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Trinitat Royal Stars 82/6 (10 ov)
Hawks CC 86/5 (9 ov)
Hawks CC won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Shakil Ahmed
Hawks CC win by 5 wickets!

This has been Abhinav Kumar and my colleague Pratyush Rohra as we take your leave for the moment. Stay tuned for more action coming up soon!
That ends a very very good win for the Hawks, who had to kind of huff and puff their way to a 5-wicket win, chasing down the target in 9 overs & with 5 wickets in hand. The highest scorer for the Hawks was Aamir Javid, who set the pace up top with a 26(18), with the captain Kamraan Zia scoring a vital 23(12) & Shakil Ahmed getting a 16(9), with Waheed Elahi ending the game with a boundary. The TRS bowlers really fought well to bring their side back in the battle, with Mudassar Ali getting 2/14 in his 2 overs, Aqeel Ansar getting 1/15 in 2 overs, Sufian Ansar had 1/18 in 2 overs & Mohsin Raza got a wicket at the end to get 1/29 in his 2 overs. The TRS bowling attack just required a greater degree of support from their batsmen, who must be ruing their lack of finishing power in the last 5 overs of their innings.
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 1 1 W 0 4 Bowler: Mohsin Raza Score: 86/5
8.6 Mohsin Raza to Waheed Elahi, FOUR! FINISHED OFF IN STYLE! Good length delivery on middle and off, Elahi smashes it over the infield and finds the midwicket boundary to seal the victory!

Hawks win by 5 wickets.
8.5 Mohsin Raza to Waheed Elahi, good length delivery outside off stump, Elahi swings after it but misses
There's still life here possibly, as Raza gets the Hawks captain Kamraan Zia, with only 1 run needed to win. Waheed Elahi comes into bat.
8.4 Mohsin Raza to Kamraan Zia, BOWLED HIM! Full and straight, the skipper, Zia wants to win this in style but doesn't connect and sees his stumps being castled! Just 1 run needed for the Hawks.
8.3 Mohsin Raza to Umar Latif, good length delivery on off stump, Latif wants to finish it off in style but gets an inside edge towards midwicket, for a quick single. Scores tied!
8.2 Mohsin Raza to Kamraan Zia, full delivery on middle stump, flicked towards deep square leg, for a single
8.1 Mohsin Raza to Kamraan Zia, SIX! Good length delivery outside off stump, Zia heaves it towards long on and it just sails over the fielders head to go all the way!
This is a good over for the Royal Stars and after 8 overs, Hawks are 74/4, needing 9 runs from 12. Mohsin Raza bowling this over for the TRS.
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 W 4 1 1 1 Bowler: Mudassar Ali-11 Score: 74/4
7.6 Mudassar Ali to Kamraan Zia, full delivery on middle stump, jammed out a drive towards long on, for another single
7.5 Mudassar Ali to Umar Latif, full delivery on middle stump, driven to long on, for a single
7.4 Mudassar Ali to Kamraan Zia, fullish delivery on off stump, Zia gets an inside edge towards short fine leg, to sneak a single
7.3 Mudassar Ali to Kamraan Zia, FOUR! Full delivery on off stump, Zia goes for the heave but gets a thick inside edge that runs away to the fine leg boundary
This is really becoming a humdinger now, as Mudassar Ali gets the critical wicket of Aamir Javid & TRS are really making a splendid comeback here. The new batsman at the crease is Umar Latif
7.2 Mudassar Ali to Aamir Javed, OUT! CAUGHT! Shortish delivery on off stump, Javed pulls it towards deep midwicket but it's right down the throat of the fielder in the deep. Javed has to depart! Can TRS pull this off?
7.1 Mudassar Ali to Aamir Javed, fullish delivery outside off stump, Javed goes for the hoick but makes no contact 
Good over for the Hawks, with 10 runs from it and after 7 overs, they are 67/3, with 16 runs needed from 18 balls. Mudassar Ali will bowl the 8th over of the game.
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