VFB Fallersleben 77/6 (10 ov)
KSV Cricket 79/1 (6.4 ov)
KSV Cricket won by 9 wickets
Hope you enjoyed our coverage of Match 5 in the ECS Kummerfeld T10 league. This is Shrey Gupta along with Nikhil Kulkarni, signing off! Stay safe and stay tuned to Sportskeeda for many such live-coverages! Until next time, it's good-bye from us! Ta ra!
Chasing 78 runs was not an issue for KSV batsmen as Shoaib took up the mantle and tore apart the VFB bowling attack! He didn't show any kind of mercy on the opposition bowlers and notched a half-century in no time, thus sealed the game for his team within 7 overs!
VFB, on their part, wasn't quite accurate in using their bowlers. They didn't use their slow bowlers at a time when they desperately needed a wicket, and as a result, KSV batsmen got settled, and took their team home!
Put in to bat first, VFB batsmen never looked in control! They were not getting their shots right and KSV bowlers tormented them as and when required! Although their bowling looked a bit disarrayed, they still managed to restrict VFB on a mere score of 77 runs!
That's the game for KSV! They have beaten VFB Fallersleben by 9 wickets! Comprehensive victory! Courtesy: Shoaib Azam and Asad Jan Dawoodkhel!
6.4 Satish to Saied, SIX!. In the slot full-length delivery, He has smashed it to deep mid-wicket. Comprehensive win for KSV. They have won this game by 9 wickets!
6.3 Satish to Shoaib, He has swept it deep square leg
6.2 Satish to Shoaib, Swing and a Miss
6.1 Satish to Saied, Loopy ball on the offside, nudged to point for a single.
The game is almost there for KSV! 18 off that over! 7 needed off 24 balls!
5.6 Janardhan to Shoaib, Full length on offside was in the slot. He misses it
5.5 Janardhan to Saied, Short ball, Pulled away to square-leg for a single
5.4 Janardhan to Saied, FOUR! He has hit to deep mid-off, Poor fielding has resulted in a boundary. Not an inspirational effort in the outfield!
5.4 Janardhan to Shoaib, Wide ball, Keeper misses it, they take a single
5.3 Janardhan to Shoaib, SIX! Short ball on the offside and he has smacked it to long-ff for a huge six. Gets to his fifty. What an innings this has been! Sensational one!
5.2 Janardhan to Shoaib, FOUR! Short ball hammered to deep mid-wicket. Nothing left for VFB bowlers to try! This batsman is punishing every ball!
5.1 Janardhan to Saied, Hit to deep mid wicket
This over has almost sealed the game for KSV! Need 24 in 30 balls now!
4.6 Kaustubh to Shoaib, SIX! Great Shot!! Hammered to deep mid-wicket! Shoaib is taking his team home all alone!
4.5 Kaustubh to Shoaib, Short of a length, Swing and Miss
4.4 Kaustubh to Shoaib, Slower ball swung away from the offstump.
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