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WWE News: Bully Ray thinks Brock Lesnar should beat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship

21 Sep 2019, 06:26 IST

The Beast and Paul Heyman taunt Kofi Kingston
The Beast and Paul Heyman taunt Kofi Kingston

Brock Lesnar's return to WWE on this week's SmackDown Live was somewhat of a shock to the WWE Universe.

While he had primarily been associated with the Universal Championship, it appeared that he would now be targeting Kofi Kingston and the WWE Title.

A match between the two for the title was made official for October 4th and WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray thinks that Lesnar winning the title would be the right move for the WWE. carried transcripts of Bully's comments on Busted Open Radio.

Best for business?

With SmackDown's move to FOX and some other promotions recently gaining steam, WWE is pulling out as many stops as possible in order to remain atop the professional wrestling business.

They've switched to a bigger network in FOX and with that move comes higher expectations from WWE management as well as the network.

Since Lesnar has such star power, Bully Ray believes that not only should The Beast Incarnate be challenging Kingston for the title but he should also win it in their match on the debut of SmackDown on FOX.

“Brock’s name is known by people who might not be wrestling fans, Brock should bring a lot of eyes to this show on Friday, he’s the biggest name, and that’s why they’re going with him. And Brock as your champion is what’s best for business right now, with your show going to FOX.”

With Lesnar returning to TV, you knew it wasn't going to be for anything short of a major title program or a huge non-title feud. The latter of those two options doesn't offer up as many potential choices for a big non-title program, so WWE is going with yet another Lesnar title pursuit.

The rest of the roster

Bully Ray might be initially correct in his claims that Lesnar's name recognition alone will bring eyes to the SmackDown product, but another title run for The Beast Incarnate isn't something that the fans need or deserve.


We've already sat through three of them and they've all been booked the same with sporadic defenses and frustrating results. WWE wants to create new Superstars and could still do so by having someone new and up-and-coming dethrone Kofi.

While that could still happen if the Beast wins the title and drops it at WrestleMania 36, the fact is that Lesnar's presence doesn't do the rest of the roster many favors.

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