199/4 (20)
187/6 (20)
FBA won by 12 runs.
Player of the match: Shakib Al Hasan
A brilliant match we've got to witness as Barishal qualifies for the playoffs with that win. The action continues in the BPL with three spots still left to be decided. That's all from this game and if you're still up for some action, do not hesitate to switch tabs and follow our thrill-a-minute coverage of the ECL T10. But until next time, this is Dwijesh Reddy signing off. Good bye and Take Care!
Shakib al Hasan is the man-of-the-match for his all-round performance

Shakib al Hasan: 
Munim and Chris did well and especially Gayle, who has to keep his ego away and bat through the innings. With dew, we knew it will be difficult to defend. But with 200 on the board, the oppositions need to keep scoring and in the end, our bowlers did well. I think we are improving steadily and this is what we want to do. We are happy at the top of the table and hope to continue this way.
Ravi Bopara (Sylhet captain): We got off to a good start and were favourites at the halfway mark. But Barishal has quality in their attack with Shakib and Mujeeb taking wickets in the middle overs regularly. The best place to bat in Bangladesh is at the top of the order. For someone like Ingram, he should be batting at the top given his ball-striking ability. The lower-order was good today but we conceded 10-15 runs more than what we would have liked.
Fortune Barishal beats Sylhet Sunrisers by 12 runs!

What a win for Barishal, who continue to show why they are the team to beat in this competition. They had to overcome a sensational knock from Colin Ingram, who seemed like doing no wrong out in the middle. Ingram strolled his way to a 49-ball 90 although he didn't get much help from the other batters.

Mohammad Mithun held fort for some time but his untimely dismissal along with Bopara's departure spelt trouble for the Sunrisers. Credit must be given to Shakib al Hasan, the captain who held his nerve and opted to bowl himself out to get rid of Bopara. However, he reserved his best for Ingram with the introduction of Shanto in the fifteenth over resulting in two wickets, including that of Ingram, who looked like taking Sylhet home today.

Mosaddek and Alauddin flirted with the idea of chasing the target down with some flat sixes and clever boundaries. But in the end, the Barishal pacers did well to mix the pace and use the crease to their advantage. A brilliant win for Barishal, who continue to be a force to reckon with while defending totals. As for Sylhet, this should spell the end to their playoff hopes.
187 /6 score
cricket bat icon Alauddin Babu *
22 (12)
cricket bat icon Aks Swadhin
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Dwayne Bravo
2 /42
19.6 Dwayne Bravo to Alauddin Babu, FOUR! A length ball bowled on middle and leg, Babu pulls it over fine-leg for another boundary but Barishal won't mind as they complete a 12-run win over Sylhet, who are out of the running for a top-four finish!
19.5 Dwayne Bravo to Aks Swadhin, a length ball bowled on middle and leg, Swadhin heaves it into the leg-side but only for a single
Aks Swadhin, RHB, is the new man in
19.4 Dwayne Bravo to Mosaddek Hossain, BOWLED! That is a Bravo special! A slower ball bowled at a length, on middle and off, Mosaddek is lured into the shot and is cleaned up in the process!

Mosaddek Hossain b Dwayne Bravo 34[21b, 4x4,2x6]
19.3 Dwayne Bravo to Mosaddek Hossain, FOUR! A slower ball bowled outside off, Mosaddek waits and carves it away towards sweeper cover for a boundary. Sylhet are in it. Just!
19.2 Dwayne Bravo to Mosaddek Hossain, YORKER! A wide yorker bowled outside off, Mosaddek cannot get his bat down in time and ends up missing it
19.1 Dwayne Bravo to Alauddin Babu, a pin-point yorker on off-stump, Babu digs it out and comes through for a single
19.1 Dwayne Bravo to Alauddin Babu, WIDE! A short ball bowled down the leg-side. A wide given. Sylhet wouldn't mind
Dwayne Bravo [3-0-31-1] is back into the attack

Sylhet Sunrisers need 24 runs in 6 balls!

It is down the final six balls! The odds are still in Barishal's favour but you never know. If Babu can nail a few big hits early in the over, it is surely game on! Bravo is the man for Barishal!
176 /5 score
cricket bat icon Mosaddek Hossain *
30 (18)
cricket bat icon Alauddin Babu
17 (10)
cricket ball icon Ziaur Rahman
0 /26
18.6 Ziaur Rahman to Mosaddek Hossain, FOUR! A length ball bowled outside off, Hossain shuffles and flicks it past the fine-leg fielder for another boundary
18.5 Ziaur Rahman to Mosaddek Hossain, FOUR! Finally, Mosaddek gets one through the backward point region. A slower one bowled outside off, Mosaddek shuffles and plays the dab fine off the backward point region for a boundary. Can he back it up with a six?
18.4 Ziaur Rahman to Alauddin Babu, a length ball bowled on middle and off, Babu gets a leading edge over the bowler's head for a single
18.3 Ziaur Rahman to Alauddin Babu, SNORTER! A short ball bowled into the batter, who is taken aback and can only duck underneath. More importantly, a dot ball
18.2 Ziaur Rahman to Mosaddek Hossain, a slower ball bowled full outside off, Mosaddek guides it to backward point for a single