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Vienna Afghan CC 158/3 (10 ov)
Austria CC Wien 118/5 (10 ov)
Vienna Afghan CC won by 40 runs.
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Vienna Afghan CC
  • Noor Ahmadzai
  • Khybar Malyar
  • Aman Ahmadzai
  • Austria CC Wien
  • Lakmal Kasthuri
  • Iqbal Hossain
  • Farhan Mohideen
  • Key Points
  • Autria CC Wein finally had the taste of victory which had eluded it on the first two days of the tournament. It beat the Indian CC Vienna and might just have opened the door for a place in the knockouts if it wins its remaining two matches and certain results come in its favour.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    Vienna Afghan CC had a mixed bag yesterday as it lost one and won one. IT had to lose its number one spot to Pakistan but will have a chance to take it back by ousting the insipid Asutria CC Wein side which has won only single encounter over the course of 6 matches.
    Vienna Afghan CC beat Austria CC Wien by 40 runs! A huge victory to help them seal a spot in the next round of the tournament. 

     After winning the toss and choosing to bat first.They got off to a brilliant start and scored 158, a winnable total. Thanks to Aziz's century and a good first wicket stand. 

    Austria CC got of to a good start of 41/0 after two but Aziz once again came in as a hero picking up 2 wickets to break the stand and build pressure. The team continued their form in the end they win by 40 runs.

    That's all we have from this live coverage of the match as I,Azhar and my colleague Pradeep take your leave. Until next time take care! 
    9.6 Z Ibrahim to J Bahramkhil, tossed up and Jamil just managed to hit straight back to the bowler! This is a commanding victory for Vienna Afghan CC as they beat Austria CC by 40 runs! They have assured themselves a place in the knockouts!
    9.5 Z Ibrahim to L Kasthuri, OUT! Lakmal dances down the track and fails to make good contact and he holes out at long fielder's throat! Lakmal has to go!
    9.4 Z Ibrahim to S Gill, full delivery and gets ahead to push it towards cover for a single!
    9.3 Z Ibrahim to L Kasthuri, full delivery and Lakmal this time drills it immensely and they take a single!
    9.2 Z Ibrahim to L Kasthuri, full on the legstump and Lakmal makes room and lofts it over cover fielder, he doesn't want to take the run!
    9.1 Z Ibrahim to L Kasthuri, SIX! dances down the track and lofts it over cow corner boundary for a maximum!
    ACW are 44/2 after 9 overs.
    8.6 I Safi to S Gill, shuffles across the crease and the bowler follows him and Gill hits that straight to the square leg fielder and they take a quick single!
    8.5 I Safi to S Gill, FOUR! short and wide and Gill plays this deliberately towards third man and the races away to the boundary!
    8.4 I Safi to L Kasthuri, full on Lakmal and he gets bottom edge, they scamper for a single!
    8.3 I Safi to L Kasthuri, FOUR! short on the off stump and Lakmal delicately guided to the deep backward point region, beautiful shot that!
    8.2 I Safi to L Kasthuri, drives it straight back to the stumps on the other end, no run taken!
    8.1 I Safi to S Gill, similar delivery but this time it thuds full on Gill's pads, they scamper a single!
    8.1 I Safi to S Gill, full on the outside of legstump and umpire calls that as a WIDE!
    ACW are 99/4 after 8 overs. 60 required of 12. 10 sixes and ACW can take home the points
    7.6 N Ahmadzai to L Kasthuri, yorker length on outside of off stump and Lakmal fails to make any contact!
    7.5 N Ahmadzai to S Gill, full on Gill and he drives gently straight to the long off fielder, another single!
    7.4 N Ahmadzai to L Kasthuri, full toss on the legstump and Lakmal makes room to clear the gap, but only manages to get a single!
    7.3 N Ahmadzai to L Kasthuri, Lakmal walks across the crease to scoop it and makes no contact!
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