112/6 (10)
113/3 (9.4)
NYS won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Kieron Pollard
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Abu Dhabi T10 game between the Bulls and the Strikers. This is Soumarya Dutta signing off on behalf of my partner, Raghav! See you soon.
New York 113/3 in 9.4 over's
Azam Khan 37(22) | Richard Gleeson 1/12
Eoin Morgan 32(21)| Fazalhaq Farooqi 1/14

What an absolute thriller of a contest we have just had! It was nerve wrecking till the very end as the pendulum swung from end to the other. In the end it was the big man and the New York Striker's skipper Kieron Pollard who got them over the line as he whacked his good mate Dwayne Bravo for 20 in just 4 balls, of the last over. The chase didn't really begin on an auspicious note for the Striker's as they lost two back to back wicket's early on. From there on, it was set up for them by Eoin Morgan and Azam Khan. Morgan departed for a really good 32, but Azam Khan stayed till the end to guide the chase and remained unbeaten on 37. In the end Kieron Pollard smashed 27 off just 8 balls to remind the fan's of his yesteryear brilliance and took the striker's home.

The Bulls, will be really disappointed with themselves as the game was well within their grasp at one stage. They bowled well for the major part of the chase, but faltered right at the end in the last two over's. Fazalhaq Farooqi and Richard Gleeson were the star's for them as they picked up the key wicket's and hardly gave away any runs.

Overall, a great win for the Striker's and they will go into the playoff's with a lot of momentum in their stride. The Bulls though, will have to regroup themselves and come back stronger as they desperately need the win's under their belt.
New York Striker's win by 7 wicket's!
9.4 Dwayne Bravo to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! The Strikers win by 7 wickets! Incredible stuff from the skipper. Back of a length and outside off, Pollard had enough time to get across as he heaves it over the midwicket region and get his side over the line.
9.3 Dwayne Bravo to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! Bravo has completely lost his line. Full toss with enough room for Pollard and he has pulled it through midwicket for a boundary! Strikers one hit away...
9.2 Dwayne Bravo to Kieron Pollard, SIX MORE! Slot delivery from bravo and Pollard has dispatched it with ease. He gets across the stumps and lofts it over the head of the bowler for another maximum!
9.1 Dwayne Bravo to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Pollard gets the perfect start to the over. Slow, and outside off from Bravo. Pollard gets across and muscles it over midwicket for a maximum!
Dwayne Bravo, (1.0-0-0-13) is back into the attack.

Massive over for the Striker's! It's just what the doctor had ordered for them. Shiraz Ahmed got his length's wrong and the two big hitter's Pollard and Azam didn't miss out on the opportunity. The game is back in balance now and we have a real thriller on our hand's going into the last over. The Striker's need 20 now.
93 /3 score
cricket bat icon Azam Khan *
37 (22)
cricket bat icon Kieron Pollard
6 (3)
cricket ball icon Shiraz Ahmed
0 /27
8.6 Shiraz Ahmed to Azam Khan, slow yorker on off, Khan digs it out to deep midwicket for a couple
8.5 Shiraz Ahmed to Kieron Pollard, a yorker on off, Pollard manages to dig it out to mid on and pick up a risky single
8.4 Shiraz Ahmed to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! Low full toss on off, Pollard gets across and whips it away towards backward square leg for a boundary!
8.3 Shiraz Ahmed to Azam Khan, another full toss, but this time Azam couldn't quite time it correctly, manages to complete a single to mid off
8.2 Shiraz Ahmed to Azam Khan, FOUR! Slow, short and wide. Khan waited well enough for the ball and whacked it over sweeper cover for a boundary!
8.1 Shiraz Ahmed to Azam Khan, FOUR! Full toss on the middle, Azam gives himself some room and goes over the head of the bowler for a boundary!
Shiraz Ahmed, left arm fast medium, comes into the attack.

Huge wicket in that over for the Bulls! Imad Wasim got rid of the set Eoin Morgan who could have been dangerous later on and the game is slipping away from the grasp of the Striker's here.
77 /3 score
cricket bat icon Azam Khan *
26 (18)
cricket bat icon Kieron Pollard
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Imad Wasim
1 /21
7.6 Imad Wasim to Azam Khan, fullish on off, flicked to deep midwicket for a single 
7.5 Imad Wasim to Azam Khan, FALLS SHORT! Flighted delivery outside off, Azam miscues his slog sweep, Cox came chasing from long on but couldn't quite get there, two runs completed.
7.4 Imad Wasim to Kieron Pollard, tossed up on off, turned to square leg for a single