94/6 (10)
98/2 (6.1)
DG won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Wanindu Hasaranga
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Wahab Riaz (Deccan Gladiators Captain): So good to see the boys play well and as a skipper is feels so good that the team is doing well. Ahh I am glad and I hope I can continue to bowl those dot balls in the coming days. The bowling unit overall has done well for us and it shows. Yea the Morgan dismissal was good as I did manage to and complete it. Morgan is nonetheless a great player and getting him was good. I still have 4-5 years in me for sure and I definitely am not going anywhere anytime soon.
Wanindu Hasaranga (Player of the match): Yea again man of the match, I really enjoy my game and I play with my attitude that is why I succeed. In the T20 World Cup, I was the leading wicket-taker, and being the leading wicket-taker here as well feels good.
Nothing to write home about for the Bulls as they were utterly defeated in both the batting and bowling department tonight. The Bulls would just like to forget about this one and focus on the following game.
Zadran tried to finish the game off but lost his wicket right towards the end. Banton scored 46 and remained not out as Russell managed to find the winning runs and helps the Gladiators get on top of the points table.
Banton continued to hammer away the boundaries as the Bulls were just not able to contain him. The chase looked well in control of the Gladiators. Zadran later on joined in on the act and rather was tried to chase the total down as swiftly as possible.
Coming in to chase 95 runs, the Gladiators  had a decent start as Tom Banton manages to find a boundary and keeps up with the required run rate. Kohler-Cadmore finds a boundary as well but he was sent back to the hut. But Banton manages to power on.
Well, that will be that the Gladiators manage to register a comfortable win here and have a great net run rate helping them to climb up to the top of the latter. Russell finishes off the innings for the Gladiators as they win by 8 wickets and 23 balls to spare!
6.1 Dwayne Bravo to Andre Russell, FOUR! Finishes it with a boundary! Length ball angling into the leg-stump. Russell moves across and flicks it nonchalantly over square leg. Finishes the match off in style!
Dwayne Bravo brings himself off to bowl probably the final over of this innings!
The Gladiators are in control to win this one, Zadran manages to find a boundary and a maximum and it looked like he would finish off the game but he loses his wicket trying to hit a glory shot. Banton finds a boundary on the final delivery and ties the scores!
94 /2 score
cricket bat icon Tom Banton *
46 (18)
cricket bat icon Najibullah Zadran
35 (11)
cricket ball icon Adil Rashid
1 /22
5.6 Adil Rashid to Tom Banton, FOUR! Exquisite! Rashid gives it a touch of air outside the off-stump. Banton goes inside out over covers and finds the meat of the bat. Races away to the cover boundary. Scores are level
Andre Russell, RHB comes to the crease, he will be at the non-striker's end as batters crossed! 
5.5 Adil Rashid to Najibullah Zadran, OUT! What a cracker by Thomas! Zadran tries to slog the delivery but gets a leading edge that goes straight up. The keeper runs to square leg and puts in the dive to complete a fabulous catch
5.4 Adil Rashid to Najibullah Zadran, FOUR! Zadran wants to finish this early. Short of a length delivery this time. Zadran uses his wrists to make pace on it and pulls it away to the square leg boundary. Down to just 5 runs needed now for the Gladiators!
5.3 Adil Rashid to Najibullah Zadran, SIX! Nothing to worry about this one! A rank long hop from the leggie. Zadran pulls it away high and handsome over the square leg fence. Down to just 9 runs needed for the Gladiators!
5.2 Adil Rashid to Tom Banton, googly marginally short of a length on the stumps. Pulls it away to deep square leg for one
5.1 Adil Rashid to Tom Banton, SIX! Just clears the fielder! Full delivery outside off. Banton takes on the long-on boundary. Morgan seems interested in the deep but just clears him in the end
5.1 Adil Rashid to Tom Banton, tries to flirt with the tramline but just slides wide