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Dubai Pulse Secure 86/7 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 22 runs.
The Fujairah Pacific Ventures manage to defend their total and win this game by 22 runs!!

What a roller coaster off a game this was the Fujairah Pacific Ventures with the bat had a slow start and then end fired off towards the end to get the decent total on the board and quite contrary to their innings the Dubai Pulse Secure were off to a flier as they had scored 27 runs in the first 2 overs but the regular loss wickets through the innings hampered their run chase and a chance to win this game as they could manage to score only 86 runs!!

The top scorer for Dubai Pulse Secure was Fahad Nawaz who scored 32 runs in 19 balls. It was all about the bowling by Fujairah Pacific Ventures in the second half of the match as Luqman Hazrat and Hassan Khalid manage to get a couple of wickets each and followed by Sanchit Sharma, Basil Hameed, Sheraz Piya who managed to get one wicket each!!

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the match between Dubai Pulse Secure and Fujairah Pacific Venture. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Prashanth Satish signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Wasim Muhammad to Shafaqat Ali, BOUNCER! Short and a terrific bouncer which beats the batsman to complete the game. FPV win the contest by 22 runs!
9.5 Wasim Muhammad to Imran Haider, good length outside off and driven to deep cover for just a single
9.4 Wasim Muhammad to Imran Haider, good length outside off and its a swing from the batsman who fails to make any contact
9.3 Wasim Muhammad to Shafaqat Ali, short and rising delivery and they get a single to long-on off a mistimed pull
9.2 Wasim Muhammad to Imran Haider, good length delivery and played with soft hands for a single to the off-side
9.1 Wasim Muhammad to Shafaqat Ali, full delivery and played to long-on for a single
9.1 Wasim Muhammad to Shafaqat Ali, WIDE! Way outside the off stump and signalled wide
At the end of the 9th over DPS is 81/7. They lose Munir right at the last ball of this over. The DPS now need 29 runs in the last 6 balls to win this one which looks next to impossible as they will be needing 5 sixes!!!
8.6 Sheraz Piya to Usman Munir, OUT! BOWLED! Full delivery on the stumps as the batsman tries to make room but is beaten all ends up as the ball crashes into the stumps. Last nail in the coffin?
8.5 Sheraz Piya to Usman Munir, FOUR! It's the scoop again and he is timing it to perfection. Terrific presence of mind and he gets a boundary for that effort. 29 runs now need in 7 balls!!
8.4 Sheraz Piya to Shafaqat Ali, full again and the batsman struggling to get under that one and can only manage a single
8.3 Sheraz Piya to Usman Munir, full right under the batsman's bat and he drives it to long-on for a single. Need boundaries here DPS as they now need 33 runs in 9 balls!!
8.2 Sheraz Piya to Usman Munir, BOUNCER! Short ball right on the money and its a dot ball!
8.1 Sheraz Piya to Usman Munir, FOUR! Full ball on the leg stump and the batsman brings out the scoop and sends it over the fielder at short fine leg to get a much-needed boundary. The equation now is 34 runs needed in 11 balls!!
At the end of the 8th over DPS is 71/6. The match now slipping away from the hands-off DPS now as they need 38 runs in 12 balls. Another quick over by Hassan and the plan works off for FPV as they look in total control now!!! The DPS will need a miracle to pull this off now!!
7.6 Hassan Khalid to Shafaqat Ali, another ripper of delivery as the batsman has no clue which way the ball is spinning. End of an excellent spell from Khalid as he gives only 12 runs off it!
7.5 Hassan Khalid to Shafaqat Ali, tossed up again and swept to the left of mid-wicket this time for a couple
7.4 Hassan Khalid to Faisal Amin, OUT! Tossed up this time and the batsman is beaten in the flight as his hit only finds the fielder at point. Amin has to go! The pressure was building on him as the run rate was creeping upon him.
7.4 Hassan Khalid to Faisal Amin, WIDE! Tossed up wide outside off and the umpire signals it wide!
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