148/8 (20)
115/10 (18)
JMT won by 33 runs.
Player of the match: Mohammad Nabi
Right then. The Jamaica Tallawahs have booked their spot for the Qualifier 2 against the Guyana Amazon Warriors tomorrow night. As for Saint Lucia Kings, they've booked their flight tickets for home. There are just two games to go in the tournament with Barbados Royals awaiting tomorrow's winner in the final. Join us tomorrow, same place, same time, to find out who the Royals will face in the finals. For now, this is Pratyush, signing off on behalf of my partner, Pragadeesh. See ya!
Rovman Powell: It's a very important night. A lot of credit goes to the boys. We were in some trouble but once I came out, we knew we could have a good game on with 140-145. It wasn't spinning much but was up and down. We told the bowlers to keep it stump-to-stump. Imad, Green and Nabi, the way they came and executed was fantastic. We are ready (for the final). We're expecting a full house but we are not focusing on that. We just need to keep improving. If we bat well in the first ten overs, then we'll be on our way.

Faf du Plessis: Tips on how to play that would be nice (his dismissal). The last two overs got a bit too expensive on that wicket, giving them a little momentum. Think we conceded 32 runs in the last two overs. We pulled it back in the first six overs but from there, but then it faded away. (Thought about Wiese for the final over?) I did, but Kesrick is very experienced and I banked on him to come good tonight. Sometimes, it happens. Good innings from Nabi, it was probably not our day. (Positives from the tournament) The opening stands as the most successful for us. I think Johnson Charles was great. He's always been a guy that has a good player in him but this year he was on another level. Where we lacked was through the middle in bat, and let ourselves down with our combinations. In the bowling, Alzarri Joseph has been a huge plus. He came out with the full bag of tricks and could be a huge plus for the West Indies at the World Cup.
Mohammad Nabi (Man of the Match): We performed well after a long time on the field, it feels really good. The wicket wasn't that easy. I took a little time to target the bowlers in the last two overs to help us post a good total on this wicket. The plan was to bowl wicket-to-wicket and it helped us. The wicket was two-paced, skidding first and staying low and high other times. It was an amazing crowd when we played against Guyana last time, hopefully, we will deliver against them tomorrow
Jamaica Tallawahs win by 33 runs

Shamarh Brooks - 47 (31) | Mohammad Nabi - 3/10
Faf du Plessis - 41 (26) | David Wiese - 3/19

Rovman Powell, the Tallawahs captain punches the air in delight as his side manages to steal victory from the jaws of defeat. The Kings huffed and puffed throughout this game and had the upper hand after winning the toss, putting the opponents under pressure. If it wasn't for Mohammad Nabi's cameo at the backend of Jamaica's innings, this contest would have been over a while ago.

Having gathered all the momentum at the backend of the first innings, the Tallawahs gave themselves a fighting total to defend. And didn't they fight to defend it in the end? Giving it their all, the side responded strongly despite a solid start from the Kings.

Amir drew first blood to dismiss Charles before Powell unleashed a trial by spin on the Kings. Green was economical as usual, but it was Wasim and Fabian Allen that had the opponents tangled up as they kept chipping away at regular intervals. 

Apart from Faf du Plessis, only two other batters from the Kings line up got to double-digit figures. While the two left-arm spinners ran riot in the middle, one could simply not keep Mohammad Nabi out of the action. The Afghanistan captain found close to his best form with bat and ball, scoring an unbeaten 31 and bagging 3 wickets in a player of the match performance.

His knock proved to be the difference between the two sides in the end. It was a bit of a procession by the end for the Kings as they stuttered from 61-4 to being bundled out for 115. The captains will have a bit to reflect on, so stick around for the presentations.
Alzarri Joseph is absolutely disgusted with what his partner has just done. Throwing it away to hand the Jamaica Tallawahs a win that seemed unlikely at one stage. 
115 /10 score
cricket bat icon Alzarri Joseph
28 (18)
cricket bat icon Kesrick Williams *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Amir
2 /34
17.6 Mohammad Amir to Kesrick Williams, OUT! Amir gets the final wicket and Powell punches the air thrice in delight. The Tallawahs will face the Warriors in qualifier 2 tomorrow. This one is pitched up angling across off, Williams tries to drive from the crease, gets an outside edge and the keeper takes a regulation catch. Delight for Powell and disappointment for Joseph, who shakes his head
17.5 Mohammad Amir to Alzarri Joseph, attempts a wide yorker outside off, Joseph throws his bat and drives it past extra cover. One run
17.4 Mohammad Amir to Alzarri Joseph, SIX MORE! TOP SHOT SHOUTS IAN BISHOP. This one is shorter angling into the body, Joseph uses the pace and pulls this one over fine leg
17.3 Mohammad Amir to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR MORE! Length delivery angling across off, Joseph slices this one over backward point and the ball beats third man to his right and goes to the fence
17.2 Mohammad Amir to Alzarri Joseph, hits the deck hard around middle and off, Joseph misses the pull as the ball hits him on the fore-arm
17.1 Mohammad Amir to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR! Slightly fuller delivery into the pads, Joseph turns it away past short fine leg and gets a boundary
Mohammad Amir [2.0-0-19-1] is back into the attack

This game's tapering away towards its conclusion and the Kings will need a miracle to rescue it from here on. As it stands, Mohammad Nabi's innings is proving to be the difference between the two sides.
100 /9 score
cricket bat icon Alzarri Joseph
13 (13)
cricket bat icon Kesrick Williams *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Nabi
3 /10
16.6 Mohammad Nabi to Kesrick Williams, slower through the air outside off-stump, Williams defends it on the front foot
16.5 Mohammad Nabi to Alzarri Joseph, quicker delivery into the pads, Joseph flicks it down to mid-wicket and takes a run
Kesrick Williams, RHB, comes to the crease
16.4 Mohammad Nabi to Jeavor Royal, OUT! Keeps this wider and fuller outside off-stump, Royal gives room tries to play an inside out shot but ends up slicing it straight to the fielder stationed at sweeper cover.
Jeavor Royal c Shamarh Brooks b Mohammad Nabi 3 (6b 0x4 0x6)
16.3 Mohammad Nabi to Alzarri Joseph, short of a length delivery outside off, Joseph pulls it towards mid-wicket for a single. He hurries for a quick single but Nabi fails to collect the ball
16.2 Mohammad Nabi to Jeavor Royal, quicker and fuller at 100.1 kph, Royal drills it towards long-off and gets a single