122/10 (20)
123/2 (17)
Scotland won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Josh Davey
Oman have been good, but have fallen just short at the end. They gave Bangladesh a scare, but could not sustain under pressure and ended up on the losing side at the end. But as their skipper said, it's a learning curve for them, and they will be back stronger. They've got a long way to go, but it is good to see them make the World Cup Group stage and compete at the highest level. Credits to them and their coaching staff, to help evolve the players and put up a fight of this quality. 

Scotland are going up against some favourites in this competition, and they'll have to be at their best to have a chance at winning there. At the same time, whoever takes them lightly, will be in for a surprise. Scotland have a well settled unit, and have immense talent in their ranks. They might not be comparable to the best players in the world, but on their day, they could take the game away. It will be a fierce competition and an interesting challenge for the Scots, who will be eager to get to UAE for the next round. 

That's it from here, but do join us tomorrow for another virtual eliminator. Ireland take on Namibia, for a winner takes all game! The loser will be eliminated, whereas the winner will go through! Both are coming on the back of a win, and both will be keen for the final qualifying spot. Until then, along with Abhinav Singh, I have been Ankit Sharma, bidding you goodnight! Take care and stay safe! 
Zeeshan Maqsood (Oman captain): It's a chance that we've lost it, but we'll definitely have more chances, and we'll be back for sure. We could not bat well and failed to put up a good total. We did not get wickets as well with the ball, and those mistakes cost us. But really happy with how the boys played this tournament. Jatinder is an in form batter, so losing him early cost us, but I think we came back alright. Middle order is where the issue was, as we failed to score enough in the middle overs. We are very confident, and we are happy with how much Cricket we have been playing.

Kyle Coetzer (Scotland captain): It's a great feeling, buy first of all, congratulation to Zeeshan and his team. Oman have been brilliant and have played really good cricket. It's a big deal for us, making it into the next round. It's immense for Scottish Cricket to compete against the best and come out on top. We've been through thick and thin, and we've learnt from our experiences. We've put in a lot of hard work in the past few years to be here. All the boys have put in their 100% and they deserve to be here. Of course it's a tough group going into the next round. We're playing some of the best teams, but nothing to fear. It's going to be tough and exciting, but we'll go into every game full of hope and expecting to win it. Someone getting a big score, making a match winning contribution has been key. We've dropped a couple of catches, but that's part of the game. The bowling at the death has been incredible, and Davey was fantastic out there today. 
Scotland won the game by 8 wickets

The favourites have won the game! Scotland create history, as they enter into the Super 12's for the first time in their cricketing history. They've been impactful and smart through the past week, and have put in the hard work to finish with 3 win off 3 games. They're looking like a well set unit, and should not be dealt with lightly. 

George Munsey and Kyle Coetzer opened and showed their intentions of clinching the win without taking the game too deep. Munsey set things rolling with some impressive boundaries through the covers, but fell for a shorter one on his body. He chipped one deep into the leg side, and was dismissed after scoring 20. Coetzer shifted gears and took it up a notch. He blasted a few handsome sixes, bundled with some scintillating boundaries. A perfect time for the Scottish skipper to find form, and score a quickfire 40. 

He failed to stick out till the end, but the damage was done. He could walk back without having the pressure of whether his team will make it through. Cross was by his side, anchoring in the innings, and he continued to do so, while Richie Berrington came out, and went about things his own sweet way. He did take a few deliveries to settle in, but once he was in his groove, he blasted the ball all around and clinched victory in style, with a roaring maximum. 

Oman bowlers did well in phases. They started nicely, with tight lines, but then ended up giving too much width to Munsey who punched a few good cover drives. Then they ended up bowling too full to Coetzer and Berrington, who could clear the ropes with ease, and rushed towards their target. The spinners did well to contain the runs after Coetzer was dismissed, but it was just enough, defending a total of 123.  

