98/6 (10)
99/7 (9.3)
PKC won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Abuseen Dostahil
That's it from me, Rajarshi, and my co-commetator Abhinav, as we conclude our coverage for this game. Vienna CC and Austrian Cricket Tigers go up against each other in just about a minute, and Pragedeesh and Rishab will be bringing you all the action. Hop on to the other tab to enjoy the same, until then, from us, it's goodbye!
Pakistan Cricket Club were tottering at the end of the powerplay. They had lost their top-order within the first three overs, including the wicket of the dangerman Shadnan Khan. They were some 5-down, with Muhammad Qasim holing out to Shamsher at long-on. That brought in the man of the moment, Abuseen Dostahil, and he did not spare any bowler. The cameraman was in danger as well, as one humongous hit came his way! A few balls were lost in the hedges, and lost were the Indian CC Vienna bowlers as well, completely shellshocked with the onslaught! 33 were needed off the last three, Dostahil got 32 of them within two overs itself with some help from Amar Naeem and Imran Goraya! The end to the game was just a tad nervy as Dostahil got run out, Muhammad Ajmal, the number 9 couldn't get bat to ball in one, but then he managed to run the winning run by being hit on the pads. The Indian CC Vienna fielders went up in a hopeful appeal, but to no avail. Pakistan CC, with the 3-wicket victory, complete the double over Indian CC Vienna today.
9.3 Kunal Joshi to Muhammad Ajmal, PAKISTAN CC DO THE DOUBLE OVER INDIA! Good length ball curling into the batter on middle and leg. Ajmal tries to work it across to fine leg but gets pinned on the back leg as the ball rolls past the keeper and to the short third man. Before the fielder can cut it off, the batters saunter across for the single and complete the chase without any more hiccup 
9.2 Kunal Joshi to Muhammad Ajmal, good length ball pushed into the batter. Ajmal on the backfoot attempts to run the ball down to third man but fails to get any bat on ball
Muhammad Ajmal, left-handed bat, comes to the crease
9.1 Kunal Joshi to Imran Goraya, RUNOUT! Fuller length ball on middle and off. Imran lunges forward and pushes at the ball to the left of bowler and sets off for a single. However, his partner Dostahil is slow off the blocks and is found well short of the crease. Can India Vienna still pull off a miracle here?

Abuseen Dostahil run out (Kunal Joshi/Mehar Cheema) 49 (14b 4x4 5x6)
Kunal Joshi (1-0-18-0) is back into the attack
Oh my word! Why was he kept until the fall of the 5th wicket? Abuseen Dostahil has walked in and absolutely bludgeoned everything that has come his way, he's one short of a 50 at a strike rate of 350! Unbelievable!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Ahmad Ghani
8.6 Ahmad Ghani to Abuseen Dostahil, SIX! 25 off the over! Length ball on middle and leg. Dostahil clears the front leg, opens up the hips and muscles the ball over long on for a huge MAXIMUM. A one-man show from him here!
8.5 Ahmad Ghani to Abuseen Dostahil, FOUR! Overpitched ball bowled wide outside off. Dostahil on the backfoot punches at the ball and threads the ball between extra cover and cover point for boundary 
8.4 Ahmad Ghani to Abuseen Dostahil, DROPPED! FOUR! Slower, good length ball on middle and leg. Dostahil is caught unaware by the change in pace as he lofts the ball straight down the throat of deep midwicket where Omari drops a sitter. To add insult to injury, he concedes a boundary as well 
8.3 Ahmad Ghani to Abuseen Dostahil, FOUR! Fuller length ball delivered wide outside off. Dostahil throws everything at this one and clobbers the ball past extra cover for a boundary 
8.2 Ahmad Ghani to Abuseen Dostahil, SIX! UP AND OVER! Overpitched ball on middle and off. Dostahil runs down the track and blasts the ball straight over the sightscreen and out of the ball park for a huge MAXIMUM. Jeez, this lad can hit them alright 
8.1 Ahmad Ghani to Imran Goraya, length ball bowled into the stumps. Imran on the backfoot mistimes the ball down to long on for a single
Ahmad Ghani (1-0-7-1) is back into the attack
7 off the 8th. Shamsher has been changing the momentum of this game once too often today!
73 /6 score
cricket bat icon Abuseen Dostahil
25 (9)
cricket bat icon Imran Goraya *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Gill Shamsher
1 /17
7.6 Gill Shamsher to Imran Goraya, yorker-length ball tailing into the batter. Imran lunges tentatively and prods the ball in front of extra cover and pinches a single