Who is the Philadelphia 76ers’ Mascot Franklin the Dog?

Philadelphia 76ers Mascot Franklin the Dog
Philadelphia 76ers Mascot Franklin the Dog

Besides the actual matchups between NBA stars on the court, the arena treats its fans and visitors with entertaining acts. An important character of these acts is mostly the home team’s mascot. In the case of the Philadelphia 76ers, the job is greatly carried by Franklin the Dog.

More than just a costumed character, Franklin the Dog serves as a symbol of unity, and a beacon of team spirit for fans young and old. Besides being a source of inspiration and entertainment, Franklin the Dog has many other roles to play.

Philadelphia 76ers Mascot Franklin the Dog

Interestingly, Franklin the Dog was not the 76ers’ first mascot. The team’s first mascot was introduced in 1980, called "Big Shot.” It was a blue, furry, bespectacled character wearing sneakers and a jersey. After retiring him in 1996, the organization had another lively character called Hip Hop Bunny, who was more energetic and could even pull off dunks to cheer the crowd.

Franklin the Dog was introduced in 2016, and the friendly character became an immediate hit with the fans.

Philadelphia 76ers Mascot Franklin the Dog
Philadelphia 76ers Mascot Franklin the Dog

Franklin is an adorable furry pup who is extremely passionate about basketball. It is said that the name was given to pay homage to Benjamin Franklin, one of Philadelphia's most illustrious figures and namesake of the city. His playful antics, engaging dance routines and fan interactions during games turned him into a beloved symbol of the 76ers' spirit.

Franklin Community Involvement

A true mark of a great mascot lies in its impact beyond the confines of the arena. Besides entertaining the home crowd, Franklin can also be seen participating in community events, spreading goodwill and the spirit of 76ers culture.

From visiting schools to participating in fundraisers to promote education and healthy living, Franklin embodies the team's commitment to giving back to the city that supports them.

Sports team mascots have truly become a symbol of inspiration and unity for the fans. It becomes a bridge that connects the team with the community and also spreads awareness amongst the neighbouring people. Franklin the Dog is second in none and continues to be an asset for the team.


Q. When was the Philadelphia 76ers’ mascot introduced?

A. The Philadelphia 76ers’ current mascot – Franklin the Dog was introduced in the fall of 2016.

Q. Who created the Philadelphia 76ers’ mascot Franklin the Dog?

A. Franklin the Dog was designed by Raymond Entertainment Group. To add more glam to the lucky mascot, special effects company Jim Henson’s Creature Shop was also involved in the creation.

Q. Is there any controversy related to the Philadelphia 76ers’ mascot Franklin the Dog?

A. Franklin was under controversy during his first few years, as it was revealed the man who played the character was not actually a Philadelphia sports fan. 

Q. Who was the Philadelphia 76ers’ previous mascot?

A. The Philadelphia 76ers had two mascots earlier, Hip Hop bunny and Big Shot.

Q. How many Mascots does the Philadelphia 76ers team have?

A. Franklin the Dog is the only official mascot of the Philadelphia 76ers.