212/2 (20)
111/8 (20)
IND won by 101 runs.
Player of the match: Virat Kohli
So that rounds off our coverage of this extremely one-sided bout with India taking the honors. We have one more contest to go before the final and guess what? It's a dress rehearsal for the summit clash as Pakistan and Sri Lanka lock horns tomorrow. Do join us for our coverage of the same while keeping yourselves updated with all the cricketing news and action from around the globe here on Sportskeeda. Thank you for tuning in today - this is the trio of Shashwat Kumar, Pratyush Rohra and Sooryanarayanan Sesha taking your leave! Good night and take care!
The world was waiting for century number 71 and they saw it today. Virat Kohli has equalled Ricky Ponting for the second-most international hundreds across formats. The start of another peak in the great man's career? Well, we'll leave that discussion for another day. For now though, his fans and admirers around the globe will bask in the glory of his stunning assault today.

Both India and Afghanistan will take their positives out of this tournament but will want to address the areas where things went wrong. The T20 World Cup isn't far away and the squads for the same will have to be announced by the 15th of this month. Do both India and Afghanistan know what their best composition looks like? We will know in the days to come...
No surprises for guessing who the player of the match is. Here's what Virat Kohli has to say: Firstly, I'm grateful for how the game went today. Some time away from the game gave me a good chance to go through things. I mentioned the person who has been by my side throughout, Anushka. She kept putting things in perspective for me. She has seen the absolute raw side of me through the months that have gone by, which have been very tough, to be honest. She gave me the right kind of guidance to move forward and I came back a much more relaxed person. I wasn't desperate to prove anything to anyone, in the real sense, not in a way to prove that I have done everything. It's just about enjoying the game and understanding what god has blessed you with for so many years and just being humble to put in the hard work and enjoying the grind all over again. That was basically what zone I came back in and today was the build-up from the last few games. Today, I batted out of my skin, to be honest. I surprised myself out there. (Long wait for the century) What actually surprised me that my 60s became failures, which was quite shocking for me. I was batting pretty well and contributing but it doesn't seem to be good enough. I can't really pinpoint anything to anyone. As I said, god has blessed me with a lot good times in the past and that's why I am in this position where a lot of these things can be spoken about. I'm not saying that I have an inflated sense of ego saying I have done all this, but it has just happened to me. I have no shame in admitting that god is blessing us with all that's in our destiny and we just have to work hard. So, I went back to the drawing board and came back fresh and excited. I kind of left all that behind me. Also, the team management. They have had great communication with me through these times. They've kept me very relaxed and kept my perspective very right. When I came back as well, there was not much information coming my way. They just said, "you bat and enjoy yourself". Out of experience, I know that I'm playing well. I have done it in the past already and it was just a matter of getting back into the space of enjoyment. (Technical changes?) Nothing. I've head many suggestions and a lot of advice has come my way. People were telling me I'm doing this and that wrong, and I picked out all the videos of all the best times I had. It's the same initial movement, the same approach towards the ball. It was just things in my head that I could not explain to anyone. At the end of the day, you know as an individual where you stand and what you need to do. People are entitled to have their opinions but they cannot feel what you are feeling. I have felt these last few months in a very very different way, which is a very special time in my life. I am very grateful for it because my perspective had to change for me to move forward in life. Not just in cricket. I feel blessed about the time I could sit back and accept things to the bottom and just enjoy what I'm doing. 
KL Rahul (Indian Captain): Coming back after a big injury and surgery, I've realized playing the last few games that it's not as easy as you think. Back home I was training really hard and was eager to come back and play cricket for my country again. But finding the same touch and rhythm wasn't as easy as I thought. Felt good to spend some time out there today. It was a learning for me as a player that it when you're out for a few months it takes time to find your touch. I think in this format especially when you hit that first six off the middle of the bat, that makes you feel good. (On that six) The Hong Kong game - I didn't time it as well as I could but it went out of the ground and it felt good. Getting away with a few shots in the Pakistan game gave me a lot of confidence. Slowly I'm getting into my groove as a batter and am feeling good. (Review of the tournament) Obviously the result has been disappointing. We would have wanted to play the final and challenge ourselves. We came into the tournament wanting to play the final and win. We want to play and win big tournaments. This has been one more tournament where we've been challenged but the result gives us an opportunity to sit back and reflect on where we've gone wrong as a team and individuals. It obviously hurts when you don't do well but we will build towards the World Cup.
Mohammad Nabi (Afghanistan captain): It's really tough to Pakistan in a tight game and then against India the next day. Mentally, we weren't prepared. We tried our best but myself and the boys weren't well prepared. Today, we tried our best but the way KL and Virat started, gave them a lot of momentum. Us dropping catches didn't help. We didn't expect so much swing up front. (Positives from the tournament) As a captain, the way we started the tournament was with high morale. The way we played the last two games was great but we didn't finish very well, which is disappointing as a team.
While we wait to hear from the captains, Twitter was full of emotion as Virat Kohli broke his century-drought at last. You know where to go to find a compilation of those reactions!👇
Bhuvneshwar Kumar: (Secret behind his magic?) Even I don't know (laughs). I was just bowling in the right areas. I think it was my day, I was getting a wicket wherever I was bowling. Surprisingly it did (swing). If you look at the white ball it doesn't swing (that long) for 4-5 overs but it did today. Wherever I was bowling I was getting wickets. If you look at the two matches against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, there wasn't much swing and bounce as well. This wicket had more in it. It's still unpredictable with the white ball but you must still bowl the right areas. (On Deepak Chahar) We know that he's a good swing bowler as well but he's coming off an injury. Everyone needs some time. I don't know if it was swinging from his end or not but it was just my day today. It's been a good tournament but when it comes to the team, we weren't in a good position. The matches against Pakistan and Sri Lanka were nail-biters. It's good ahead of the World Cup when you play the strong Asian teams. It's good to have such close matches.
India won by 101 runs

