24th Match, Docklands Stadium, Melbourne, Melbourne
PS won by 5 wickets
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this BBL game. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Bidipto Datta. See you soon!
Perth Scorchers 156/5 in 19.4 overs
Josh Inglis 47(34) | Kane Richardson 2/21
Cameron Bancroft 46(32) | Will Sutherland 1/31

This has been an absolutely dominating performance from the Perth Scorchers! They've completely outplayed the Melbourne Renegades at their home turf and have secured yet another win. The Chase was set up really well for them with a magnificent 57 run 1st wicket partnership between Faf du Plessis and Cameron Bancroft. The later in particular was severe as he took on the attack to the opposition and ensured that the Scorchers were always at par or ahead of the required rate. Once Du Plessis was  dismissed, Josh Inglis came in and played a gem of an innings to see the Scorchers through. He made a brilliant 47 of just 34 balls. In the end Aaron Hardie and Nick Hobson finished of the final formalities and got the Scorchers across the finishing line.

The Renegades bowlers really struggled to make use of the pitch and the favorable bowling conditions and were below par for most of the innings. Kane Richardson was the lone warrior for them with the ball as he picked up 2/21 in his four overs. The spinners Akeal Hossain and Mujeeb did keep things tidy but they failed to get the wickets and in the end, it turned out to be the real difference. A great win for Scorchers in the end, and they will  continue to hold their pole position in the points table.
Perth Scorchers win by 5 wickets with 2 balls remaining.
19.4 Will Sutherland to Nick Hobson, YET ANOTHER WIN FOR THE PERTH SCORCHERS! Round the wicket, low full toss on middle, Hobson manages to tap it away off the crease, with the straight bat, just past the right of Sutherland, and away to the left of mid-off, for a single. And that is that for the match! 
Nick Hobson, LHB, comes to the crease.
19.3 Will Sutherland to Josh Inglis, OUT! LBW! Inglis REVIEWS! Full on middle-and-leg, a miss of the flick, and then, a rap on the pads, low down, for a big appeal and a raise of the dreaded finger from the umpire!

It is a fair delivery. UltraEdge shows no bat on ball. Ball tracking then shows that the ball is going on to hit middle-and-leg flush! REVIEW LOST, on-field decision stays! 

Josh Inglis lbw Will Sutherland 47(34 4x5 1x6)
19.2 Will Sutherland to Aaron Hardie, low full toss on middle, bunted down to the left of mid-on from the crease, for a single to level the scores! 
19.1 Will Sutherland to Aaron Hardie, over the wicket, full and through the legs of the batter, as he missed out on the shot through the line! Dot ball. 
Will Sutherland [3.0-0-30-0] back into the attack.

We are going into the final over then! Josh Inglis has played an absolute blinder of an innings here and he has ensured that the game can only go in one direction from here onwards.
154 /4 score
cricket bat icon Josh Inglis *
47 (33)
cricket bat icon Aaron Hardie
8 (5)
cricket ball icon Kane Richardson
2 /21
18.6 Kane Richardson to Josh Inglis, fast and short over off, Inglis tried to pull it away on the back foot, missed it and it went through to the keeper for a dot ball to finish this over and take it to the 20th! 
18.5 Kane Richardson to Josh Inglis, SHOT! Short and slow outside off, Inglis makes room and carves this over backward point off the back foot, in the gap and away for FOUR! 
18.4 Kane Richardson to Aaron Hardie, good length ball on off, mistimed hit across the line, down to deep mid-wicket on one bounce, for a single. 150 comes up for the Scorchers. 
18.3 Kane Richardson to Aaron Hardie, full on leg-stump, drilled out of the block hole to deep square-leg, for another brace! 
18.2 Kane Richardson to Aaron Hardie, slightly slow and slightly short on off, a big heave across the line, and an inside edge down to fine-leg, for two runs brilliantly taken! 
18.1 Kane Richardson to Aaron Hardie, full toss on off, firmly struck to deep cover, after a slight misfield from cover, from the crease, for a couple of runs. 
Rogers made things interesting at the start of the over with the wicket of Turner but Josh Inglis ensured that the Scorchers are off to safety! He hit a hattrick of fours and has just about sealed it for the Scorchers now.
143 /4 score
cricket bat icon Josh Inglis *
43 (31)
cricket bat icon Aaron Hardie
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Thomas Stewart Rogers
1 /46
17.6 Tom Rogers to Josh Inglis, THREE FOURS IN A ROW! Low full toss on off and this is a wonderful pick-up shot to the right of deep mid-wicket, over the in-field and away to the boundary! 
17.5 Tom Rogers to Josh Inglis, FOUR MORE! Full toss on middle-and-leg this time, and this gets flicked away, down to long-leg, for a boundary again!