Ajman Alubond 84/8 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 58 runs.
Player of the match: Zahoor Khan
An extremely one sided first semi-final here at Sharjah. Fujairah entered this contest as favourites and they proved why! Waseem Muhammad and Chirag Suri nothced up an 80-run stand to put Fujairah in the driving seat. Both batsmen got to their half-centuries, dismantling this Ajman bowling attack. Waseem with his power-hitting was unstoppable until he chopped one back onto his stumps, walking back after a 23 ball 60. Chirag Suri stayed there till the end, battering an unbeaten 55 of 22 deliveries, to post a mammoth target of 143.

Asif Khan and Abdul Shakoor got Ajman off to a flier, ruffling a few feathers in the Fujairah camp, until the latter was sent back in the third over. Ajman's middle order had been struggling throughout the tournament, and made no exception in this crunch game. Wickets continued to tumble and Asif Khan eventually ran out of partners and patience. The batting collapse unravelled rather quickly from them on. Zahoor Khan was the pick of the bowlers with his 3 wickets, providing the pivotal first break through. While Jiju Janardhan, Alishan Sharafu bagged a brace each, with Ahmed Raza adding a wicket to his tally as well!

That was curtains for Ajman, but they'll have a lot of positives to pick up on, to come back stronger next season. A demolition batting performance alongside some excellent bowling as long as Fujairah are concerned. They showed exactly why they belong at the top of the table and are considered the best side in the tournament. For now though, they wait to see who they will meet in the final, later today.

It's Sharjah vs Emirates Blue, locking horns in the second semi-final, which gets underway right after this game! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda to catch all the live action from that one, and all the other sporting updates around the globe. Until then, this is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my fellow commentator, Soorya Sesha. A reminder for everyone to wear their masks and take care, see ya! 
Ahmed Raza (Fujairah Captain): It was set up very well by the batsmen. We knew that they were lacking that one extra bowler and Waseem and Chirag went after them. I am a very instinctive captain and I go with my gut feel. If I feel I need to bowl just one I do that. I throw the ball to everyone and they've stepped up through the tournament. Waseem was brilliant with the bat and Zahoor with the ball; hope they do that in the final as well.
Zahoor Khan (Player of the Match): I have been bowling well for a few games now. Today my heart was telling me that I would be the Man of the Match and it happened. If you don't have variations with the ball you will struggle in T20s. I try to read the batsman's mind as well.
Nasir Aziz (Ajman Captain): The team has played well this time since we made the semifinals after the last two tournaments where we ended at the bottom. Our middle-order has to improve especially while chasing a score like 142. Waseem has been in excellent form right through the tournament. We dropped a chance of his and players of his caliber will make you pay if you don't take your chances.
Semi-finals don't come easier than this one! A thumping 58 run victory for Fujairah to cruise into the finals! Ajman were second best in all three departments and are heading out.

Fujairah win by 58 runs.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 1 W 1 W 0 Bowler: Alishan Sharafu Score: 84/8
9.6 Alishan Sharafu to Sheraz Ahmed, a slower yorker outside off from around the wicket, jams his bat down but not in time as the ball goes through. Another annihilation from Fujairah - they win by 58 runs and seal their spot in the final!
Zubair Zuhaib comes to the crease.
9.5 Alishan Sharafu to Bahzad Naquib, OUT! WICKETS FALLING FOR FUN NOW! Slower and short outside off, takes an eternity to reach the batsman as he pulls it off the edge and skies it down the throat of long on. Alishan is making his presence felt in the game now!
9.4 Alishan Sharafu to Sheraz Ahmed, slower delivery, short and angling away outside leg as Sheraz waits for it and swats it over long on for a single
Sheraz Ahmad, left-hand batsman, comes to the crease.
9.3 Alishan Sharafu to Danish Qureshi, OUT! EASIEST OF TAKES! Slower delivery, banged into the pitch outside off and cuts back in as Danish slaps it aerially and into the hands of sweeper cover who takes the simplest of reverse cupped catches he could have asked for!
9.2 Alishan Sharafu to Bahzad Naquib, slower yorker at the stumps, dug out into the leg-side for another run
9.1 Alishan Sharafu to Danish Qureshi, into the blockhole outside off, drilled towards wide long on for a single
Alishan Sharafu comes into the attack.
Just one more over between Fujairah and the finals! They've been the side to beat in this tournament and have carried their solid form into the finals. They'll be waiting for the result of the next match of course, to see who they will face in the finals. 
Over: 9 | Summary: W 1w 0 1 2 1 1 Bowler: Zahoor Khan Score: 81/6
8.6 Zahoor Khan to Danish Qureshi, full and on the pads, worked off the front foot to deep mid-wicket; a fabulous spell of bowling today from Zahoor - he's bolted Fujairah into the final as only the formalities remain!
8.5 Zahoor Khan to Bahzad Naquib, slower delivery, back of a length outside off and Bahzad picks the change up and opens the face very late; the keeper runs across and gets a hand to it before the ball rolls away to deep third man
8.4 Zahoor Khan to Bahzad Naquib, full at the stumps, gives himself room and works it off the front foot with soft hands towards mid-wicket; they race back for the second with ease
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