Dubai Pulse Secure 95/6 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 6 wickets
That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the match between the Fujairah Pacific Ventures and the Dubai Pulse Secure. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Fujairah Pacific Ventures beat Dubai Pulse Secure by 6 wickets!

A terrific win for the Fujairah Pacific Ventures as their batting ensured they win this one with ease! Fujairah Pacific Ventures started off well scoring 10 runs every over in the powerplay, they kept is quite simple, Waseem Muhammad 44(23) with 3 SIX'es and 4 boundaries and Alishan Sharafu 27(16) with 1 SIX and 4 boundaries took on the Dubai Pulse Secure bowlers initially, Alishan perished trying to get in the groove as well. Basil Hameed 14(8) and Waseem ensured they kept moving with require RR and scoring those crucial boundaries, Fujairah Pacific Ventures lose couple of quick wickets at the end and felt there's going to be a twist in the end, but the danger man Waseem was still at the crease and ensured there's no more damage to the innings, he clobbers one of the final over to finish the match and they win this match convincingly! All round performance by Fujairah Pacific Ventures!

Dubai Pulse Secure, well, they were 15-20 runs short here, they did create opportunities at the end, probably it was little too late to come into the match, at the start they desperately needed wickets and they didn't get any. Until Shafaqat Ali 8/1 brought himself on, it looked like a one way traffic for them and it's then the turn of event started where they picked up few wickets and kept Fujairah Pacific Ventures quite for few overs! Fahad Nawaz 19/2 has been their pick of the bowlers!
Waseem Muhammad says "Enough is enough", he sends one out of the park for a maximum and they win this match convincingly!
9.1 R. Mohammad to M. Waseem, SIX! Short delivery on off-stump smacked over deep mid-wicket!
Fujairah Pacific Ventures making it tough for them as they lose another wicket in that over but they manage to score 10 runs from it! FPV are 91/4 after 9 overs! They just need 5 runs from the last over! Is there another twist in the tale?
8.6 N. Fahad to M. Waseem, Length ball on off-stump swiveled to deep mid-wicket off the backfoot
8.5 N. Fahad to H. Luqman, Length delivery smacked to long-on on the bounce
8.4 N. Fahad to H. Luqman, SIX!
8.3 N. Fahad to M. Waseem, Steps out and hits the full delivery to deep mid-wicket
8.2 N. Fahad to H. Luqman, Fuller delivery on the stumps pushed to long-on off the backfoot
8.1 N. Fahad to K. Muhammad, OUT! Went on the backfoot and got an edge to the keeper on the cut
Alright, do we have a match on here? Fujairah Pacific Ventures lose their captain for some ridiculous shot! FPV are 81/3 after 8 overs! Crucial over coming up, probably going to decide where this is match is headed!
7.6 R. Mohammad to M. Waseem, Drilled to covers off the backfoot
7.5 R. Mohammad to K. Asif, OUT! Slower delivery smacked to the fielder at deep covers after stepping out!
7.4 R. Mohammad to M. Waseem, This time Waseem dances down and gets a top edge on the pull behind the keeper
7.3 R. Mohammad to K. Asif, Steps out again and drills the full ball to long-off
7.2 R. Mohammad to K. Asif, Steps out and misses the full delivery, Adnaan the keeper fails to collect the ball because of the extra bounce!
7.1 R. Mohammad to M. Waseem, Low full toss hit to deep mid-wicket
7.1 R. Mohammad to K. Asif, Full delivery on the stumps hit to long-off and Mohammad has overstepped!
Fujairah Pacific Ventures cruising here but against the run of play they lose Basil Ahmed! FPV are 76/2 after 7 overs! They need 20 runs in 18 balls!
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