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Gracia CC 127/7 (10 ov)
Pak Montcada CC 130/7 (9.1 ov)
Pak Montcada CC won by 3 wickets
That's all we have for the live coverage of the match as my colleague, Nikhil Kulkarni and myself, Lavil Saldanha, sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for daily match commentaries and up to date sports news. until next time, its good by from our side. SEE YA!!
Pak Montcada CC win by 3 wickets.

What looked like an easy victory for Gracia CC turned out to be a sour pill to gulp for them. Batting second and in a pursuit of Mount 128, they started out in a horrible fashion, losing 3 wickets in side the powerplay. 

Farrukh Sohail, Iqbal Khan and Aamir Shazad were rendered helpless to the vicious bounce, slowness and the turn of Kulwant Singh. Wickets kept tumbling for them as all of the PMCC batsmen fell prey to Kulwant Singh and their score reading a sorry state of 26/6 after 4 overs.

Then came the twist in the story as the big man and the hero for PMCC , Mohsin Ali, walked out to bat. Ali took note of the elements of the pitch and settled down with a couple of sixes. He then took on every bowler coming his way and bulldozed each and every bowler, forcing the Gracia CC bowlers to compel to his brute force. He reached his fifty in 12 deliveries, but didn't stop the carnage as he fell when the damage was done and the victory was in sight for them, scoring 70 runs off 23 deliveries with 3 fours and 9 whopping sixes to his name. Asjad Butt took the finishing onus on himself and won the match for his team with 5 balls to spare.

Its was quite a double faced innings for Gracia CC with the ball as they had won they game in the first half itself, but let it slip out, owing to a hitting masterclass from Mohsin Ali. The bright spots for them were Heera Mahey, who finished with figure of 1/10 in 2 overs and they wizard Kulwant Singh, who struck 4 times in the innings. These efforts weren't enough as the other bowlers were carted all over the place and were left red faced with regards to their bowling efforts
PMCC has managed to pull off a heist courtesy Mohsin Ali! They keep their semi-finals hope alive!
UPDATE: PMCC are on 126/7 after 9 overs. Need 2 runs in 6 balls
We are facing some technical difficulties! We will be back with ball by ball commentary soon!
Pressure going through the GCC camp as they fail to stop a bulldozing Mohsin Ali from scoring. They have also been slapped with a 5 run penalty as the ball went on to hit the helmet. Pak Montcada are on 108/6 after 8 overs and need 20 runs in 12 balls. Its their game to lose from here on
7.6 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, full-length ball, works it away to the legside to take a single.
7.5 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, full-length ball, tries to smash it to the offside and misses.
7.4 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, full-length ball outside off, works it for a single to deep cover.
7.4 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, another wide on the off-side, the bowler is under tremendous pressure!
7.4 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, sprays it wide outside off and it's wide again!
7.3 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, full-length ball, tries to smash it to the legside but gets a bottom edge to the keeper.
7.3 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, sprays it wide down the legside and it has raced away to the boundary! Pressure on the bowler!
7.2 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, SIX! That's his 50 in 12 balls! Full-length outside off and it's been smoked over the long off boundary! Gets the ball full and at his disposal to whack it high and handsome to bring up his 50 in style.
7.1 Trilochan Singh to Mohsin Ali, SIX! Mohsin is not done yet! Full-length again and he has clobbered it over the deep mid-wicket boundary.
PMCC are on 83/6. The team will welcome Ali with garlands for his fight here as he gets the required runs from 65 runs in 24 balls to 45 runs in 18 balls. 
6.6 Paramjit Singh to Asjad Butt, full-length on the stumps, Asjad has smashed it in the gap through the long on area.
6.5 Paramjit Singh to Mohsin Ali, full-length ball, misses to connect this one and the ball brushes his pad to short fine leg.
6.4 Paramjit Singh to Mohsin Ali, touch shorter outside off, doesn't get the timing right but the power in the shot has sent it over the long on boundary.
6.3 Paramjit Singh to Mohsin Ali, SIX! That has disappeared! Full outside off, Mohsin loves it as he smokes it over the deep mid-wicket boundary.
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