India Legends 181/4 (20 ov)
Sri Lanka Legends 167/7 (20 ov)
India Legends won by 14 runs.
Player of the match: Yusuf Pathan
Wow! What an incredible tournament. The old and retired players and gave their all to play cricket for a noble cause. Not only was the message delivered, but people who thronged the stadium and who were following the series from far away were thoroughly entertained. The Legends of all the nations took us back in time. Not for a single match, it felt like these players had moved away from top-level cricket. It was our pleasure of the Sportskeeda team to bring to you all the thrills and spills of this wonderful tournament. We hope such tournaments are organized in the future as well. On that hopeful note, it is time to say goodbye. This is Prakhar Sachdeo, and I on behalf of my fellow commentator Soorya Sesha and the rest of the Sportskeeda team shall take your leave. Take care and good night! 
It is now time for the final Presentation Ceremony of the World Road Safety T20 Series.

Tillakaratne Dilshan: First of all congratulations to India Legends. They played good cricket. We played good cricket. But we dropped the important catch of Yusuf Pathan. But I am happy with the team as they played good cricket. We cannot ask much from Sanath as he scored 40. It is all about bowling and fielding from India. After a long time, we shared the dressing room. It has been a great tournament. I thank the organizing committee. It has been a great crowd at Raipur. And I want to apologize to the Sri Lankan fans that we could not win the final.

Yusuf Pathan is the Man of the Match for his fifty and a couple of wickets.

Yusuf Pathan. It feels very good. This is my first series after my retirement. We played good cricket in the last three games. He (Yuvraj) has been hitting the ball well. He (Irfan) has been playing well. After a long time, the boys got together. It has been a good tournament.

Tillakaratne Dilshan wins the Man of the Series Award for being the top-run scorer.

Sachin Tendulkar:
Feeling fantastic. It could not have been with the support of the crowd. We all have been strapped up. We have enjoyed ourselves. We have enjoyed each other's company. This tournament is really really important. The six teams have been able to spread the message of road safety. Road safety is something that some people take for granted. We have to spread the message of road safety. 

Sachin Tendulkar has been presented the trophy of the World Road Safety T20 Series by the honorable Chief Minister of Chhatisgarg Bhupesh Baghel. Tendulkar accepts the trophy and joins his teammates for celebration. 

Confettis go off as the India Legend players enjoy their moment with the trophy.  
Subramaniam Badrinath: My hamstring is great. I wished that it was good for one more game. Sri Lanka Legends also played well. Tendulkar has been my idol. I am happy to contribute. The wicket was holding. The Sri Lankan legends bowled very well early. It was more about getting used to the wicket. I don't think we are going to celebrate, we are going to sleep. It was good to play with the old players and cherish old memories.
Irfan Pathan: I am really happy with the way things have turned up in this tournament. Really happy playing with my brother again and one more trophy in our name. I call Yusuf Lala and he batted like a Lala. Yuvi was superb too. Really pleased with the way Yusuf is hitting the ball. Bowling slightly back of a length and vary the pace using the split fingers and using the cutters was the plan. Paaji spoke to me about my bowling yesterday since he has seen me throughout my career. If I keep bowling well there are a couple of years in my career in T20 cricket.
Vinay Kumar: It is an overall team effort. We batted well first. The fielding is my first love. I love to take these kinds of catches. Today was not my day as I bowled here and there. This is a great oppotunity. Whatever I do, wether I bowl, bat or field I give my 100 per cent. 
And India Legends have clinched the series. They have won the final by 14 runs. Fireworks go off. The team come together and the players hug each other. But we have witnessed another thriller. Sri Lanka Legends walk on the field to shake hands with India Legends. 
167 /7 score
cricket ball icon Munaf Patel
19.6 Munaf Patel to Farveez Maharoof, OUT! A wicket off the final ball to seal the Road Safety World Series Challenge in favour of India! What a performance by the hosts! Munaf slows the pace in the slot on off, Maharoof slogs high into the night sky but there is only height on that and not enough distance as Vinay Kumar setlles under it at long on and pouches it safely! The Indian contingent charges onto the field in jubilation! India Legends win by 14 runs to win the tournament!
19.5 Munaf Patel to Chinthaka Jayasinghe, RUN OUT! Heaves a full delivery towards the leg-side as the ball drops short of the fielder at long on. They take off for the second but Jayasinghe is well short of the crease as it was never on. Last rites pending now!
19.4 Munaf Patel to Nuwan Kulasekara, THIS SHOULD BE IT! Back of a length outside off, thumped on the up over long off as the ball goes on the bounce into the fielder's hands. Out of reach of the Lankans now bar a no ball or a wide
19.3 Munaf Patel to Nuwan Kulasekara, swing and a miss! Angling away on a length outside off, Kulasekara swings hard but fails to connect. The keeper does well to lob it back towards the bowler as there were thoughts of sneaking in a bye by Jayasinghe
19.2 Munaf Patel to Chinthaka Jayasinghe, WELL BOWLED! Fired right into the blockhole on off-stump, dug out towards long on and they will have to settle for a single alone
What a start to the over for Sri Lanka Legends! This is top stuff from Jayasinghe. This shot keeps the match alive. 18 needed from 5. 
19.1 Munaf Patel to Chinthaka Jayasinghe, SIX! WOW! WHAT A STRIKE FIRST UP! Back of a length in the channel, Jayasinghe just whips it on the up over the bowler's head and past the valiant dive of the long on fielder. Just about clears the rope! What a shot!
Munaf Patel to bowl the last over. 
So Sri Lanka Legends need 24 runs from 6 balls. This means every ball of the last ball has to be hit for a boundary. It is looking impossible now for Sri Lanka Legends. 
158 /5 score
cricket ball icon Manpreet Gony
18.6 Manpreet Gony to Chinthaka Jayasinghe, full on middle and off, clears his front leg and smokes it along the ground where long off cuts across. A single it is and Sri Lanka Legends need 24 off the final over to lift the title!
18.5 Manpreet Gony to Chinthaka Jayasinghe, DROPPED! PRAGYAN OJHA PUTS IT DOWN! Back of a length outside off, slashed hard behind square but the ball skies off the edge over the infield where Ojha runs after it and fluffs it. Not the easiest since he had to run after it but not the most difficult one either; the batsmen run two!
Nuwan Kulasekara, Right-handed batsman, walks out to bat. 
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