"If we ever go to war with China, that's when they're going to break it out" - Joe Rogan speculates UFO being "government drone"

Joe Rogan [Image courtesy: JRE Clips via YouTube]
Joe Rogan [Image courtesy: JRE Clips via YouTube]
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Danish Ansari

Joe Rogan has long been fascinated by alien stories and UFO sightings. During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the UFC color commentator delved into retired navy pilot David Fravor's bizarre encounter with a UFO back in 2004.

Rogan made several assumptions about the alien object. The American podcaster also suspected it to be an advanced government drone that China could bring out, should it go to war with the United States.

Here's what Rogan said:

"The alien thing is fun and likely. There's something going on. I go back and forth and sometimes I think it may be some sort of government drone that's like so sophisticated and it's totally top secret and if you ever go to war with China, that's when they're going to break it out."

Rogan also suggested that the alien object could be something that is being used to monitor the masses to make sure that they do not blow themselves up.

Watch Rogan discuss the UFO in the video below:


When David Fravor discussed an underwater UFO sighting with Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan invited David Fravor on one of his JRE podcasts in 2019. The former Navy pilot discussed another UFO encounter described by a helicopter pilot when Fravor served in the United States. Fravor stated that the pilot saw a UFO underwater while he was flying a CH-53 transport helicopter during a torpedo retrieval mission.

According to Fravor, the helicopter pilot saw a giant object appearing from the depths of the ocean. He explained that the unidentified object left with the underwater missile that the pilot was supposed to retrieve:

"He's out, he is picking up a torpedo. So he says, they hooked the diver up on the wench and they are lowering him in and as he's looking down he sees this massive... object, you know kind of circular, coming up from the depths."

He added:

"And he starts screaming through the intercom system to pull the diver up... And all of a sudden he said the torpedo got sucked down underwater and the object just descended back down into the depth."

Watch David Fravor discuss an underwater UFO sighting in the video below:


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