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SC Europa Cricket 106/5 (10 ov)
SG Findorff E.V. 107/3 (8.1 ov)
SG Findorff E.V. won by 7 wickets
SG Findorff EV win by seven wickets and eleven balls to spare.

A dominating batting performance from SG Findorff EV saw them chase down the total of 107 runs with complete ease. As much as 80 runs were scored off the first five overs, which more or less sealed their victory by the half-way stay. Captain and opener Hamid Wardak top-scored 46 runs off 17 balls while claimed two wickets.

Earlier, SC Europa Cricket started badly after opting to bat first and lost their first wicket quickly. However, Sahel Darwesh and DK Aryubi stabilised the innings with a brilliant partnership. For SG Findorff EV, Jeevan Bhatt claimed two wickets.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Aakash Arya and Habil Ahmed signing off.
8.1 I Khan to F Amirie, pitched at a good length and the batsman hits that up in the air and towards long off. It is put down in the deep by the captain, Sahel Darwesh. Batsman run across for a single to finish the match!
8.1 I Khan to A Khalid, pitched outside leg. And they scramble through for a single as the umpire signals a wide. Scores are level!
SG Findorff EV 104 runs for three wickets after eight overs. Need three runs off the final 12 balls.
7.6 A Sharma to A Khalid, another flighted delivery and he plays that down to long on for a single.
7.5 A Sharma to A Khalid, loopy full toss again. Hit to midwicket but no run.
7.4 A Sharma to F Amirie, another loopy one and the batsman hits that one the half-volley down to long off for one run. 
7.3 A Sharma to F Amirie, another loopy ball. Amirie takes it on the full toss and absolutely pummels it over the bowler's head for a HUUUUUGE six!
7.2 A Sharma to A Khalid, slightly short and that is punched to deep midwicket for a single.
7.1 A Sharma to F Amirie, loooooopy delivery and that is played past the bowler to long off for a single.
SG Findorff EV 94 runs for three wickets after seven overs. Need 13 runs off the final 18 balls.
6.6 A Khan to A Khalid, Khalid looks to play the ramp shot off a straight delivery. They take two down to fine leg.
6.5 A Khan to A Khalid, slightly loopy and over pitched. He smashes that towards long on and it goes through the captain's hands for six runs!
6.4 A Khan to A Khalid, he plays a paddle sweep towards fine leg for a couple. Good running!
6.3 A Khan to F Amirie, closer to off stump this time but it is steered to point for a quick single
6.2 A Khan to A Khalid, at a similar line outside off and he guides that to short third man for a single.
6.1 A Khan to A Khalid, swing and a miss outside off.
SG Findorff EV 82 runs for three wickets after six overs. Need 25 runs off the final 24 balls.
5.6 A Sharma to F Amirie, loopy delivery but he just defends that.
5.5 A Sharma to A Dawodzy, straighter ball this time. He gets under it and he hits that up in the air towards the long on boundary, It is taken comfortably by the man in the deep
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