It's been a stellar performance from this Scottish team, and they deserve all the praises at the moment. They've created history, but they are not done yet. They've got some serious competition, and they'll be going into every game as underdogs here on. But the spirit to fight lives within them and they'll be coming in hard for sure. 
Josh Davey (Player of the Match): Yeah, what a day for Scottish cricket. The boys here are buzzing...sensational stuff. I think we have got an early flight. Not too much but yes some celebrations are due (on celebrating long into the night). Just a great occasion to show your skills. A bit of luck but you'll take that every day of the week. Very pleased. I think it is the belief within the side. We have got a lot of bases covered. We think we can cause a few upsets. 
Richie Berrington has got no time to waste! He clinches the victory, and Scotland are through to the Super 12's with a perfect record! A fantastic week it has been for them, but things only get tougher from here. They'll be slotted into Super 12 Group 2 alongside India, Pakistan, New Zealand and Afghanistan. But they can enjoy tonight, for it is a great achievement to go through, and they've been remarkable, and deserve this win. Scotland win by 8 wickets.  
16.6 Mohammad Nadeem to Richie Berrington, SIX! SCOTLAND ARE THROUGH! Richie finishes with the glorious. Half tracker bowled on the legstump. The dasher has all the time in the world to rock deep inside the crease and pummel the ball with some power, three tiers into the stands for a ginormous MAXIMUM. A wonderful moment for the Scottish side who have brushed aside the disappointment of 2016 and qualified to play alongside the big boys of world cricket!
16.5 Mohammad Nadeem to Richie Berrington INTO THE SINGLE DIGITS NOW! FOUR! SWATTED! Short in length on the legstump. Richie picks up the length early and spanks it in the gap between long-on and deep midwicket for a boundary to inch one step closer to victory 
16.4 Mohammad Nadeem to Matthew Cross, fuller length ball sprayed on the pads. Cross allows the ball to come to him and gently pats it all along the ground to deep long leg for a single 
16.3 Mohammad Nadeem to Richie Berrington, low fulltoss bowled on legstump. Richie slants his body and whips the ball down to deep midwicket for a single
16.2 Mohammad Nadeem to Matthew Cross, length ball angling down the leg. Cross on the backfoot clips the ball off his hips to deep backward square leg for a single 
16.1 Mohammad Nadeem to Matthew Cross, good length ball pitching on middle and off and decking slightly into the batter. Cross standing in the crease defends the ball back to the bowler for no run
Muhammad Nadeem (1.0-0-9-0) comes back into the attack 
Bilal Khan has been brought back into the attack to delay the result and pull out something magical. It does seem impossible for Oman to pull anything, but all credits for them to not give up! They've had a good week, and they should be proud of their efforts. Scotland need 13 runs off 24 balls. 
110 /2 score
cricket bat icon Matthew Cross
24 (32)
cricket bat icon Richie Berrington *
20 (18)
cricket ball icon Bilal Khan
0 /15
15.6 Bilal Khan to Richie Berrington, yorker length ball darted near the guidelines to a batter shuffling toward the legside. In the end, Richie is too far away from the ball and fails to get any bat on it 
15.5 Bilal Khan to Richie Berrington, another short of good length ball bowled on stumps but at a slower pace this time. Richie is flummoxed by the pace change as he attempts an almighty hoick, only to miss it by some distance 
15.5 Bilal Khan to Richie Berrington, back of length ball banged into the track on middlestump. Richie jumps on his toes and tries to uppercut the ball over the keeper. However, it was always going higher over his head. WIDE signaled by the umpire!
15.4 Bilal Khan to Richie Berrington, a yorker length ball seared into the blackhole. Richie shuffles away and bunts the ball straight down to mid off for no run
15.3 Bilal Khan to Matthew Cross, short and wide outside off. Cross's eye lit up at the prospect of width but he couldn't beat the fielder standing on the ring at backward point. However, a little misfield allowed the batters to steal the single 
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