Pakistanska Foreningen 99/6 (10 ov)
SMI 67/5 (10 ov)
Pakistanska Foreningen won by 32 runs.
Pakistanska Foreningen trump Stockholm Mumbai Indians by 32 runs!

Never was a PF win doubt with captain Ali Khan starring with both bat and ball (37 off 26 and 3/13). Although SMI had wickets-in-hand, they lacked aggression with the chase never really kicking on! Darshan Lakhani (14 off 9) did hit a couple of boundaries in the fifth over but had to depart soon after. A thoroughly professional performance by PF, who reinstate their stature as one of the favourites to win it all!

That brings us to the end of the Day 1 coverage of the ECS T10 Super Series. The T10 bandwagon continues tomorrow with five more matches scheduled in Stockholm. Do join us for what promises to be another exciting day of cricketing action. Until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy, along with my partner, Habil Ahmed, signing off!
9.6 V Waqqas to S Mahajan, plays that over the bowler down to long off for a single to end the innings and the match
9.5 V Waqqas to S Mahajan, flatter, straighter and right through the batsman and he's BOWLED! Mahajan looks to go ariel but Waqqas strikes with a length ball! Has been the story of the day for SMI!
9.4 V Waqqas to S Mahajan, slow, loopy full toss but the batsman is unable to connect with it
9.4 V Waqqas to S Mahajan, swing and a miss but it is far enough outside off to be called a wide
9.3 V Waqqas to S Mahajan, swings it into the off side and they get two from a midfield in the end
9.2 V Waqqas to S Kaklij, straighter this time and it is played to long on for one. Another run added!
9.1 V Waqqas to S Kaklij, outside off and he smashes through covers for four runs. A welcome boundary for Kaklij!
8.6 A Khan to S Kaklij, flatter this time and he comes down the track only to hit it towards the long on fielder for a single.
57/4 after 9 overs! SMI needs 43 off 6 balls! Pakistanska have this in the bag!
8.5 A Khan to S Kaklij, slower and shorter this time. Misses with the attempt to cut
8.5 A Khan to R Dhage, slow loopy full toss and the batsman tries to hit that for six to deep square leg but he only finds the fielder down there. Ali gets his third wicket of the day! What a game he is having here!
8.4 A Khan to R Dhage, bowled on off stump and he plays it late for a couple there. Good running between the wickets!
8.3 A Khan to S Kaklij, slower ball and a premeditated switch hit only brings them one run
8.2 A Khan to S Kaklij, straighter and he hits that over extra cover for four runs. A sight for sore eyes this shot as he plays the inside-out shot to perfection. 
8.1 A Khan to R Dhage, on leg stump and he turns it away for a single.
49/3 after 8 overs! SMI needs 51 off 12 balls! 
7.6 Z Aslam to R Dhage, swing towards the legside but he only gets one run off a leg bye. Looks to get it past the fine-leg fielder but doesn't get hold of that one!
7.5 Z Aslam to R Dhage, too far outside off and it is called a wide
7.5 Z Aslam to R Dhage, played over the umpire's head for a couple down to long on in the end. Moves on to 4*
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