175/6 (20)
155/8 (19)
SLK won by 14 runs (D/L method).
Player of the match: David Wiese
David Wiese has been the highlight of this game! The Barbados Royals were cruising at one point before Wiese came on to pick three wickets in his very first over. That's right, three in a single over that totally dented the chase for the Royals, such that they could not quite recover from there, falling short in the end with a little too much left to do.

Five wickets for Wiese in the end, his second fifer and career best figures and it could not have come at any better time could it? The Royals lost Kyle Mayers early but Johnson Charles and Shai Hope really brought them back and at one stage they were on top and well on course. Both getting to 30's but it would have been ideal for at least either of them to carry on. That is where David Wiese picked three wickets in an over and completely changed the course of the game. 

Jason Holder fought well with his 34 but again, it wasn't going to be enough. Thisara Perera failing to make an impact as well and it got a lot tougher for the Royals towards the end. Hayden Walsh did keep them interested with his brilliant 18-ball 30 but unfortunately, that again, was not going to be enough to take them over the line. 

With that defeat, the Barbados Royals are now officially out of the race to make the top-four as a disappointing campaign comes to an end for them with a game to go. They will be hoping to finish on a high then. As for the Saint Lucia Kings, they now take a leap to the second place on the table with this win, strengthening their position for the semi-finals. 

Every win is going to matter with the table getting tight with every game and the few remaining games in the league stage are going to be as crucial and exciting as it could get. Do stay tuned for two thrilling games coming your way. For the moment, this is Rishab and Soorya as we take your leave until next time!
Jason Holder: It was a much-better wicket. At the back end we did not execute as we should have. We were inconsistent and it was gettable on this wicket. We lost three wickets quickly. We have struggled for runs at crucial stages in the tournament. Probably this gives the other guys an opportunity.

Faf du Plessis: Going for a scan is not an option right now. Will have to see how it goes tomorrow. Great win and when we were 15/3, to get to 175 on a wicket like that was a very good score. They put up a good fight but when we broke in with three wickets in an over it was pretty much game done. Wiese is a very experienced guy and very happy for him, it was a very good performance. Make sure we look out  tomorrow, play our best cricket and take the momentum forward. 

David Wiese, Man of the Match: It just works out for you sometimes and I was on the top of my bowling, feeling happy. I wanted to bounce a bit more, it was gripping a bit and all in all a perfect wicket for me. Great to contribute for the team. 
That is the end of the road for the Barbados Royals in this year's CPL. They have one game to go which will be played for pride. Saint Lucia Kings bagging much-needed two points and they move up on the leader board now. Clinical performance in the end this! 
155 /8 score
cricket bat icon Joshua Bishop *
8 (8)
cricket bat icon Jake Lintott
1 (2)
cricket ball icon David Wiese
5 /25
18.6 David Wiese to Joshua Bishop, and he finishes it off with another inch-perfect yorker outside off and all Bishop can do his jam his bat into the ground with the keeper pouching the ball. Take a bow, David Wiese! He has bowled the Kings to an impressive victory here and that is the season for the Barbados Royals! St. Lucia Kings win by 14 runs via the DLS method!
18.5 David Wiese to Jake Lintott, another perfect yorker outside off and Lintott jams it off the toe-end before the ball ricochets onto his pads and rolls beside the stumps as the batters sneak in a quick single. Ain't gonna help unfortunately!
18.4 David Wiese to Jake Lintott, nails the yorker outside off, Lintott reaches for it and jams it out along the pitch before the bowler picks up to his right.
Jake Lintott, Right-Hand Bat, comes to the crease
FIFER for David Wiese! Career best and what a game he has had with the ball. That should also be the end of the game for the Royals, who were still hanging on with some hope courtesy Hayden Walsh. What an incredible spell this has been! 
18.3 David Wiese to Hayden Walsh Jr., OUT! INCREDIBLE CATCH! And that surely should be the game! They are checking for a clean catch even as the soft signal is out! Fuller this time around off as he slants it across the batter, Walsh steps out of his crease for an almighty swing across the line. The ball takes the leading edge again but the lack of pace on this one means that Wahab Riaz is able to dive forward at short third man and pluck it inches off the ground.

It is a fair delivery and the catch is as clean as it can get. FIVE WICKETS FOR DAVID WIESE! What a spell this has been!
18.2 David Wiese to Hayden Walsh Jr., FOUR! OFF THE LEADING EDGE! Good length delivery slanting across the batter in the channel, Walsh shimmies down the track and throws everything into it as the ball flies off the top-edge over third man and races into the ropes!
150 up for the Royals. 20 off 5! 
18.2 David Wiese to Hayden Walsh Jr., WIDE! WAYWARD! Dug short as he rolls his fingers over it but he spears it way outside off and Walsh leaves it alone!
Hayden Walsh Jr back on strike. What does he have to offer here? 
18.1 David Wiese to Joshua Bishop, WELL STOPPED! Full in length as he takes pace off on a line well outside off, Bishop steps out to cream it inside out over wide mid-off before Joseph cuts across to his left and collects it just inside the ropes. Brings Walsh back on strike.
Can he get a fifer?
David Wiese with the final over!
Hayden Walsh Jr giving it his all, not good enough though as there has just been too much left for the backend by the Royals. Good finish to the penultimate over from Wahab, not yet as Walsh gets a couple of sixes away! That is some entertainment and he's keeping the Royals grim hopes alive. Expensive eventually. 22 off 6!
148 /7 score
cricket bat icon Hayden Walsh *
26 (16)
cricket bat icon Joshua Bishop
7 (6)
cricket ball icon Wahab Riaz
1 /38