Vinohrady Blancos 66/4 (10 ov)
Vinohrady CC 64/5 (10 ov)
Vinohrady Blancos won by 2 runs.
Vinohrady Blancos win a thriller by two runs.
In reply to Vinohrady Blancos' 66 runs on the board,  Vinohrady Rossos made a calculative effort in their run-chase but still ended on the losing side. Siddarth Goud was the highest scorer for Rossos with 23 runs off 19 balls but Sirisena's herculean effort to save six runs in the last over helped Blancos win a thriller.

Put in to bat first, Vinohrady Blancos kept their wickets intact, but couldn't step on the run-rate and reached only 66 runs at the end of 10 overs. Wicket-keeper batsman Toby Haslam batted nicely and showed some urgency in his 21-ball 24-run unbeaten knock.  
This is Aakash Arya and my colleague, Habil Ahmed signing off. Take care and keep washing your hands!
9.6 A Sirisena to A Yousafzai, big swing into the deep and the man at deep midwicket has dropped it there. Yousafzai runs himself out in his attempt to make it back for two. He's gone, and the Rossos are beaten in a thrilling end to a wonderful game.
9.5 A Sirisena to A Yousafzai, swing and a miss! What an over this is from Sirisena!
9.4 A Sirisena to S Rakshit, big swing but he misses. The bowler doesn't miss, however. He's bowled 'em!
9.3 A Sirisena to E Knowles, single taken
9.2 A Sirisena to S Dalton, caught out in the deep as he tries to hit it over the square leg boundary
9.1 A Sirisena to E Knowles, outside off and he drives that towards the man at deep point for a single
Vinohrady Rossos 61 for two at the end of nine overs. Need six runs off six balls.
8.6 N Kumar to S Dalton, on the leg stump and he flicks that away into the legside for a couple of runs there.
8.5 N Kumar to E Knowles, played down to short cover and they run across for a quick single
8.4 N Kumar to E Knowles, comes down the ground and he punches it into the offside for a couple of runs. Good running between the wickets there
8.3 N Kumar to E Knowles, blocked back to the bowler
8.2 N Kumar to S Dalton, straight ball and it is played into the gap on the offside for a single
8.1 N Kumar to S Dalton, blocked back to the bowled
Vinohrady Rossos 55 for two at the end of eight overs. Need 12 runs off 12 balls.
7.6 A Sirisena to E Knowles, driven to short cover. Dot ball to end the over!
7.5 A Sirisena to T Sturmey, shorter and it is pulled into the legside. But the batsman walks back far enough to knock his bails over. He's out hit-wicket! Cannot be making mistakes like these at this level.
7.4 A Sirisena to S Dalton, fuller this time and he dabs that down to backward point for one
7.3 A Sirisena to S Dalton, in the air once again but this time it goes through the gap and it goes for four in the cover area!
7.2 A Sirisena to S Dalton, short delivery and his swing only gets the top edge to long off. Lands safely as they run an easy two. Good running again!
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