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BSV Britannia 110/2 (10 ov)
USG Chemnitz 59/8 (10 ov)
BSV Britannia won by 51 runs.
BSV Britannia beat USG Chemnitz by 51 runs
Sanish Goyal was in blistering from and that helped the BSVB cross the 100 mark despite a relatively slow first couple of overs. Adith Narayanan and Abdul Basir both bowling very good economical spells but BSVB still managed to put up a good total on the board.

In the chase USGC  were nowhere close to victory as their innings fell apart. BSVB were tight and bowled good line and length to restrict the opposition to  59-8 in their quota of 10 overs.  Waleed Ahmed picking up 3 wickets for just 4 runs in his quota of 2 overs. While all the other bowlers too bowled tight spells and all but 1 bowler picking up wickets. 

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the game between the USG Chemnitz and BSV Britannia. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Azhar and alongside me, Pradeep signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 N Das to A Narayanan, well bowled to end the match! but keeper makes a mess as Adith misses it and they steal a bye! All over for USG Chemnitz, this was a sorry effort from them and they fell short of 51 runs!
9.6 N Das to A Narayanan, WIDE on the off stump!
9.6 N Das to A Dinesh, fuller delivery this time and Arul just dabs that to mid on for a single!
9.5 N Das to A Dinesh, tries to heave that one and misses it completely!
9.4 N Das to A Dinesh, fuller delivery this time and Sandeep tries to scamper for a single, but the striker is not interested and Nithin whips the bails off and Sandeep is out RUN OUT!
9.3 N Das to A Dinesh, Arul lets that one go to the keeper!
9.2 N Das to S Shivalingegowda, hits that towards long on for a single!
9.1 N Das to A Basir, OUT! Basir goes trying to score a few runs, he's hold out at deep square leg, Basir goes!
USGC are 54/6 after the 9th over. BSVB are just an over away from victory. 
8.6 S Chintanippu to S Shivalingegowda, lower full toss and Sandeep hits it out towards long off fielder for a single!
8.5 S Chintanippu to S Shivalingegowda, short and wide but Sandeep lets it go as he thought it would've been a wide!
8.4 S Chintanippu to A Basir, good yorker this time and Basir digs it out for a single!
8.3 S Chintanippu to A Basir, Basir makes room and fails to connect a fuller length delivery this time, gets beaten!
8.2 S Chintanippu to S Shivalingegowda, slower delivery and Sandeep just hits that towards long on for a single!
8.1 S Chintanippu to A Basir, short and hurried on to the batsman, Basir misses it, that's a legbye!
USGC are 49/6 after the 8th over. Nowhere close to the target 
7.6 K Shouradhya to S Shivalingegowda, makes room for himself to cut it, that was a slower one, gets beaten, poor wicket keeping there and he lets it go, four runs!
7.5 K Shouradhya to A Basir, slower delivery this time but Bashir couldn't make good contact as he tried to heave it, just a single!
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