Asian Latina Cricket Club 113/10 (9.5 ov)
Kent Lanka Cricket Club 100/6 (10 ov)
Asian Latina Cricket Club won by 13 runs.
Player of the match: Muthumala Sudarshana
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ALCC defend the total and win the match by 13 runs. When Muthumala was toying with the field in the initial phase of the innings it looked like the batting side will run away with the game but a disciplined bowling performance resulted in a collapse. Other than the half-centurion, Muthumala, none of the batsman added significantly to the total and post his wicket, it all went downhill for the batting side. Buwaneka was at the crease until the start of the 8th over but couldn't really get going at any stage. When Muthumala departed, Kent needed 40 off the final 4 overs and with 9 wickets in hand it seemed like it would be a cakewalk but it wasn't to be. 

The difference between the two sides was the accurate bowling and the catching in the deep. Charanjeet and Gurdip picked a wicket each at a economy of just 6-7 RPO while Amandeep got a couple of wickets. He also scalped the prized wicket of Muthumala and that was turning point of the innings.  
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 1 1 1 W 0 Bowler: Charanjeet Singh Score: 100/6
9.6 Charanjeet Singh to Santhanam Irosh Vimukthi, back of a length in the channel, Irosh swings wildly but fails to connect. A massive choke from Kent Lanka CC towards the second half of this chase as they fall short once again! They lose by 13 runs en route to their sixth consecutive loss!
9.5 Charanjeet Singh to Manorath Lasidu, OUT! THAT IS THAT! Slower on a length outside off, Lasidu reaches out for a slog sweep but he can only skew a top-edge that lobs into the gloves of the keeper who runs after it a touch to hold on. All but over now!
9.4 Charanjeet Singh to Weerasinghe Risal Samaru, slower deilvery, back of a length at the stumps as Samaru gives himself room to slog over the leg-side; ends up chopping it towards point as a single is all they can get
9.3 Charanjeet Singh to Manorath Lasidu, full around off, pushed on the up towards extra cover for a single. 15 off 3 now!
9.2 Charanjeet Singh to Weerasinghe Risal Samaru, back of a length around off, chops a cut through the covers to rotate strike! They need a big one somewhere!
9.1 Charanjeet Singh to Weerasinghe Risal Samaru, short and wide, slaps a cut through point where the fielder in the deep misfields badly to allow a second run
Charanjeet will bowl the final over of the innings. 

A wicket off that over but 10 runs coming as well and that means that 19 of the last over is an achievable task for the chasing side. The batting has looked out of sorts since the dismissal of the opener but they need a couple of hits to remain in the game and we have seen games changing in the space of a couple of deliveries in the shorter formats. Can they achieve what seems to be the impossible at this point of time? 
Over: 9 | Summary: W 1w 1 4 W 3 0 Bowler: Hashmat Dhindsa Score: 94/5
8.6 Hashmat Dhindsa to Manorath Lasidu, pushed back straight to the bowler
8.5 Hashmat Dhindsa to Weerasinghe Risal Samaru, COMEDY OF ERRORS! Drives a full ball on off through the covers as they run back for two; the bowler fails to collect the ball and they pick up a third on the overthrow. The fielder square on the leg-side too fumbled but they won't run any further
8.4 Hashmat Dhindsa to Muthumala Dinesh, OUT! BOWLED HIM! WHAT A MOMENT IN THE GAME! Full at the stumps, Dinesh slogs hard over the leg-side but is beaten on the swing as the ball crashes into his woodwork. How much will this impact the end result?
8.3 Hashmat Dhindsa to Muthumala Dinesh, FOUR! Slapped into the gap in front of mid-wicket for a critical boundary!
8.2 Hashmat Dhindsa to Manorath Lasidu, full on off, thumped over extra cover for a single
8.2 Hashmat Dhindsa to Manorath Lasidu, WIDE! Fired well down leg this time, will have to reload!
8.1 Hashmat Dhindsa to Danushka Tikiriyadura, RUN OUT! Danushka is run out courtesy some excellent fielding! Back of a length on off, well done by short third man who comes across to his left to stop the ball though it goes through him. The ball is lobbed through to the keeper who catches the batsman short as he scampers back for the second run! A big, big wicket and three runs saved in the process as well!
Dhindsa will bowl the penultimate over

Just 7 runs off that over and with a couple of over to go and two new batsman at the crease, it is going to be an uphill task for the ALCC batsman to chase 29 runs off the last 2 overs. Amandeep kept bowling accurately and that has been the difference between the two sides until now. 
Over: 8 | Summary: W 1 1 4 0 1 Bowler: Amandeep Singh Score: 85/3
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