115/3 (10)
99/5 (10)
LET won by 16 runs.
Player of the match: Mudassar Iqbal
Righ then. That's all we have from this encounter. There's another ECS game, not far away. Switch tabs to catch all the live action from that one. This has been Pratyush, signing off on behalf of my partner, Soorya. See ya! 
Koln CC win by 15 runs

Mudassar Iqbal - 57 (30) | Daljeet Singh - 2/17
Manav Panwar - 59* (27) | Akshay Dhani - 1/13

Lemgo had that game in the bag from start to finish. It was one of the more one-sided contests we've seen in this tournament so far. Lemgo posted a massive total on the board after batting first, courtesy of Mudassar Iqbal's gritty half-century and a cameo from Hasan Ali, dismantling the Koln bowling unit.

In reply, the Koln batters were blown away with a mountain to climb in the run chase. Manav Panwar was the lone warrior with his half-century and the only positive for his side in this contest. Apart from that, none of the batters managed to put a dent on the target.

Daljeet Singh ran riot in the powerplay to dismiss Dhani and Ahmed in his first over, derailing the Koln run chase in the process. Ankit Tomar and Navjot Singh also picked up a wicket each, while Mudassar Iqbal rounded up his man of the match performance with a wicket as well.

All in all, it was a complete performance by the Lemgo players as they bag the two points in this contest. That helps them move up to third place with six points on the points table.
99 /5 score
cricket bat icon Manav Panwar *
58 (27)
cricket bat icon Dwarak Sekar
15 (7)
cricket ball icon Daljeet Singh
2 /16
9.6 Daljeet Singh to Manav Panwar, FOUR! CHEEKY! It's been a terrific knock this from Panwar but if he only had some support at the other end. Shuffles well across his stumps and sits low to lap this full length delivery fine around the corner to clear the infield as it races to the ropes. But it's Lemgo who prevail by 16 runs!
9.5 Daljeet Singh to Manav Panwar, very full at the stumps, Panwar clears his front leg and swings on the up to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. But helloooo - there's a short run called and if anything, sums up the chase for Koln CC!
9.4 Daljeet Singh to Manav Panwar, full length delivery outside off, Panwar swings hard but spews it off the splice to backward point instead.
9.3 Daljeet Singh to Manav Panwar, DROPPED AGAIN! Dear oh dear! Full length delivery at the stumps and Panwar sits low to lap it fine. Doesn't go fine enough though as deep backward square lunges forward with a dive, only to let it burst through his palms instead.
9.2 Daljeet Singh to Manav Panwar, DROPPED! Short of a length just outside off, Panwar stands tall and flat-bats it back to the bowler who tips it over the crossbar on his follow through. Panwar farms the strike and rightfully so, you'd think!
Right then. Five balls to go. Four sixes needed to win this game.
9.1 Daljeet Singh to Dwarak Sekar, length delivery outside off and Sekar miscues his thump over the covers. Falls well short of the fielder in the deep as Panwar gets back on strike.
Daljeet Singh [1.0-0-8-2] is back for the final over
Well, it's not done yet. Is it improbable? Yes. Impossible? No. Panwar's fighting a lone battle but he won't be on strike for the start of the final over. 25 runs needed!
91 /5 score
cricket bat icon Manav Panwar *
51 (22)
cricket bat icon Dwarak Sekar
14 (6)
cricket ball icon Navjot Singh
1 /24
8.6 Navjot Singh to Manav Panwar, FOUR MORE! FIFTY FOR PANWAR! He's fought a valiant battle today! Loads of width offered on this back of a length delivery and he reaches out to use his wrists and power it up and over point to pick out the fence yet again. What a knock this has been!
8.5 Navjot Singh to Manav Panwar, FOUR! WELL DONE! Sits low again as he walks across his stumps to get inside the line of this full length delivery. He swipes it fine around the corner and sends it on its way to the ropes.
Ouch, indeed! That one stung him on the rib. Some magic spray should do the trick!
8.4 Navjot Singh to Manav Panwar, OUCH! Full length delivery at the stumps and Panwar sits low looking to clobber it out of sight. He's through the shot a tad early though and cops a nasty one on his ribcage as he's down wincing in pain as a result. Out comes the physio to tend to him!
8.3 Navjot Singh to Manav Panwar, FOUR! THUMPED! Short in length outside off and he stands tall to absolutely clobber it down the ground with a flat-batted smash. On the bounce and over the fence as Panwar continues on the charge!
8.2 Navjot Singh to Manav Panwar, SIX! MOUSSED! Short and well outside off, sits up to be put away and Panwar stands tall to slap it disdainfully over sweeper cover who can only watch it sail over for a thunderous maximum!
8.1 Navjot Singh to Manav Panwar, FOUR! Wide of off on a very full length, Panwar sits low and opens the face to guide it late past short third man. Expertly played as he pockets another boundary.