Virat Kohli - 122* (61) | Bhuvneshwar Kumar - 5/4
Ibrahim Zadran - 64* (58) | Fareed Ahmad Malik - 2/57

We all know that this contest was a dead-rubber but it'll still go down as a win under India's belt. A comprehensive one, if I may add. The headlines will belong to Virat Kohli, who has found his groove in this tournament and ended the long wait for his 71st century in international cricket. 

Chasing a mammoth total, Afghanistan got off to the worst possible start in the powerplay, reeling at 21-6. Bhuvneshwar Kumar ran riot with the new ball, having it on a string throughout that powerplay to end up with figures of 5/4, recording his second five-wicket haul in T20Is. Arshdeep Singh also bagged one in the powerplay and that was pretty much that, to be honest.

It was one-way traffic from there on with Afghanistan having no option but to wave the white flag. They did well to hang in there and play out the 20 overs but that's very little consolation for a side that held their own and beyond throughout the tournament. Mohammad Nabi and his men can hold their heads high and take a lot of positives before heading to the T20 World Cup.

Ravichandran Ashwin and Deepak Hooda got amongst the wickets as well, but couldn't get rid of Ibrahim Zadran, who notched up an impressive half-century. Axar Patel was tidy as ever, as was Deepak Chahar. India also got themselves a new bowling option in Dinesh Karthik trying to finish off the innings.

India take the two points which don't count for much at all, really. However, both these sides will take a few positives from this tournament and also a few learnings. With the T20 World Cup not far away, this was a reality check for both sides, who can assess where they stand in the buildup to the major event. The captains will have plenty to say. Stick around for the presentations.
111 /8 score
cricket bat icon Ibrahim Zadran *
64 (59)
cricket bat icon Fareed Malik
1 (5)
cricket ball icon Dinesh Karthik
0 /18
19.6 Dinesh Karthik to Ibrahim Zadran, length delivery around the off-stump, Ibrahim drills it from his crease towards extra cover and the curtains come down on the campaigns of both these teams. India wrap up a massive win by 101 runs!
19.5 Dinesh Karthik to Ibrahim Zadran, very full outside off, Ibrahim sits low and slices it up and over the covers before the sweeper manages to cut it off near the ropes. Two more added to the score!
19.4 Dinesh Karthik to Ibrahim Zadran, another half-tracker on off stump, Ibrahim miscues his flat hack over mid-wicket but has to settle for a brace as it drops safe before rolling between the two fielders.
"Control toh hai", chatters away Pant from behind the stumps.
19.3 Dinesh Karthik to Ibrahim Zadran, SIX MORE! You can see why he doesn't bowl that often! Dragged down outside off and Ibrahim rocks back to clough his pull over long on. The boundary rider is interested for a bit but can only watch it sail over.
19.2 Dinesh Karthik to Ibrahim Zadran, SIX! FIFTY FOR IBRAHIM! Flighted into the slot at the stumps and Ibrahim clears his front leg to mousse his swing over the vacant deep mid-wicket region for six. He's laboured to a half-century this innings!
19.1 Dinesh Karthik to Ibrahim Zadran, a tad short at the stumps, Ibrahim rocks back and cloughs it behind square and into the deep for a brace. Kohli sees the funny side of DK rolling his arm over!
Well, well, well. After facing one ball in the tournament with the bat, here's DK rolling his arm over. Pretty sure this is not he had in mind when he was asked to play finisher.
Dinesh Karthik, right-arm off break, comes into the attack
94 /8 score
cricket bat icon Ibrahim Zadran
46 (53)
cricket bat icon Fareed Malik *
2 (5)
cricket ball icon Axar Patel
0 /25