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Cyprus Moufflons CC 135/5 (10 ov)
Nicosia Tigers CC 128/8 (10 ov)
Cyprus Moufflons CC won by 7 runs.
So, this was me, Shrey Gupta along with my colleague, Prashanth Satish bringing you all the live-action of European Cricket T-10 Cyprus Series 2020 Match 12. The technical issues messed up a bit and we deeply regret for the same. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for many such live-action! Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
That's it! The Cyprus Moufflons CC has won this competition by 7 runs after a good last over by Mehran Khan!
Chasing 136 was not an easy task by any means, but the Nicosia Tigers CC did well with opener Yasir Khan leading from the front. He made a quickfire 60 and set the tone for the chase. But, no other batsman gave a fair amount of support at either side to take their team home. More than NCT batsmen, the CYM bowlers helped their chase as they leaked a massive 41 runs as extras! That was a terrible bowling performance by the Cyprus, but a good batting performance and a good last over by Mehran Khan helped them seal the game anyhow!
We had some technical issues in that over and sorry for the inconvenience caused!
9.4 Mehran Khan to Abdullah Al Tasmin, OUT! Hit straight to long-off and they have a wicket here
9.3 Mehran Khan to Shabbi Ul Hassan, pulled a top edge but they get a couple
9.2 Mehran Khan to Shabbi Ul Hassan, Quick single taken! They get a brace this time
9.1 Mehran Khan to Shabbi Ul Hassan, dot ball. Bit short but the wild swing couldn't help!
Last over coming up! NCT is 121-6 after 9 overs. Needs 15 runs to win off the last one! This match is going down to the wire!
8.2 Muhammad Hussain to Faruk Ahmed, OUT! Tries to pull but only gets a top edge and they have a wicket. Tried to go for the wild slog and couldn't get the best connection possible and the fielder in the deep takes a good high catch!
8.2 Muhammad Hussain to Aizaz Jameel, WIDE!! Another wide but they sneak a single
Just In: The CYM is penalised and NCT is given 10 extra runs!
8.1 Muhammad Hussain to Faruk Ahmed, chaos in the running but the batsman are safe
8.1 Muhammad Hussain to Faruk Ahmed, WIDE! Another wide down leg again
8.1 Muhammad Hussain to Faruk Ahmed, WIDE! Another delivery down the leg side
8.1 Muhammad Hussain to Faruk Ahmed, WIDE! Down leg and the batsman shoulders arms to that one
Gurusewak Singh has done the trick for CYM! Good captaincy to bring him back and he has done the vital thing for his team! NCT is 102-4 after 8 overs and needs 34 runs off 12 balls!
7.6 Gursewak Singh to Aizaz Jameel, another full delivery and this time beaten on the back foot.
7.5 Gursewak Singh to Aizaz Jameel, fuller outside off and the batsman misses trying to come down the track
7.4 Gursewak Singh to Yasir Khan, OUT! Pays the price for sweeping a straight delivery as he is bowled. Massive wicket for CYM. Gurusewak has done well by being disciplined and maintaining the line well-directed at the stumps! Yasir Khan departs after a well made 60 and suddenly NCT on the backfoot!
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