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Dubai Pulse Secure 108/4 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 23 runs.
Fujairah Pacific Ventures beat Dubai Pulse Secure by 24 runs
That Ladies and Gentleman, brings us to the end of this exciting contest between Fujairah Pacific Ventures and Dubai Pulse Secure. Coming into the chase, DPS started off well scoring at 15 RPO for the first three overs, thanks to that brilliant cameo from Fahad. Soon, DPS lost a wicket in the next over. Adnaan Khan tried to put things together with the bat scoring 42 but the required run rate kept climbing up and DPS batsman could not cope up with it and loses the game in the end. Asif Khan, skipper of FPV is the unanimous choice for the MVP of the game

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda,viewers. Do join us for the games later today. Until then, this is Manoj Sarma and my co-commentator Prashanth Satish signing off.
9.6 Hazrat L to Ali S, FOUR! Full thick outside edge and it runs away to the third-man fence but it doesn't matter.
FPV have won this contest
9.5 Hazrat L to Ibthisam Sait, fuller outside off and driven to long off for just a single this time
9.4 Hazrat L to Ibthisam Sait, DOT! Slower this time and deceives the batsman completely. Brilliant bowling that from Hazrat.
9.3 Hazrat L to Ibthisam Sait, MISSED! Short ball and the batsman doesn't make contact with the attempted pull. Trying to connect the ball out of thin air here and DPS are now practically out of the game.
9.2 Hazrat L to Ali S, fuller ball driven to deep covers for another single. Singles will not do for DPS here. FPV are inches away from victory.
9.1 Hazrat L to Ibthisam Sait, short this time and they manage to get only a single off that one
8.6 Sheraz Piya to Ali S, full again and this time lofted over the fielder running back at covers
8.5 Sheraz Piya to Ali S, FOUR! Drilled to cover boundary for four off his first ball of the innings
8.4 Sheraz Piya to Adnaan Khan, OUT! Full and its hit straight to the hands of the fielder at long-on. Massive wicket that in the context of this game
8.3 Sheraz Piya to Adnaan Khan, full delivery edged to third man. NO RUN!
Sorry for the delay. The technical issues with the broadcast continue.
82/3 after 7. Can Adnaan Khan take his team home? They need 50 of the last 3.
6.6 Sheraz Piya to Ibthisam Sait, full on the stumps and the misfield at midwicket results in a single
6.5 Sheraz Piya to Adnaan Khan, angling in and the batsman gets a thick outside edge to third man
76/3 after 6.1 are DPS. 56 to win off 23 deliveries.
Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the delay in bringing you live action. We are facing technical difficulties from the broadcast. Stay tuned for updates !
5.3 Jash Giyanani to Adnaan Khan, another single to long on
5.2 Jash Giyanani to Adnaan Khan, single sneaked in to to short third. He is now throwing his bat at everything here.
5.1 Jash Giyanani to Adnaan Khan, FOUR! Hit to the midwicket fence this time. Adnaan is now getting into his groove. Can he take his side over the line tonight.
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