156/8 (20)
146/8 (20)
ZIM won by 10 runs.
Right then, that caps off what has truly been an enthralling series. Full of ebbs and flows and it is Zimbabwe who seal a historic series win over Bangladesh. Onto the ODIs now, where Mosaddek Hossain reckons the visitors will be able to show all their might. Promises to be as exciting! Do join us for that, with the 3-match ODI series starting on Friday. For now, switch tabs and catch all the live action from the third T20I between West Indies and India, which will begin in just over an hour. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news and live coverage of games from across the globe. Until we meet again then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, alongside Pradeep Somashekar, bidding you adieu! 
Craig Ervine collects the trophy and celebrations begin as he lifts the trophy with his team! The Zimbabwe flag is unfurled and the players take turns to get their hands on the trophy. The players pose for the cameras and the champagne bottle is in good demand too! Richly deserved! 
Craig Ervine (Zimbabwe skipper): Yeah we struggled a little upfront again but the mindset with Burl and Jongwe got us back in the game. That one over got the momentum back in our favour. We've come with a plan that our reserves are just as the good as the guys who are playing. We just wanted to show that. The guys who came in today, they bowled exceptionally. Spin is going to play a big part in the ODIs and we need to play that better. Credit to the boys, we could have fallen over today but they fought. 
Sikander Raza has been adjudged the Player of the series!

Sikander Raza: 
Hope not, better things to come and thanks the god, every game I walk out, the intent is to win the game for the team. We got the mantra going on, we're good enough to win the game from any situation. Looking at what Burl and Jongwe did what they did today shows the amount of quality that we possess. One of the senior guy has to raise their hands, if one has the bat game just step up and then do well, the younger guns will learn from it.
Mosaddek Hossain (Bangladesh skipper): Yeah in the first fourteen overs we were on the top. The fifteenth over was the difference. In T20 cricket, if you are losing wickets in every over, it will be difficult. Afif played a really good knock. Everyone knows how good we are in ODIs so we will hopefully bounce back. 
Ryan Burl has been adjudged the Player of the match for his blistering fifty that brought Zimbabwe right back into the contest!

Ryan Burl:
Obviously, lost few wickets early, we got the depth in the batting line-up, we were quite confident. Just trusting the process, keep positive options and keep trusting the process. We just haven't had a lot of match ups, it is what it is and I'll try to put up my hand when the team needs.
Bangladesh 146/8 (20) lose to Zimbabwe 156/8(20)

Ryan Burl 54(28) | Luke Jongwe 35(20) & 1-28(3) | Victor Nyauchi 3-29(4)

Afif Hossain 39*(27) | Mahedi Hasan 22(17) & 2-28(4) | Hasan Mahmud 2-28(4)

Zimbabwe seal a historic 2-1 series win over Bangladesh, their very first series win over this opponent! A terrific exhibition of bowling from Zimbabwe after Burl's heroics earlier in the day has ensured that Zimbabwe seal the deal. The innings did not begin on the best of notes for Bangladesh, losing three wickets in the powerplay itself. Batters got starts but just could not go convert it into a respectable score. Sikandar Raza, along with the other spinners, spun a web in the middle overs, not allowing Bangladesh to score runs at will and kept matters as tight as ever. There was a shift in momentum when Afif Hossain and Mahedi Hasan were firing on all cylinders. It just seemed as though Bangladesh would get over the line. However, some brilliant bowling in the death overs by Victor Nyauchi and Luke Jongwe kept the batters at bay. Credit to Ryan Burl, came in when Zimbabwe were in trouble and played a swashbuckling innings to take Zimbabwe to a respectable total. A truly fantastic game of cricket on display here and it is the hosts who will clinch the trophy! An enthralling end to what has been a riveting series! Stick around for the presentations!
146 /8 score
cricket bat icon Afif Hossain
39 (27)
cricket bat icon Nasum Ahmed *
2 (1)
cricket ball icon Luke Jongwe
1 /28
19.6 Luke Jongwe to Nasum Ahmed, DROPPED! Doesn't matter, Zimbabwe seal the series, 2-1. Change of pace, length delivery on the outside off, Nasum on the backfoot goes through the shot too early and skies it straight to the point fielder's throat who spills it.
19.5 Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, excellent yorker on the outside off, Afif couldn't do much about it, digs it down to long-off and gets only a single.
Just needs to bowl a couple of legal deliveries now. Apart from that, he has sealed the deal for Zimbabwe! 14 runs needed off 2 balls!
19.4 Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, searching for they yorker, tails into Afif on the middle and off, comes out as low full toss as he clipped it to deep mid-wicket for a quick brace.
19.3 Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, back of a length on the middle and off, Afif pulled it to deep mid-wicket, they scamper through for a brace. 16 needed off 3 balls, needs to be dealing in boundaries now. 
Nasum Ahmed, LHB, walks out to the middle. He will be at the non-striker's end as the batters had crossed. 18 needed off 4 now!

Another one bites the dust as Bangladesh lose their eighth! Takes the pace off the ball and Hasan miscues that straight in the air. Raza completes the catch, turns towards the crowd and pumps his fist to celebrate the catch along with them!
19.2 Luke Jongwe to Hasan Mahmud, OUT! GOES MILES UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! It's all falling apart now for Bangladesh. Short on the off-stump, Mahmud on the backfoot goes to pull but he's skied it straight down the long-off fielder's throat.
Hasan Mahmud c Sikandar Raza b Luke Jongwe 3 (2b, 0x4, 0x6)
19.1 Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, short on the middle and leg, Afif pulls it around the short fine-leg region, gets only a single.
Who will bowl the all-important final over? Luke Jongwe [2-0-20-0] it will be.

An excellent over from Victor and it might have very well sealed the game for Zimbabwe. Concedes just 7 runs in the over, not allowing Bangladesh to collect a single boundary, while snaring the wicket of Mahedi as well. A terrific show under pressure and he has held his nerve when it has mattered the most!
138 /7 score
cricket bat icon Afif Hossain *
33 (23)
cricket bat icon Hasan Mahmud
3 (1)
cricket ball icon Victor Nyauchi
3 /29
18.6 Victor Nyauchi to Afif Hossain, full delivery into Afif on the middle and off, sat back to smack it down to long-on, straight to the fielder on the bounce for only a single.
The crowd is on it's feet and they are getting behind the home team now. There is an air of excitement among them.