Maratha Arabians 101/5 (10 ov)
Qalandars 104/6 (8.1 ov)
Qalandars won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Sohail Tanvir
Do not go anywhere as we have two more crackers coming your way from the second day of the Super League! This has been myself (Rishab) and my colleague Anurag as we take your leave. More action soon!
Defending just 102 was never going to be easy for any side and the Arabians were sloppy! They did get the wickets but the flow of runs never stopped and the bowlers could not create any real pressure on the batsmen. They could and should have been tighter. Not enough runs as well and it was always going to be harsh on the bowlers. Although, they will take back the positive of how they got those wickets and did not let the Qalandars get away with an easy win like we thought it would be. They needed a win but it's not come for them. Let down by the batting as they could not post a formidable score. Lots of thinking for them to do going ahead. Qalandars continue to sit on top of the table! 
Another victory for the Qalandars as they continue their unbeaten run in this tournament! All of their wins have been dominant so far, probably this being the only one where there was some drama towards the end of the chase! The top three batsmen have done all the work for them, and they did a pretty decent job today as well, with Sharjeel and Sohail setting it up nicely after that early wicket of Banton. But they couldn't finish it off and the Qalandars going to lose a flurry of wickets with the middle order being exposed. Lucky enough they did not have a lot to chase and got there eventually but they will certainly look into this aspect going ahead. 
Bit of a trouble there towards the end but Ben Dunk finishing it off for the Qalandars as they carry their unbeaten run! Not quite how they would have liked it but it's yet another win for them as they march along. Job done eventually!
8.1 Ishan Malhotra to Ben Dunk, FOUR TO FINISH! It was a length ball outside off and Dunk rocked back and smashed it wide of mid-off to end the game in style! Qalandars win by 4 wickets
The top three have done all the scoring so far for the Qalandars and with them gone early today, the middle order which is exposed has struggled! Another wicket going down as the Arabians are still showing some fight! Drama in this chase as we head towards the finish. Runs coming and wickets going! Two for Ahmadzai but he boundaries haven't stopped flowing. Bit of a scare for the Qalandars but they are just a hit away now! 2 needed off 12
Over: 8 | Summary: 2 W 6 W 4 1 Bowler: Yamin Ahmadzai Score: 100/6
7.6 Yamin Ahmadzai to Ben Dunk, slower length ball on leg stump, Dunk goes deep in his crease and pulls it towards deep mid-wicket, doesn't time it well just a single, just 2 to win now
7.5 Yamin Ahmadzai to Ben Dunk, SHOT! FOUR! It was a full ball on the pads and Dunk smacked it powerfully wide of long-on!
7.4 Yamin Ahmadzai to Ahmed Daniyal, OUT! CAUGHT! It was a well directed short delivery and Daniyal was late on the pull shot. It went straight up in the air and fine-leg got around and took the catch after juggling it around 15-times!
7.3 Yamin Ahmadzai to Ahmed Daniyal, SIX! It was a length ball on middle stump and Daniyal rocked back and smacked it over the bowler for a maximum! 
7.2 Yamin Ahmadzai to Shahid Afridi, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! It was a slower ball outside off stump and Afridi was looking to run it down to third man, but it takes the outside edge and Afridi was walking even before the umpire put his finger up!

Ahmed Daniyal is the new man in
7.1 Yamin Ahmadzai to Shahid Afridi, full ball on the stumps, Afridi turns it away gently on the leg side and they scamper back for two!
Asif Ali looking to finish the game off in the powerplay over but he's thrown his wicket away. Brilliantly bowled over from Ishan Malhotra under pressure. The Arabians are not letting the Qalandars have it easily. Just 7 off that over and a wicket as well. 15 off 18 needed 

Ahmadzai back into the attack
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 2 W 0 0 4 Bowler: Ishan Malhotra Score: 87/4
6.6 Ishan Malhotra to Ben Dunk, FOUR! It was full on off stump again and Dunk made himself some room and played a nice lofted cover drive for FOUR!
6.5 Ishan Malhotra to Ben Dunk, full ball on off stump, similar shot from Dunk as he hits it straight back to the bowler again
6.4 Ishan Malhotra to Ben Dunk, slower ball outside off stump, Dunk doesn't read it and ends up mistiming a drive back to the bowler
Shahid Afridi out in the middle now
6.3 Ishan Malhotra to Asif Ali, IN THE AIR! OUT! It was a full ball outside off, Ali was looking to smash it over long-off but it took the toe end of the blade and went straight up and Laurie Evans made no mistake as he gobbled it up comfortably!
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