135/10 (20)
136/5 (16.1)
HUR won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Nathan Ellis
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Hobart Hurricanes beat Sydney Thunder by 5 wickets!

Tim David 76 (41) | Daniel Sams 4/18
Oliver Davies 45 (38) | Nathan Ellis 4/27

The Thunder broke into the Hurricanes’ top order but it was the duo of Matthew Wade and Tim David that resurrected their efforts to chase this total down. Thunder skipper Chris Green tried his best to switch his bowlers around from time to time, but unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. Their seamers Nathan McAndrew and Brendan Doggett tried their best but they could not quite make things tick. 

Daniel Sams bowled in decent areas as well but sadly nobody could stop Wade and David from running away with this game. Sams was instrumental in staging a mini-comeback for his side in the game, but unfortunately, by the time he got into his own, he had bowled himself out. The Thunder will have to delve deep within themselves to find out what went wrong for them. Their batters failed to perform to their potential today, and this is what will offend their fans’ sensibilities. 

The Hurricanes will be proud of the effort that they put in, both with the bat and ball in hand. Although they suffered a late scare in the game when the likes of Wade and Asif Ali departed in quick succession, David made sure that they reached the target. This game will give the home team a lot of confidence as they look to take the momentum they gain forward into the rest of the matches that they will play in this competition.
16.1 Nathan McAndrew to Tim David, THAT'S HUGE! The Hurricanes win by five wickets! Full on off, David clears his front leg and smokes it over the cow corner fence. 
Nathan McAndrew (3-0-27-0) is back into the attack.
Green bowled a tight over here. However, it has come a little too late for them. Tim David is surely the winning the game for the Hurricanes from here.
130 /5 score
cricket bat icon Tim David *
70 (40)
cricket bat icon Faheem Ashraf
6 (12)
cricket ball icon Chris Green
0 /24
15.6 Chris Green to Tim David, length on middle and leg, thumped towards long on. 
15.5 Chris Green to Tim David, back of a length on leg, punched down the line back to the bowler. 
15.4 Chris Green to Faheem Ashraf, a touch fuller on off, driven down the line. 
15.3 Chris Green to Tim David, length on middle, whipped towards midwicket. 
15.2 Chris Green to Tim David, full on off, driven back to the bowler. 
15.1 Chris Green to Faheem Ashraf, length and outside off, punched on the backfoot towards cow corner. 
David is making sure that the game is not going away from the grasps of the Hurricanes just yet. He needs to keep his head down and stay till the very end. 15 runs came off this over.
126 /5 score
cricket bat icon Tim David *
68 (36)
cricket bat icon Faheem Ashraf
4 (10)
cricket ball icon Brendan Doggett
0 /28
14.6 Brendan Doggett to Tim David, THAT'S HUGE! A low full toss on off and middle, David gets underneath that one and plunders it towards deep midwicket. 
14.5 Brendan Doggett to Tim David, a short one on the leg stump line, David pulls it towards deep fine leg. 
14.4 Brendan Doggett to Tim David, a low full toss on off, whipped towards deep square leg. 
14.3 Brendan Doggett to Tim David, FOUR! FINALLY! Full and outside off, gets down to one knee and carves it over deep backward point fence. One bounce and four! 
14.2 Brendan Doggett to Tim David, full and outside off, squeezed towards deep point. 
14.1 Brendan Doggett to Faheem Ashraf, a yorker on off, dug out past midwicket for a single.