ECB Blues 118/6 (10 ov)
Fujairah beat Emirates Blues by 8 runs
Player of the match: Chirag Suri
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Chirag Suri is the Man of the Match: We had the plant to find the right combination at the top of the order. We have a strong batting lineup. If I am asked to bat at the top of the order then I am happy with that. Sometimes wickets don't allow you to hit straight so we have to innovate. 
Phew! What a thrilling end to the match. ECB Blues almost pulled off a shocking chase but the Fujairah skipper Ahmed Raza kept his cool on the most important delivery of the match to settle the match for his side. Waheed Ahmad and Mohammad Azhar batting lower down the order brought their side back in the contest with scores of 40 and 33 respectively. There was little help for the batsmen at of the top-order. 
Ahmed Raza and Muhammad Ayaz picked two wickets each. Luqman Hazrat and Waseem Muhammad also chipped in with a wicket each. 

Earlier, Fujairah finished with an impressive total of 126/4 in 10 overs. The star of the show for Fujairah was Chirag Suri. The batsman smashed 64 from just 30 balls hitting eight fours and three sixes. Waseem Muhammad, who opened the inning along with Usman Khan, hit 35 runs from 15 balls to set the platform for his team. Mohammad Azhar was the pick of the bowlers for ECB Blues as he picked two wickets. Akif Raja and Sabir Rao had a wicket each to their names.
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 6 1w 0 2 W 0 Bowler: Ahmed Raza Score: 119/5
9.6 Ahmed Raza to Sabir Rao, no run, back of length ball outside off spinning way, Rao backs away and looks to slap it through the covers. Misses completely and with that, Fujairah beat ECS Blues by 7 runs!
Aryan Lakra walks out to bat. 
9.5 Ahmed Raza to Mohammad Azhar, OUT! CAUGHT! Low full toss outside off, Azhar dances down the track and swings hard. Cannot get it off the middle of the bat and ends up playing it straight down the throat of the fielder patrolling the long off fence!
8 needed from 2 balls. 
9.4 Ahmed Raza to Mohammad Azhar, full ball outside off, Azhar drills that towards sweeper cover. The batsmen take off for the second and a poor throw allows them to take the run comfortably
9.3 Ahmed Raza to Mohammad Azhar, no run, length ball outside off, just inside the tramline. The batsman is livid that it has not been signalled as a wide. 10 runs off 3 balls needed
9.3 Ahmed Raza to Mohammad Azhar, slides one down the leg side. WIDE called! 10 off 4 balls now
11 needed off 4
9.2 Ahmed Raza to Mohammad Azhar, SIX MORE! How has that gone over the rope? Low full toss on the middle stump, Azhar swings across the line, gets the top edge that flies over the mid-wicket region for a maximum! Oh the sheer power in the swing! 11 runs off 4 balls now!
18 needed off 5 balls. 
9.1 Ahmed Raza to Mohammad Azhar, SIX! BANG! Length ball on the off stump, Azhar gets his front foot out of the way and clobber that back over the bowler's head for a huge maximum! 17 off 5 balls now!
Ahmed Raza to bowl the last over. 
A wicket and nine runs from the over. Waseem Muhammad was hit for a six on the very first delivery of the over but since then the bowler conceded only three more runs and picked up the vital wicket of Waheed Ahmed. Right then the equation is ECB Blues need 234 runs from 6 balls. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 1 1 1 W 0 Bowler: Waseem Muhammad Score: 104/4
8.6 Waseem Muhammad to Sabir Rao, no run, length ball outside off, Rao swings but gets the inside edge onto the pitch which goes to the keeper. 
Sabir Rao walks out to bat. 
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