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USG Chemnitz 84/8 (10 ov)
Berlin Eagles CC 64/6 (10 ov)
USG Chemnitz won by 20 runs.
This has been some comeback by USG Chemnitz. They were down and out as the Berlin Eagles were cruising through to a comfortable victory but still managed to drag things back. They have won by 20 runs courtesy a remarkable collapse at the rear-end.

BECC started off in a positive fashion - not overly aggressive and not immensely cautious either. They kept things nice and simple and looked to be waltzing along towards the victory line from the very start of the innings. Younis Ahmadzai was the pick of the batsmen for his pleasing knock of 20 runs. 

BECC needed another 32 runs from the last four overs with seven wickets in hand when things took a sudden shift. Rajesh Nagaraja bowled a superb over in which he conceded just three runs to bring the RRR in the vicinity of 10. Miraculously, only 7 runs were leaked in the subsequent two overs as a flurry of wickets and dot-balls stunned BECC. USGC had come right on top all of a sudden and with 22 needed off the last over, A Chougale managed to choke BECC, ending their innings on 64/6.

That's all from Match 2 of the ECS Dresden T10 competition. Thank you for joining Sportskeeda's live coverage for this game and ciao from Momin and Abhinav!
9.6 A Chougale to B Khan, back of length delivery, Khan goes back in his crease and lifts the ball over bowlers head to long on for a single!
9.5 A Chougale to Omkar Patil, WICKET, full, slow and on the stumps, Patil tried muscling the ball and played away from the line and white KOOKABURRA crashes onto Patil's middle stump! Horror 5 balls for him here
9.4 A Chougale to Omkar Patil, full ball on the fourth stump line and Patil cannot put bat on ball!
9.3 A Chougale to Omkar Patil, full ball, was in the slot to be hit away but the batsman used the horizontal bat and missed the line of the ball completely
9.2 A Chougale to Omkar Patil, another ball banged in short and Patil has no answer for that delivery, BECC have got themselves in a hole!
9.1 A Chougale to Omkar Patil, back of length delivery outside off and batsman plays away from his body, DOT ball!
This has been an incredible, game-changing over from Abdul Basir, only two runs given from it and BECC now have a towering task ahead. They need 22 runs off 6 deliveries and it's slipping away briskly!
8.6 Abdul Basir to K Zaman, CASTLED, Basir steams in hard and fast and bowls a whipping yorker and crashes onto Zaman's middle stump and uproots it! FIERY PACE bowling from Basir!
8.5 Abdul Basir to K Zaman, bowled in the blockhole this time and the batsman misses to get the bat down in time! DOT!
8.4 Abdul Basir to K Zaman, back of length delivery, rises up sharply and it is too quick and steep for the batsman
8.3 Abdul Basir to K Zaman, short of length and the ball really jagged in sharply! Zaman was nowhere near that shot or ball!
22 runs needed off 10 balls
8.2 Abdul Basir to Omkar Patil, length ball, hits the batsman on arms and they steal a single
8.1 Abdul Basir to K Zaman, full ball and missed by the batsman, keeper inflicts a direct hit but not out given
Turns out the bowler bowled only 5 balls in the over
7.5 Rajesh Nagaraja to K Zaman, full ball, comes in sharply and the batsman misses the cut yet again
7.4 Rajesh Nagaraja to K Zaman, full ball, batsman sweeps the ball straight onto his pads
7.4 Rajesh Nagaraja to K Zaman, another ball bowled outside off, WIDE
7.3 Rajesh Nagaraja to O Patil, flighted delivery, dragged to deep midwicket for a single
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