Match abandoned due to rain
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this WBBL game between the Adelaide Striker's and Sydney Thunder. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Bidipto. See you soon!
Adelaide Striker's 92/3 in 14 over's.
Katie Mack 29(28) | Deandra Dottin 24(27)
Chloe Tryon 1/24 | Samantha Bates 1/10

Right so, that wasn't really the ending that everyone was looking for! The weather god's have once again played spoilsport in yet another T20 game here in Australia. It's definitely not the result that both these sides would have been hoping for, especially the Thunder, who are at the bottom of the table. As for incumbent game, it was shaping up nicely at 92/3 after 14 over's.

The Striker's got off to a slow start as Katie Mack and Deandra Dottin took their time early on! The Striker's really kept thing's tight in the powerplay and hardly gave anything away. Once Katie Mack perished, Dottin upped the scoring rate with a couple of sixes. However, Chloe Tryon dismissed her against the run of play in the 11th over. Post that Laura Wolvaardt and skipper Tahila McGrath accelerated till Wolvaardt was dismissed off the last ball before the rain break. In the end Striker's were 92/3 when the play was called off due to rain.

Overall, a disappointing result for both the team's, especially for the Thunder who badly needed some point's on board. For the Striker's,well their wait to get into the top 4 will continue for the time being!
11:30 AM IST: Unfortunately, the match has been called off due to bad weather and bad playing conditions. This will not be good news for the Adelaide Strikers Women for sure, and those that wanted to watch Rachael Haynes bat later on. 
The play has been temporarily suspended due to heavy rain! The Striker's are 92/3. Stay tuned for further updates!
Laura Wolvaardt c Sammy-Jo Johnson b Samantha Bates 20(21b, 2x4, 0x6)
14.3 Samantha Bates to Laura Wolvaardt, GONE! Full and slow on leg, Wolvaardt steps out again to loft it over mid-on, miscues it instead and ends up giving a simple CATCH to the fielder there, at mid-on! 
14.2 Samantha Bates to Laura Wolvaardt, round the wicket, full on off, Wolvaardt steps out and drives to cover off the front foot, for no run. 
14.1 Samantha Bates to Tahlia McGrath, round the wicket, good length slower ball outside off, a step across and an attempted sweep, results in a leg-bye to point. 
Samantha Bates, left arm orthodox, comes into the attack.

Another good over for the Striker's as they've moved on to 91 after 14 over's. We have a little drizzle going on here as well and it might effect the spinner's as they will struggle to grip the ball.
91 /2 score
cricket bat icon Laura Wolvaardt
20 (19)
cricket bat icon Tahlia McGrath *
14 (11)
cricket ball icon Chloe Tryon
1 /24
13.6 Chloe Tryon to Tahlia McGrath, full just outside off, and driven to deep cover off the front foot, for a single to keep strike. 
13.5 Chloe Tryon to Laura Wolvaardt, full on off, driven to cover's right off the front foot, for a single. 
13.4 Chloe Tryon to Tahlia McGrath, good length slower ball on off, McGrath tries the paddle sweep, gets a slight inside edge to short fine, and gets a single. 
13.3 Chloe Tryon to Tahlia McGrath, good length ball on middle, arm-ball, and pushed back to the bowler from the advance, for no run. 
13.2 Chloe Tryon to Tahlia McGrath, OH NO! Good length ball outside off, McGrath steps across and heaves to the left of deep square-leg, for a misfield, and a FOUR! 
13.1 Chloe Tryon to Tahlia McGrath, short outside off, cut to point off the back foot, for no run. 
Chloe Tryon, left arm orthodox, comes back into the attack.

An expensive 13th over for the Sydney Thunder! Wolvaardt and skipper McGrath took on Lauren Smith there. The Striker's are looking to launch themselves from here on.
84 /2 score
cricket bat icon Laura Wolvaardt *
19 (18)
cricket bat icon Tahlia McGrath
8 (6)
cricket ball icon Lauren Smith
0 /25
12.6 Lauren Smith to Laura Wolvaardt, FOUR! Too short and too slow on middle, and pulled hard with the spin to deep mid-wicket, for a boundary in the gap!