GYM Helsinki Gymkhana 104/10 (19.5 ov)
KK Stadin ja Keravan Kriketti won by 25 runs.
That's all my colleague, Prasen Moudgal, and I, Habil Ahmed, have for you today, folks. Do join us as we take you through all the action from game 3 of the Finnish Premier League between Bengal Tigers CC and Empire CC at 8:30 PM IST tomorrow. Stay tuned! 
Comfortable 25-run win for Stadin Ja Keravan Kriketti
The end of the innings and the match as Helsinki Gymkhana are bowled out for 104. The SKK comfortably pick up their first win of the 2020 Finnish Premier League. A gesture of solidarity with the anti-racism protests to boot as well.

A not-so-great start for the SKK but then Atif Rasheed pulled things back together with a well-played 41 off just 29 balls. 3 wickets for Atti Rehman meant he was Gymkhana's star with the ball. Helsinki Gymkhana never got going with the ball, however, and the 130-run target seemed out of reach from the word go. Stellar performances with the ball from Rajah Waqas and Yathu Viajayaratnam meant Pankaj Saharan's fighting 43-ball 41 went in vain as SKK completed an easy win in the end.
19.5 Y Vijayaratnam to A Rehman, OUT! Rehman goes, and SKK Rapids register a 25-run win! Full ball outside off, Rehman had a wild swing at it and lobbed an easy catch to the man at covers!
19.4 Y Vijayaratnam to F Shahzad, length ball played to deep square leg
19.3 Y Vijayaratnam to A Rehman, length ball angling into Rehman goes off the front pad to short third man
19.2 Y Vijayaratnam to F Shahzad,length ball goes off Shahzad's pads to short fine leg
That's the end of over 19 with a rare boundary. Gymkhana are nine down and need 30 runs to win. Still possible..... mathematically!
19.1 Y Vijayaratnam to A Rehman, single down to short third man
18.6 N Shah to F Shahzad, FOUR! Full toss belted down to long on for a boundary!
18.5 N Shah to A Rehman, full toss played to covers
18.4 N Shah to F Shahzad, Shahzad gets an under edge to short fine leg
18.3 N Shah to F Shahzad, short and slow, Shahzad looked to go for glory but missed the ball completely. 
18.2 N Shah to A Rehman, short ball pulled to deep mid-wicket
18.1 N Shah to A Rehman, wide outside off from Shah on this occasion.
End of over 18 and Gymkhana need 38 runs from the last 12 balls.
18.1 N Shah to A Rehman, yorker dabbed back to Shah.
17.6 Y Vijayaratnam to A Rehman, full ball knocked to mid off, Rehman wanted a single but was sent back. A throw goes off Rehman's pads and the batsmen get the single in the end. 
17.5 Y Vijayaratnam to F Shahzad, full ball driven down to long on for a single
17.4 Y Vijayaratnam to F Shahzad, yorker outside off, Shahzad misses the drive as the ball goes underneath the bat swing
That was well taken by Peter Gallagher at long on to send Al Javed packing. Nine down and 40 nearly-impossible runs for the Gymkhana to find a win here. They need nothing short of a miracle from here to get anywhere close to the 130-run target.
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