Nightcliff Cricket Club 107/7 (20 ov)
Waratah Cricket Club 109/6 (16.2 ov)
Waratah Cricket Club won by 4 wickets
Anyway, that's it from our side, the first match of cricket in a post COVID-19 world with all the new rules and regulations in play. Hope those tuned in enjoyed the commentary. Until next time, I Abhinav Singh and my senior partner Prasen Moudgal signing off. Take care. Stay Safe. And remember to wash your hands. Cheers!
Waratah were off the blocks quickly in the chase as Hull was all over the place in the first over. NCC tried to pull it back with couple of quick wickets but that wasn't enough. Conway played a mature hand and steered the team to a commanding position. Some jitters at the end but Waratah finished off the match with 22 balls to spare.
Tough luck for NCC, who would think their batting let them down
16.2 C McKinnon to ID Gange, FOUR! WCC have registered a four-wicket win! Length ball outside off, Gange lofted it easily over the man at mid on for a four and brought up the win for his side
What a way to end the proceedings. Waratah finishes the match with a four over long on
Two required now, surely its curtains for NCC now!
16.1 C McKinnon to ID Gange, length ball outside off, Gange gets a thick edge that goes past the short third man fielder, two runs taken
Wides have really hurt NCC
Not helping the cause at all, Wide again
16.1 C McKinnon to ID Gange, slower ball down the leg side. 

5 runs needed now. 
100 brought up with the end of an eventful over. 4 overs remaining, 4 wickets remaining, 6 runs required
15.6 B Richards to T Glover, swing and a miss from Glover, ball rolls away to third man for a couple of byes!
NO BALL! OH GOD! Terrible!
Free hit
15.6 B Richards to T Glover, no-ball! Richards overcompensates and delivers a waist high no-ball!
NOOO! NOOO! not another wide
15.5 B Richards to T Glover, little too wide down leg from Richards
DIRECT HIT and the batsmen would have walked all the way to pavilion!
15.5 B Richards to ID Gange, full ball eked out to point for a quick single
97 for 6, NCC looking to snap another one here
15.4 B Richards to U Weerasinghe, OUT! Weerasinghe departs! Slower and shorter this time, Weerasinghe came down the track and flat batted it straight to the man at mid on!
Gentlemen we have the tail out now!
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