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American University Of Malta won by 2 wickets
American University of Malta beats Msida Warriors by 2 wickets!

What a game of cricket we have seen in ECS Malta 2020! The students are alive in the competition as they beat the Warriors in a last-ball thriller! They experimented with their batting unit and rightly so with Prithvi Chauhan getting AUM off to a rollicking start but it was the calmness of Zoheb Malek that did the trick for the students with a 22-ball 31! Although a heap of wickets fell around him, he was able to hold one end up and managed to take the team close to the target before getting out Rahul Nair, who couldn't do anything wrong today. He just about managed to keep Mittul Patel and Jitesh Patel quiet in the final over while defending just four runs! It required all sixty balls to chase the total down with Nishit Bhatt hitting the winning runs with a heave towards the leg-side. 

The students wouldn't mind as they get a win on the board, much to the disappointment of the Warriors, who would rue the missed chances in the field. All in all, we did witness a great encounter which saw the American University of Malta come up trumps! That's all from today's action as far as the ECS T10 Malta League is concerned although that's isn't it for the day. We still have the Lanka Premier League going on. Make sure you keep up with the pace as Kandy Tuskers and Galle Gladiators look to get off the mark with a win in the competition. That's it from here! This is me, Dwijesh Reddy, along with my colleague, Abhinav Singh signing off. Take care!
9.6 Rahul Nair to Nishit Bhatt, AUM WIN! THEY HAVE PULLED OFF A HEIST HERE! length delivery on the legstump, the batsman takes two paces down the track and lobs the ball straight up in the air to deep midwicket region where MSW skipper has placed no fielder and the two batsmen run hard and complete the two runs required for victory! AUM finally have their first win of the tournament and the University boys surely will be ecstatic! 
9.6 Rahul Nair to Amandeep Ralhan, WIDE and a WICKET! OH MY! IT's all happening here! Back of length delivery dug in short and the batsman misses the pull! The non-striker sets off for a run! However, the batsman doesn't run! Meanwhile, the umpire gives a wide after thinking about it for some time. The keeper sees that and runs all the way down to the non-striker's end to flick the bails off to set a thrilling last-ball finish. 2 in 1 required! Poor from Ralhan who doesn't run for the single. if he had run, the scores would have been tied!
9.5 Rahul Nair to Mituul Patel, EDGED! OUT! OH NO! back of length delivery wide outside off, the batsman tries to go for the glory shot by cutting the ball to wide third man. However, the ball bounces a tad too much and takes the outside edge to the gloves of the keeper. 3 to win from 1 ball here! Golden Ball?
9.4 Rahul Nair to Nishit Patel, fuller length ball on the stumps, the rookie batsman somehow manages to squeeze the ball to the left of the bowler for a quick single. 3 from 2 required!
9.3 Rahul Nair to Nishit Patel, back of length delivery wide outside off, the new batsman under the pump fails takes a wild heave and fails to make any valid contact. 4 from 3 required!
9.2 Rahul Nair to Mituul Patel, RUNOUT! back of length delivery on the offstump, the batsman deep in his crease nudged the ball straight to short point where the fielder threw the ball straight to the keeper who ran to the stumps and flicked the bails off in a flash to send Jitesh packing. 4 to win from 4!
9.1 Rahul Nair to Jitesh Patel, slow back of length delivery wide outside off, cut gently to wide third man for a single only. Nair starts off well were!
AUM 89/5 after 9 overs! AUM needs 5 runs from 6 balls!

Jitesh Patel has taken charge of this chase along with Mittul Patel, who has hung around in the middle. The outcome of the game looks sealed in the favour of the students unless the Warriors captain Nair has a magic trick up his sleeve!
8.6 Shijil Roy to Mituul Patel, a similar delivery that rises after pitching on three quarter's length as Patel fails to connect with the white kookaburra ball here. DOT! 5 required in 6
8.5 Shijil Roy to Mituul Patel, back of length delivery on the wide outside off channel and the batsman fails to ride the bounce, in the end, misses the opportunity to square-cut the ball to deep point for a boundary! 
8.4 Shijil Roy to Mittul Patel, FOUR! GOODNESS, GRACIOUS! overpitched delivery drifting down the leg. Patel holds his pose and flicks the ball down to fine leg for a boundary!
8.3 Shijil Roy to Jitesh Patel, back of length delivery pitched on middle and of stump line. the batsman nearly chopped the ball onto his stumps as the ball bounced high after pitching on the ground, allowing batsmen to scamper around for a single
8.2 Shijil Roy to Jitesh Patel, fuller length delivery on the legstump, flicked to short square leg for another quick brace. A direct hit from the deep could have made things interesting!
8.1 Shijil Roy to Jitesh Patel, low fulltoss on the legstump, driven down the ground for a single but a fumble from the fielder allows the batsmen to come back for a double!
AUM 80/5 after 8 overs! AUM needs 14 from 12 balls!

Is that the final nail in the coffin for MSW? Zoheb Malik has opted to take the game deep with his partner, Mittul Patel looking to support him as well. This over will be key in the context of the game. Malek should have seen the students through from here but with his dismissal, can Mittul take charge?
7.6 Rahul Nair to Jitesh Patel, back of length delivery on the offstump, nudged straight to cover point for a quick single
7.5 Rahul Nair to Zoheb Malek, OUT! OH MY! back of length delivery dug into the pitch drifting down the leg. Malek looking to pull the ball gets the faintest of touches on it and the ball lands right in the hands/gloves of a diving keeper! Is there a twist in the tale here?
7.4 Rahul Nair to Zoheb Malek, FOUR! SHOT! slow back of length delivery wid outside off, Malek standing tall slaps the ball behind point for a boundary to put pressure on Nair!
7.4 Rahul Nair to Zoheb Malek,back of length delivery bowled wide outside off, WIDE called. You cannot be bowling wides at this stage!
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