for it and guides it into the gap through point and backward point again.
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