76/5 (10)
79/1 (6.4)
SWE won by 9 wickets
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Sweden 79/1 in 6.4 overs beat Luxembourg by 9 wickets with 3.2 overs to spare.

With two monster hits from the bat of Imal Zuwak Sweden reach the target in just 6.4 overs with 9 wickets remaining. Safe to say Sweden dished out a proper thumping to Luxembourg. A target of 77 was never going to be difficult for Sweden. Swedish opener Rahel Khan played a match-winning knock of 40 from 24 balls and remained not-out. He got good support from Imal Zuwak who played a good cameo scoring 26 from just 8 deliveries. Not much to write about the bowling efforts of Luxembourg bowlers. Harpal Singh was the only wicket-taking bowler. Every other bowler struggled as they did not have many runs to play with. 

Earlier in the day, it was largely a conservative show from the Luxembourg batters. Just two fours and five sixes were hit from all of the Luxembourg batters in 10 overs. The top scorer for Luxembourg was their captain Tony Whiteman who scored an unbeaten 34 from 18 deliveries. The next high scorer was the extras as there were 11 of them. The numbers clearly highlighting the struggle of the Luxembourg batters. Sweden bowlers enjoyed their time under the sun. They bowled tight lines and lengths to not let any of the batters play big shots. In terms of wickets, Rahel Khan was the best bowler as he picked two wickets. There was a wicket each for Qudratullah Mir Afzal, Oktai Gholami, and Azam Khalil.

6.4 Ansh Trivedi to Imal Zuwak, full delivery, Imal comes down and lofts it gun barrel straight for a maximum. SIX!! That is it, Sweden seal a nine-wicket victory with 20 balls to spare
6.3 Ansh Trivedi to Imal Zuwak, length delivery, Imal muscles it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. SIX!!
6.2 Ansh Trivedi to Rahel Khan, length delivery outside-off, Rahel looks to guide it to third-man but he misses it. The keeper also fumbles while the batsmen take a bye
6.1 Ansh Trivedi to Rahel Khan, length delivery, Rahel pushes it to short mid-wicket. No run
6.1 Ansh Trivedi to Rahel Khan, full and down the leg-side, WIDE called
A. Trivedi to bowl. 
A big big over for Sweden as they get 21 runs off it. Rahel Khan blasting two huge sixes and Imal Zuwak following the footsteps of his batting partner and sending one ball out of the park. 
65 /1 score
cricket bat icon Rahel Khan *
40 (22)
cricket bat icon Imal Zuwak
14 (6)
cricket ball icon Harpal Singh
1 /22
5.6 Harpal Singh to Rahel Khan, full and turning away, Rahel looks to flick but he gets a leading edge towards point. Single taken
5.5 Harpal Singh to Imal Zuwak, short delivery, Imal pulls it wide of long-on for a single
Third six of the over! Harpal Singh has bowled an expensive spell so far. Safe to say the match is now beyond Luxembourg. 
5.4 Harpal Singh to Imal Zuwak, full and flighted, Imal smacks it way over long-on for a maximum. SIX!!!
5.3 Harpal Singh to Rahel Khan, Rahel comes down and lofts it to long-on where the fielder drops the catch. Single taken
2 in 2! 
5.2 Harpal Singh to Rahel Khan, SIX MORE!! Full outside-off, Rahel lofts it over deep extra-cover for a maximum.
5.1 Harpal Singh to Rahel Khan, Rahel comes down and tonks the full-toss way over long-on for a maximum. SIX!!
Harpal Singh to bowl. 
Nine runs off the over. Whiteman had conceded just three singles from the first five balls, but the last delivery of the over was poor and Zuwak smashed the ball straight down the ground for a huge six. Sweden now need 27 runs from 30 balls.