Babonneau Leatherbacks 74/5 (10 ov)
Choiseul Clay Pots 76/2 (6.1 ov)
Choiseul Clay Pots won by 8 wickets
Right then, that brings an end to our coverage of this St Lucia T10 Blast game. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed brining it to you! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second game of the day as the Mabouya Valley Constrictors take on the Vieux Fort North Raiders at 11:00pm IST! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news as well as the live coverage of games from all across the globe. Till next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and Sooryanarayanan Sesha bidding you adieu! Stay home, stay safe!
Shervon Joseph (losing skipper): Well to start I don't believe that we batted as well as we could have. We were at least 20-25 runs shorter than where wanted to be. Yeah, like you said we have won one and lost ones we just have to put the bad game behind us and come back stronger in the next game. Well I would say the pitch played well but we were not able to get the ball away. Well just to make a better use of the powerplay is what we need to do. Moving forward we need to attack in the powerplay. 

Bronte Bess (winning skipper):
Feeling not too good at all. Will be hopefully fit enough to play the next game. We restricted to 70-odd and we chased it down within 8 overs so that is commendable. So far, we scored 116/2 in out first game, which so far remains our highest score in the tournament. Now we scored 74 in a little but 7 overs which shows that the guys are playing aggressive cricket, positive aggressive cricket. Not losing that many wickets as well. Yes that was a big point as well (keeping down the extras). Was watching the stats yesterday and saw that there were over 100 extras in a 10 over contest! Our opening bowler started by bowling a couple of wides but still not that much so that is a sign of improvement. 
Choiseul Clay Pots beat Babonneau Leatherbacks by 8 wickets!

Chasing a paltry total of just 75 runs, the Clay Pots got off to a flier courtesy of Junior Henry,  who took the bowlers to the cleaners in his sensational 12-ball 34 knock. Spared no bowler as he single-handedly put the Clay Pots in a commanding position.

However, Henry got a tad too ambitious as he threw the kitchen sink at a wide-ish delivery and ended up edging that straight down the throat of the fielder at deep third man. His opening partner, Audy Alexander continued scoring runs at will but lost his partner as Jason Simon played a painstakingly slow 2-ball 7 knock. 

Opener Audy Alexander stuck around and finished the game as well. Scored a quick fire 12-ball 23 knock while Vince Smith remained unbeaten for an 8-ball 10 which saw the team across the line in what was a quick chase. 

Nothing to write him for the bowlers, who were taken for runs in this game and were thrashed all across the park. Only Caleb Thomas and Stuart Calderon were able to snare a wicket each, but all that did was delay the Clay Pots' victory. All in all, a clinical win for the Clay Pots and they will certainly be pleased with their effort!
6.1 Stuart Calderon to Vince Smith, FOUR! GAME, SET AND MATCH! Tossed up full around off, the captain swings high over the bowler's head and hits the long on fence on the bounce to wrap up the game in style! What a clinical display it has been from the Choiseul Clay Pots! They win by 8 wickets with a mammoth 23 deliveries to spare!
Not much pressure on the batsmen as the bowlers are unable to pick up wickets. The batsmen are content with taking just singles and doubles and keep the scorecard ticking. Not much game time remaining in this contest surely as this pair will be looking to get their team over the line. A brilliant flick to finish the over as Alexander collects half a dozen runs! Mere formalities remain now

Choiseul Clay Pots need another 3 runs from 4 overs

Stuart Calderon [1-0-5-1] to continue
72 /2 score
cricket ball icon Jervaughn Charless
5.6 Jevaughn Charles to Audy Alexander, SIX! MASSIVE! In the swinging arc of Alexander and he launches it way back over the long on fence! Sails into the stands and the Clay Pots are just three away!
5.5 Jevaughn Charles to Vince Smith, back of a length again on leg-stump, swivels into a pull square of the wicket for a quick single
5.4 Jevaughn Charles to Vince Smith, OOH! Back of a length around leg-stump, the ball thuds into the midriff area as Smith looks to help it onto the leg-side
5.3 Jevaughn Charles to Audy Alexander, full toss outside off, smears a drive up and over extra cover as the fielder picks up in the deep
5.2 Jevaughn Charles to Audy Alexander, very full outside off, driven straight to the fielder square of the wicket on the off-side
5.1 Jevaughn Charles to Vince Smith, OOH! Fired right into the blockhole on off-stump, Smith looks to whip it over mid-on but toe-ends the edge behind; they cross over even as the keeper charges towards the ball
5.1 Jevaughn Charles to Audy Alexander, NO BALL! Back of a length on the pads, helps himself to a glance towards fine leg for a single. It is a no ball as well - free hit on the way!
The fall of wickets is denting what should be a straightforward chase. The batsmen are unable to get their shots in and have to settle for just singles and doubles. Wicket-keeper batsman Simon's stat at the crease was ended by a brilliant caught and bowled. A good over for the Leatherbacks as they concede just 5 runs and pick up a wicket as well. 

Choiseul Clay Pots need another 14 runs from 5 overs

Jevaughn Charles to continue!
61 /2 score
cricket ball icon Stuart Calderon
4.6 Stuart Calderon to Vince Smith, on a length on off, gives himself room and cuts it straight to the man at point
4.5 Stuart Calderon to Vince Smith, EXCELLENT RUNNING AGAIN! Flighted full on middle stump, Smith closes the bat face ever so slightly as he leans forward; the batters pick up another brace, this time along the mid-wicket region
4.4 Stuart Calderon to Vince Smith, full on off, Smith pushes at it looking to drive as the ball squirts towards fine leg off the edge; the batters will run a brace
4.3 Stuart Calderon to Vince Smith, tossed up full on off from around the wide, Smith gets a solid stride forward to defend it back to the bowler
Vince Smith makes his way to the middle
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