83/5 (10)
62/5 (10)
KAM won by 21 runs.
Player of the match: Asief Hoseinbaks
SV Kampong Cricket won by 21 runs!

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Right then, the defending champions will be gutted but they surely have a lot to reflect up for the coming season. Kampong are elated for now but they will surely regroup and sort things out for the finals which they will be playing in just over an hours time from now.
The pressure of the required run rate just kept creeping up and the defending champions just couldn't recover from the initial blows. Towards the end, the wickets just kept tumbling and Kampong bowlers were having a fantastic outing in the middle.
Dutt fired away a couple of boundaries but lost his wicket in trying to hit the third boundary in a row. Two new batters were out in the middle for Sparta. However, Sparta batters were struggling and Kampong bowlers kept things considerably tight.
Dutt fired off against Pierre in the fourth over and provided the acceleration for Sparta. However, Musa at the other was struggling as at the halfway stage he had added just 2 runs to the total facing 10 balls. Musa in the sixth over was put out of misery.
Coming into chase 84 runs, Sparta did not have a best of starts as they lost their skipper Tarr quite early in the chase. Musa and the new man in Dutt were very cautious as they just saw off the opening bowlers. It was good for them as they did not want to lose any more wickets.
Kampong believe, Bilal believes!! Sparta are now knocked out of this tournament. The defending champions crash out after losing four games on the trot including this one. It will be Kampong vs Veni Vedi Vici for the finals!!
62 /5 score
cricket bat icon Manin Singh
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Prithviraj Balwant Singh *
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Rana Bilal Siddique
1 /4
9.6 Bilal Siddique to Prithvi Balwantsingh, the defending champions have been eliminated! Angled into a full length on middle and leg, Prithvi comes forward to whip it along the ground in front of square on the leg-side and a single is what caps off a sorry run chase for Sparta Cricket 1888! What a moment for SV Kampong Cricket - they win by 21 runs and qualify for the final of the ECS T10 Capelle 2021!
9.5 Bilal Siddique to Prithvi Balwantsingh, BEATEN! Hits a good length at the stumps, Prithvi's feet are going nowhere as he has a wild hoick across the line in vain with the ball going over the stumps.
9.4 Bilal Siddique to Manin Singh, short of a length and angled into leg-stump, Manin helps his pull over the backward square leg region before the fielder picks up to his right as the batters cross over.
9.3 Bilal Siddique to Prithvi Balwantsingh, short of a length and following the batter as he steps out upon making room, Prithvi swivels to help it over backward square leg but the ball pins him on the thigh pads before deflecting towards backward square leg for a leg bye.
Prithvi Balwantsingh, RHB comes out next. He will be at the non-striker's end as the batters managed to cross!!
9.2 Bilal Siddique to Asief Hoseinbaks, OUT! ASIEF HOLES OUT! The skipper pouches it and isn't he elated! Low full toss at the stumps and Asief comes forward before the bat turns in his hand as he smears it on the up and straight into the hands of Malik at short extra cover. Four sixes needed to tie the game now!
9.1 Bilal Siddique to Asief Hoseinbaks, DOT BALL! Fired right into the pads outside off as Asief plonks his front foot way across his stumps for a whip across the line but he plays all around it. This game is slipping away!
Bilal Siddique comes on to bowl the final over.
The chances of the defending champions of European Cricket Series - ECS T10 Capelle are on the ropes now. Sparta need to score 25 runs from the last 6 balls to make it through to the finals. It will be a miracle if they do but surely is not possible.
59 /4 score
cricket bat icon Asief Hoseinbaks
6 (8)
cricket bat icon Manin Singh *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Alexander Roy
1 /15
8.6 Alexander Roy to Manin Singh, short and angled well away from the batter outside off, Manin walks across and chops his pull into the surface before it dribbles just behind the stumps. Sparta need 25 off the final over!