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Sportskeeda's own Gary Cassidy talks about WWE, music, writing about wrestling, ICW, tattoos and more (Exclusive)

23 Sep 2019, 23:46 IST

Gary Cassidy
Gary Cassidy

In this series, I aim to interview some of the top writers here in Sportskeeda as they talk about what drives them in the world of wrestling and share their insights. Last week, I had interviewed Phillipa Marie. This week, we come to yet another extremely talented individual.

Over the last two years, there has been one writer at Sportskeeda who has made a name for himself in the world of wrestling — not by wrestling a match, but by writing about it.

Join me, as I talk to one of the leading interviewers and writers in wrestling today as he talks about the crazy world of WWE, how he decided to cover himself with tattoos, how he stumbled onto wrestling journalism, and his leading talk show, Dropkick DiSKussions where he interviews some of the top wrestling talent in the world. He also talks about interviewing top stars Diamond Dallas Page, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and more, all to spread a message to wrestling fans to enjoy the immense array of wrestling content available in the world today.

Without any further ado, let me introduce to you, Gary Cassidy.

Gary Cassidy talks about ICW and more

Gary Cassidy
Gary Cassidy

AB: Before we head into this, would you like to talk about who you are to the readers? Who is Gary Cassidy?

GC: “I’ll start with some boring stuff! I’m a 29-year-old guy from Glasgow, Scotland, which is in the UK, for people who do not know Geography. Basically, for my day job as I like to call it, I do subtitles for broadcast television. But the more interesting part is I speak to wrestlers and write a lot about wrestling as well. I like to say I’m a wrestling fan who just likes writing as well. I’d like to think that I have a little bit of a talent for writing, so it’s a bit of a hobby where I do something which I like doing!"

AB: What helped you to become a fan of professional wrestling? Was there any moment that resonated with you as a fan?

GC: “I keep trying to think back, but I can’t actually think of what it was that made me like wrestling. There’s no moment that’s like, ‘Oh! That’s when I did it!’ When I was 3 or 4 years old, I remember having wrestling toys. Wrestle buddies they were called, and you would use them to wrestle yourself of Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior. Later I had figurines. The earliest memory I actually have, I think there are moments when nostalgia hits and I’m like, ‘Oh I remember that!’ But really, my earliest memories were watching WCW and ECW and the Attitude Era after that. From then on I’ve been hooked. But that was when I became a fan for the first time. But I think for me it was how those characters wrestled with a little bit of face paint and charisma, and that hooked me straight away. I’ve always loved the band Kiss, that and wrestling went hand in hand. Everything that was a performance or theatrical, I was very interested in that. Since then I’ve been watching wrestling." 

AB: We all have our own funny little incidents which we recall when talking about wrestling in our own lives. What are some of yours?

GC: "Unfortunately, nothing funny has happened to me in terms of wrestling personally. But being a part of the Scottish scene I used to work at a train station. I used to work in a shop that sold pashminas, scarves, that sort of stuff. Nothing interesting happened, but it was a job that paid the bills. But on my day-offs when I was going to University, I would go to the train station to say hello on my way. One day when I was walking by, my friends called me. I went up and he said, ‘Look over there!’ I looked over and there sitting was Rob Van Dam. I walked up to him and got a little photograph with him."
"Another thing that I always talked about, being in Scotland, ICW is the biggest Scottish pro wrestling show. They have been in the light more recently by being on the WWE Network. They always have a show before WrestleMania and pretty much all the big pay-per-views. Afterward, a lot of the clubs in Glasgow tend to show the big pay-per-views of WWE. So you can go watch an intimate show of ICW, and then go watch a WWE pay-per-view. What happens quite often, no matter what matches they’ve been in, no matter if they’ve been through tables and tacks, the ICW wrestlers will come along and watch the same show that we are watching. I think there is nothing cooler than a tiny intimate venue showing WrestleMania on the big screen. The WrestleMania where Seth Rollins cashed in, the crowd inside the nightclub is going insane and so are the ICW wrestlers. I think that particular one – I know he’s been in many – Drew McIntyre was there, just enjoying a beer in this club at Scotland that holds maybe 200 people at the most."

Read on as Gary talks about how he first became a writer, and how his pictures are stolen and used on Tinder.

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