South Castries Lions 101/7 (10 ov)
Mon Repos Stars 97/4 (10 ov)
South Castries Lions won by 4 runs.
South Castries Lions have pulled off a heist!

At the halfway mark, the Lions were written off considering how the openers were going on. Despite the likes of Marvin Wells and S Emmanuel playing handy knocks, the Lions stifled them in the middle overs with Edward and Antoine starring with a wicket apiece. Not to mention, Charlesmagne, who delivered under pressure in the final over to hand the Lions an important win! The Stars succumb to their first loss of the tournament with this one and will definitely ponder on how they let this game slip away.

That's it for the game. Hope you loved the coverage of what turned out to be a nerve-racking encounter. We will back tomorrow with all the live updates in the leagues going around the world but until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy along with my colleague, Prasen Moudgal, signing off. Take care!
9.6 K Charlermagne to Hazel Charlery, SLC win! Full ball driven down to wide long off, only a single to end proceedings!
9.5 K Charlermagne to Hazel Charlery, Charlery misses another length ball, and he's pretty much lost the game for his side in this game. ABSOLUTE GOLD!
9.4 K Charlermagne to Kevin Augustine, ful ball on the stumps, clipped to mid-wicket for a run. 6 needed off 2 balls!
9.3 K Charlermagne to Sadrack Descartes, OUT! Fantastic catch from the keeper! Full ball outside off, Descartes had a mighty swing at that and only manages a thick outside edge! A potentially match-winning catch this! More importantly it is a dot and the new batsman will be on strike! 7 needed off 3..
9.2 K Charlermagne to Hazel Charlery, length ball punched to the man at covers for a run. 7 needed off 4 now...
9.1 K Charlermagne to Hazel Charlery, full and wide outside off again! Not helping the Lions' cause. Pressure, pressure and Pressure! 8 needed off 5
9.1 K Charlermagne to Hazel Charlery, very very wide outside off, almost pitched outside! Well kept by the keeper though. 9 to win off 5 balls!
9.1 K Charlermagne to Sadrack Descartes, full ball goes off the outside edge and flies down to third man. 10 needed off 5. Pressure's on Charley!
MRS 91/3 after 9 overs! MRS needs 11 runs off the final six games!
The Lions captain, Gabriel has bowled a brilliant over to turn the tide. Still anybody's game! This is the kind of stuff we are accustomed to from the Windies!
8.6 X Gabriel to Hazel Charlery, Charlery has missed his fourth ball in the over, pressure back on the Stars!
8.5 X Gabriel to Hazel Charlery, short and extremely wide outside off. 
8.5 X Gabriel to Hazel Charlery, same ball again, Charlery is swinging wildly but he's missing the ball. Poor batting.
8.4 X Gabriel to Hazel Charlery, length ball at pace outside off again, Charlery was beaten for pace! Excellent ball from the captain!
8.3 X Gabriel to Hazel Charlery, length ball outside off, very wild swing from Charlery, he was nowhere close to the ball! Good comeback from Gabriel! He needs more of this!
8.2 X Gabriel to Hazel Charlery, wide ball outside the tram line from Gabriel. Not what they need at all!
8.2 X Gabriel to Mervin Wells, OUT! Gabriel makes amends! Bumper outside off from Gabriel, Wells slaps it straight down to the man at long on! Another twist in the tale!?
8.1 X Gabriel to Mervin Wells, SIX! Filth from the SCL skipper. Full toss outside off, swung away over long on for a maximum! WHAT A SHOT UNDER PRESSURE!
MRS 83/2 after 8 overs! MRS needs 19 runs off 12!
The Lions have done exceedingly well in the last few overs! Anyone's game from here on!
7.6 K Charlermagne to Sadrack Descartes, length ball outside off, Descartes misses a drive
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